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Seitu Smith1
Having the opportunity to watch many of the athletes in Miami-Dade and Broward Counties when they begin playing football at the youth football level, the Miami Herald will shine the spotlight on many athletes during the spring and summer.

With the chance to see the athletes away from the football field as well, we can bring you up close and personal with some of the top prospects in the nation - right here in our own backyard.

PLAYER: Seitu Smith II
YEAR: 2011
SCHOOL: Deerfield Beach
CITY: Deerfield Beach
HEIGHT: 5-11

WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW: It's not often a talent like this walks into your school, but you can guarantee that the Bucks will use his many skills to their advantage this season.

A versatile football player who comes in after starting his career at St. Thomas Aquinas, this is an athlete who has quickness, tremendous athletic ability, impressive strength and a superb work ethic in the classroom, which is a major selling point to go with his blazing 4.43 speed.

Watching him play receiver, it's almost impossible to cover him with just one defensive back. His ability to run crisp pass patterns and turn on the jets after catching the ball. He is also strong enough to break initial tackles and find his way into the endzone. He is also a very physical player who blocks extremely well.

His ability to return kicks and punts is also a major selling point to schools across the country. Make no mistake, this is another quality football player who will compete at the D1 level. Continue to track his progress and you will see someone who will certainly make a solid impact this coming season.

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mackenzie bendadick

but you can guarantee that the Bucks will use his many skills to their advantage this season.

^ stupid comment they didnt win one game.

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