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Tony Grimes decides on Ole Miss

He had been on the radar screen since he was a sophomore. Whether it was for his play as a cornerback or a potential safety prospect, there was little doubt that Tony Grimes was a player who would one day make the difference at the next level.

After two straight years of listening to what college coaches had to say, the 6-0, 175-pounder, who many have likened to former Oakland Raiders Lester Hayes, because of his physical approach to the game, has reached his decision.

For the next four years, the Hollywood Hills standout will leave is mark in the rugged and competitive Southeastern Conference.

“After checking out a number of schools and seeing what defenses would fit me best, I have found a program that was perfect for me,” Grimes said. “I am going to Mississippi.”

With programs such as Michigan, Maryland and others trying to close the deal on Grimes, who competed in the USA vs. The World game as well as earning praise in the Offense/Defense game in early January, Grimes chose Ole Miss for a number of reasons.

“A physical defensive team with a coaching staff that really understands and appreciates how I play the game,” Grimes said. “It was important for me to attend a school that was the right fit for me all the way around. From the classroom to the playing field, I was very comfortable with Ole Miss.”

One of Grimes’ biggest supporters from his sophomore season has been head coach Scott Barnwell, who promoted his talented player every step of the way. Barnwell calls Grimes a “leader” who has always been ready to meet any challenge.

“It amused me to read what fans had to say about Tony along the way,” Barnwell said. “I had the pleasure of watching him every day for three straight years and I will tell anyone that he was the total team player who was one of the best teammates any player could ask for.”

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