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Andy Garcia1
Having the opportunity to watch many of the athletes in Miami-Dade and Broward Counties when they begin playing football at the youth football level, the Miami Herald will continue to shine the spotlight on many athletes during the pre-spring, spring and summer.

With the chance to see the athletes away from the football field as well, we can bring you up close and personal with some of the top prospects in the nation - right here in our own backyard.

Don't forget that the exposure continues on FACEBOOK (Herald Recruiting) and via Twitter @ larryblustein.

PLAYER: Andy Garcia
YEAR: 2012
SCHOOL: Hialeah
CITY: Hialeah

WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW: While many are just starting to hear about this impressive football talent, those who follow football in South Florida have been watching this play-maker do his thing since his days at the youth football league level, where he was regarded as one of the best.

From the time he stepped onto the field for the T-Breds, it was evident that this quality talent would not just blend in. Since the ninth grade, he has been turning heads with his speed (4.6), strength, worth ethic and ability to make tackles all over the field.

Many coaches we have talked to all agree that this is indeed a throwback type of player. Many compare his high school skill level to former Hurricane and NFL great Ray Lewis, who combined a zest for working out and the ability to make plays.

If you have watched Garcia play, you already know that he has the chance to be one of the best in the state - as he gains more exposure and gets to his final season on the field. He also gets it done in the classroom as well.

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Go get them Andy.Have a great Sr season.




Bluestein, you've been smoking the drapes again.

You are a liar, this kid weighs 190 if he's lucky and DOES NOT have a good work ethic.

He is an average player that has done nothing yet. RAY LEWIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You are beyond whacked


@wes: You won't be thinking the same thing when the 2012 season is done. This kid is the hardest working football player out there and Dade County is going to find out real soon.


@wes: Have you met Andy Garcia? No? I didn't think so. Because if you have you'd have seen how talented he is on the field. And MAYBE if you're "LUCKY" you might realize that he isn't "average" He is way above it. Just tune in and he'll show you this upcoming season.

Marcus Arroyo

Andy Garcia is a great all around football player and athlete with strength and speed. He has an amazing work ethic and is a leader on and of the field. He is and will be an asset to any program he is a part of. Any person that says any diffrent is a stupid ass idiot and doesnt know what he is talking about.


In Larry Blustein's 40th year of exposing and promoting student athletes in high school football, he has found another under rated player. Garcia is without question one of the hardest working players not only in Dade county but in the state. A quality young man and an impact player who's stats and film are among the elite. His senior season will be very exciting to follow starting this spring.

post by: FSM

Andy James Garcia trains with coach Travis Johnson Mon Wed n Fri at Traz Powell stadium n power lift Tues Thur Sat n Sun with Power lifter Albert Marrero at porkys gym you want some come get some this kid is a gym rat plays old school football will rip your head off but off the field a sweet hart thats why hes loved by his teachers coaches n team mates. Dont ever change AJ this is from your meat head freinds at Porkys.

dd benes

he is 190, runs a 4.8..............this is ray lewis???

dd benes


coach D

Keep working hard Andy!For all the doubters checkout this films on these links:



By the way this will be his 4th year as a starter at a High level of Highschool competition.


Played with him for two years...Pure talent, and extremely humble. Has great athleticism, and a knack for finding the ball.



Larry Hoover

Andy is one of the most dedicated players I know ... He's a Amazing student,athlete,friend,player and Team mate . How do i know this because not only do I see him im usually the one protecting him when he's running with that rock!!!



Bob Nieman

Hey Wes or what ever your name is, does it really matter if Andy is 210 or 190 you forget he is still growing and in High School, and the kid hits like a truck thats real football not 10 or 20 pounds. My son played with Andy in Jr football and Andy is a great and very humble kid, but he will rip your sons head off on the field. Perhaps that was your problem with him. Second Mr Blustein has seen more and done more with his knowledge in 1 year than you in a life time, so perhaps you need to wonder why your in so much Jealousy and self pity. Its very sad when a person like yourself is jealous of a High School kid, or perhaps its because you don't have to print your name and are also a coward hiding behind a key board. Listen Pea Brain get a real life and leave the stud football players alone. Bob Nieman

Coach Tony

Ok gentlemen, I can settle this: I know Larry and Andy both.

Larry is a real plus to the community and has been so since about 1980.

Andy is a wonderful boy and an excellent football player.

Bob, according to the kids, coaches, and from my own observation, Andy is around 190.

I agree with you that this does not matter because he hits a ton and is quick.

However, this is not 10 or 20 pounds like you mention above, its a 30 pound misrepresentation.

Larry usually errs on the side of caution and reports players SMALLER than what they really are.

Perhaps it was a typo, but if so, it should have been noticed and changed.

The problem is that fans and recruiters may stop taking Larry seriously.

RockeT PridE

yall wackt

where b ray lewis on hialeah when we and nw beat em by half a hundred EVERY year past 3 years!

Bob Nieman

Thanks coach Tony and you make some great points but Im sure Mr. Blustein does not just write things off the top of his head, Im sure if we had the chance to ask him he might just have got those stats from the school it self. I have seen this many times in High School, College, and even the pros with all kinds of players. My point is you can not measure any players HEART with size, 50 times, or height and weight...Just let me tell anyone that is doubting this kid, DON'T with this kids heart he will surprise a lot of people, but surely not the ones that have seen this kids desire. Im far from a Dolphins fan but let me leave you with 1 name Zack Thomas all 5' 11'' of him...


Corey Lemonier did not attend NW or Central but did more his freshman year in Auburn that any Central or NW recruits put together. Stop hating and worry about your own recruits and your own grammar. Good Luck this year. Go T-Breds!!!

T-Bred Fan

imperial 138

I can't stand Central either, but don't be ridiculous.

Jeff Godfrey from Central was the best freshman in the country this past season and led UCF to an unbelievable season capping with a victory over Georgia.


Maybe if you get off the computer and get in the gym like Andy, 7 days per week and eat 7 meals a day you can get Bigger, Faster, Stronger as well,

However, If you are a hater, doubter, recruiter, fan or just want to know, come to the Elite Scouting Combine on March 20 at Cardinal Gibbons,

And Witness!!! "The Latin Assassin" Andy Garcia, Weigh-in at 220, put-in his work on the field and silence the critics.


hope you are right

if so, lets see the 4.6 at 220 pounds.

im betting aint gonna happen

220 is crap if you lose quickness

but, i'll call you a genius if it does

Ronnie G

for everyone worried about andys weight. let me tell you something. ive known andy since he was in elementary school and i can tell you he weighed 60lbs. i also can tell you he weighed maybe 110lbs when i would go see him train with his brother at emilia erheart park.i witnessed him day in and day out run up that hill with a tracktor tire tied behind his back, and also running with a parachute. All this kid has done is train since he was in lakes optimist 75lbs. I really dont care how much he is weighing. All i can tell you is this kid has guts and desire, ill put him up with the 190lbs you guys say he weighs, against any 220lb boy any day. ive seen enough of andy from optimist to highschool to sleeping in my house to tell you he will back these comments up any day. go andy

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