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Elite Scouting Services Combine

FORT LAUDERDALE - Most high school football combines are pretty much the reflection of those who host them and put them on.

With so many different people and organizations rushing to get as many football prospects to their event, there is always something that is missing from those who believe that all that needs to be done is test and throw the ball around.

This past Sunday, Elite Scouting Services, which has over 50 combined years of running events that send athletes and their parents away with answers and a better understanding of the process, hosted one of the spring's best outings.

Over 275 of South Florida's emerging prospects came out to run, lift, play football and listen to the reality of this entire process is all about.

ESS founder and President Charles Fishbein and his quality staff have always provided an event that people talk about for years, and the South Florida stop of this combine that will head to Tampa and the Jacksonville area this spring, was easily one of the most complete events that will take place anywhere.

"First of all, we have been running these events for so long, there is a template of success that you have to follow," said Fishbein. "Anyone can host one of these combines, charge the kids a whole lot of money and send them away with very little in the way of recruiting knowledge."

What ESS accomplished on Sunday was not only bringing athletes in from Miami-Dade, Broward and Palm Beach, but the opportunity to show parents and athletes that there is a whole lot more to a combine than getting a few stopwatches out and throwing the ball around.

"This entire combine was easily the best I've been to," said Dade Christian 2012 quarterback Bilal Marshall, who was one of the players who turned heads with his accurate arm and athleticism. "Most combines don't get into the flow like this one did."

From Homestead to the Palm Beaches, it was all about learning and coming away something different. It also showcased how much talent there is in this region - in all classes.

Among the top 2012 players on hand was Hialeah athlete Gheirry van der Kuyp, who dazzled the week before in Tampa as a quarterback for the South Florida Football Fire 7-on-7 team. This weekend, van der Kuyp was creating mismatches as a receiver.

"This was a lot of fun," van der Kuyp said. "There were a lot of very god players out here, which heated up in the one-on-one drills."

In addition to van der Kuyp, other 2012 players who looked good included Coral Reef defensive back Vernon Davis and running back Trashawn Ward, Hallandale quarterback Abe Coleman, Jupiter Christian top-flight QB Kedric Bostic, and Homestead receiver Herbert Waters and linebacker James Burgess Jr.

"We came last year and wanted to return this year," said Burgess, who ran well and did extremely well in the drills. "This was a very good event."

In addition, St. Thomas Aquinas quarterback Max Lescano was on hand with DE teammate Joey Nicoletto. So were Miami Beach standout Ricardo Louis, Miramar offensive lineman Kevin Gonzalez and defensive lineman Willie Paisley, Delray American Heritage OL Arthur Crouse and Northwestern quarterback E.J. Hilliard and fast-emerging receiver Amari Cooper.

Other 2012 players who turned some heads were Boyd Anderson athlete Bruce Natson, Hollywood Hills DE Jean Marc-Charles, Felix Varela WR John Green, Braddock OL Robert Conyers, Fort Lauderdale receiver Kolby Gray, Chaminade-Madonna DE Eric Kinsey, DL Quinton Bynoe and receiver Fred McRae.

Ely defensive back Adrian Burton was impressive. So was his teammate OL Trevian Perdue, American DB Larry Hope and Boyd Anderson speedster Daniel Gray, who was easily one of the fastest on hand.

The Class of 2013 also showcased some rising juniors such as Miami Palmetto's Cornell Gilmore and quarterback Troy Cook. Stranahan receiver Dionte Taylor and American Heritage Plantation QB Tyler Cogswell were also head-turners.

The Class of 2014 also took center stage on this day, as it has throughout the first few months of the off season. While American Heritage standout Sony Michel was on hand, he didn't take part in the drills, but Chaminade QB Sean White, Miami Westminster Christian QB Hunter Boyett, St. Thomas DB Al Harris Jr. and Ely QB Tyquan Fields all made a lasting impression.

"How can you not be impressed with the athletes who came ready to learn and make a statement," said Fishbein. "The objective of an event like this is to have everyone leave happy and appreciate the experience."

There were many more athletes on hand for the event who we will continue to spotlight throughout the spring. Also check out the photos (FACEBOOK - HERALD RECRUITNG) and videos on South Florida High School Sports – sfhighschoolsports.com/ and Generation Nexxt - www.gennexxt.com


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will results be posted


Hey, no mention of "RAY LEWIS" otherwise known as Andy Garcia???

This is the combine where it was promised we would see the 6-0, 220 guy with a 4.6.

Larry, was this hoax you are trying to create not there? Or did his numbers not match up to your previous column?


Hiram Harry was outstanding with 3.2/40 benched 225/150 times he came in at 5'8" 259 pds of pure beef-offers from BCC.PBC and MDC- he will play MLB at the next level.
Once scored 800 td's in midget football for the Hollywood Sharks.

Larry Blustein

Juan. Andy was there and didn't test, coming to support his teammates. He will be at the Nike Camp on Sunday at the "U". Come out and see what he does. By the way, he is every bit 6-0 and weighs 217.

Results are NOT posted. They are sent to colleges across the country.


The best DB out their was a kid from Carol City Senior High hands down.


The kid from Carol City name is Paul Royal, he had 3 picks in the 1 on 1's. And his name was not posted, you must have your favorites.


thanks for the response mr. bluestein-

this is the only player i disagree with you on.

he'll find an excuse to miss that combine too, i'm sure.

you know, it is not uncommon for this kid to be unexcused absent from t-bred practices.

him working out 7 days a week with trainers is great, but he's not a team player, just a selfish individual type.

this is manifested by not being with the team when he should be. too good for practice, then when this school plays nw, central, or jackson they give up 50 points each.

have seen these types a million times before, they never make it. he MIGHT get an offer to FAU, and then will fade away after a year or two.

Larry Blustein

Thanks Chief 1. I think if you read the bottom portion of the BLOG item on the ESS event, you will notice that this was written:

"There were many more athletes on hand for the event who we will continue to spotlight throughout the spring."



i dnt think mr. blustein shows favortisum, to any particular person or teams i think he does his best to get the information about as many kids as he possibly can we as parents and coaches have to do OUR best for OUR kids to get there information and names out there let's help the process not condemn it


i'm SORRY i meant he DOESNT show favortisum


Thanks, Mr. Blustein as a Carol City fan and also a football fan this kid really has a "WOW" factor.



Larry Blustein

Mr. Andrews. I could have just mentioned all 278 players and be done with it. But I prefer to have players - such as Terry - to spotlight down the road. Thanks again for promoting him. Coach Barnwell thanks you. So does Terry. I am sure!

Bret green

Still sleeping on Zachary daise huh

Larry Blustein

No. Bret. Actually, I watched him for 25 minutes! Thanks......

Miguel Lopez

make sure you check out RDR combine. www.gvp2000.webs.com


Corrnell gilmore is a defense of line man for miami palmetto

James Robinson

Did you get a chance to watch the running back Jovante Ham from plantation Larry?


Mr. Blustein what were your impressiions of RB Rasheed Harrell of Miami Northwestern?


hey you punks that left CC for miramar last year you choked why did you go to miramar?????

jack statton

hey larry what was your impressions on hialeah high wide out carl marc who leds the team with receptions and tds

Larry Blustein


It's been so long since Northwestern has had a running back that really added balance, I am hoping that Rasheed will be the one. He is good, but is he a Torrie Cox, Easterling, Hargrett? This season will tell. I know E.J. would love to have a balanced offense!

Larry Blustein

Miguel: We will be the Recruiting Dr. event on Saturday and looking forward to seeing you and the fine La Ley Sports people out there as well......

Bret Green

25 mins.
Im telling you this kid [ZACHARY DAISE] is something special!!
He didnt play last season thats why he's under the radar... keep checking him out you'll see Larry.

Larry Blustein

I will Bret. My job is to promote and I will do just that! Thanks.

wild juan


You had been accussed of exagerating facts about players like andy garcia.

Saw the numbers from the nike combine in late feb. You added 1.5 inches to him, .7 off the forty, and a whopping 24 pound exageration on his weight!!!

Why? Normally you do not do this.

If you remember from college, this is called "yellow journalism."

Why not just be honest and call him an overachiever?

Larry Blustein

Juan: Still on Andy Garcia? What gives, there? Did he do something to you - to a son, a friend?

For the LAST TIME: Those things you quoted were reported by his coaches.

If you have an issue with the kid, there is nothing I can do. If you have an issue with me, listening to his coaches who I have known for 30 years, there is little I can do about that as well.

Can we leave Garcia, now, and start talking about the other 67 profiles I have done and the 100 more that I will do by the summer! Thank you.....

wild juan


You got it all wrong. I think Garcia is great, and I have been following your column since your Hallandale days.

My "issue," is all of your readers' issue: no writer, and I MEAN NO WRITER, adds 24 pounds to a recruit!!!!!!!!!!!

The ENTIRE gist of your job is to report data. If it is way off, your column is worthless.

I just did not understand your lapse of factual journalism. Normally I find you deduct from numbers because you realize that coaches and parents naturally tend to inflate.

Now you have developed another issue, though. You have thrown coach Marc under the bus, basically calling him a liar, and blaming your bad writing on him.

We all know that Marc is the coach that you have known for 30 years.

How dare you turn on a friend like that.

You are always boasting on all the practices, games, and film you view. If so, how does this kid go from 185 last year to you believing he is now 220?

That would be equivalent to you hearing that he is now 6-3, or runs a 4.3 and printing it without verification.

I have achieved my goal. I'm sure you will think twice before printing stats that do not match with what you have seen on the field.

Some friend you are.


Hey Wack Juan,
Your goal of being a D-bag has been accomplished. Andy and these high school atheletes are out there doing it while you're here hating. Get a life loser.


I seen this kid name Yvesner Ferdinand from Glade Central High run a 4.3 in the 40 yard dash!!!!!!!!!

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