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Christian Henry commits to Middle Tennessee St.

According to Hollywood Hills linebacker Christian Henry, colleges across the country can learn a thing or two about the recruiting process from Middle Tennessee State University.

On Sunday, after visiting the school, Henry came back to South Florida with such a positive feeling, he called and told the coaching staff that he would be attending the school. He was sold on the entire process.

“From the time they offered me last summer, there was no doubt that this was the school that was where I wanted to go,” said the 6-1, 215-pounder. “They did everything the right way.”

With so many schools trying to lure athletes from across the nation, sometimes the personal touch gets lost. That wasn’t what Middle Tennessee State did with Henry. They made sure that they made this impressive talent a priority.

“Every week during the season, instead of a form e-mail or something they sent to everyone else, this school and the coaches took time to personally address me,” Henry said. “That was something that really won me over. They wanted to make sure that I understood how valuable I was to them.”

Henry has been one of the top defensive prospects in Broward County over the past two years, and this weekend, while visiting Murfreesboro with South Plantation defensive back Khari Burke, he found out just how much this school wanted him to be in this class.

With programs such as FIU, UMass, UConn, Fordham and others keeping an eye on his progress, Henry’s decision is now behind him.

“Christian has been the heart and soul of our program for the past two years,” said head coach Scott Barnwell. “While several colleges have overlooked him during the recruiting season, Middle Tennessee State was there, believing that he was one of the best in Broward County. They are right!”

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