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Having the opportunity to watch many of the athletes in Miami-Dade and Broward Counties when they begin playing football at the youth football level, the Miami Herald will shine the spotlight on many athletes during the spring and summer.

With the chance to see the athletes away from the football field as well, we can bring you up close and personal with some of the top prospects in the nation - right here in our own backyard.

PLAYER: Paul James
YEAR: 2013
SCHOOL: Dr. Krop
CITY: Miami

WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW: As we travel the state watching football players up close and personal and not from behind some desk, it is evident that we continue to come across players who many are simply not aware of yet. Here is the perfect example.

While he is just a sophomore, here is perhaps the next huge national recruit from a region of the country that is simply the best. An athlete who has size, speed, strength and tremendous football instincts.

After spending his freshman season at nearby Norland, here is player who will get bigger and stronger as he matures. Has really taken high school football by storm so far with his ability to make plays and control the line of scrimmage at such a young age.

As we travel around the state, searching out some of the top players for the classes ahead, this is one who will certainly find his way toward the top of any list. It will be extremely fun watching this quality talent who doesn't appear to have any flaws as a 10th grader!

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Dwight Jackson DE for Miami Central is a beast off the edge-the best in Dade county this year-

Miami Central is the most talented team in South Florida this year-whether or not it propels them to their first 6A state title,will see-


Ryan Shazier the Plantation Colonel may be the defensive player in the state-

The only ohter player with his kind of speed and athletic ability is West Palm Beaches Dywer high DE Curt Maggit-

LB Woody Turenne from Boyd Anderson is another outstanding edge rusher phenom-wjo has committed to Southern California-

The Cobra's may have the goods this year to win a state title-they are absolutely loaded on defense-if their offense comes close to what they have on defense look out-
The RB Corey Tindal the transfer from Stranahan is a great pickup who has outstanding RB skills!

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