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Having the opportunity to watch many of the athletes in Miami-Dade and Broward Counties when they begin playing football at the youth football level, the Miami Herald will continue to shine the spotlight on many athletes during the pre-spring, spring and summer.

With the chance to see the athletes away from the football field as well, we can bring you up close and personal with some of the top prospects in the nation - right here in our own backyard.

Don't forget that the exposure continues on FACEBOOK (Herald Recruiting) and via Twitter @ larryblustein.

PLAYER: Javan Shashaty

YEAR: 2012

SCHOOL: Calvary Christian

CITY: Fort Lauderdale





WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW: By the end of the 2011 season, this could be Florida's all-time passing yardage and TD leader, and 80 percent of the Sunshine State has never heard of Shashaty, a quarterback who is accurate and very competitive.

While many quarterbacks have stronger arms, may weigh more and compete against bigger and more athletic opponents, this is a talent who has risen above the stereotypes and has quietly made a mad dash toward the record books and getting colleges to give him a look.

Because is so thin, and his arm isn't as powerful as many colleges would like, this is someone you project with. Over the next few years, he has a chance to be at least 6-2, 200, which will only add to his already mounting resume.

In addition to being one of the players that coaches will keep an eye on during the spring, summer and into the season for football - colleges across the country have already been courting him for his tremendous work in the classroom.

Shashaty is in a win/win situation!

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My question is why are you blog bunnies focusing on football talk when it is baseball, golf, tennis, softball, track and field and volleyball seasons. You have the most disorganized sports website and really are too young to make me give a crap what you say. I can see that the majority of you journalist experts were the pecker woods that never got picked in P.E. and now have the forum to make life miserable for others. You exercise your big mouth with your pen and have no clue how to coach a the the college or pro level yet you tout so much expertise. Update your website--make it more modern--focus on local sports, especially high school schedules and at least contribute something other than journalistic lip service. This is why I don't subscribe to your paper--it is a waste of trees.

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