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A.J. Leggett1 Gulliver
Having the opportunity to watch many of the athletes in Miami-Dade and Broward Counties when they begin playing football at the youth football level, the Miami Herald will continue to shine the spotlight on many athletes during the pre-spring, spring and summer.

With the chance to see the athletes away from the football field as well, we can bring you up close and personal with some of the top prospects in the nation - right here in our own backyard.

Don't forget that the exposure continues on FACEBOOK (Herald Recruiting) and via Twitter @ larryblustein.

PLAYER: A.J. Leggett

YEAR: 2012

SCHOOL: Homestead

CITY: Homestead


HEIGHT: 5-11


WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW: Having watched this quality football talent for the past three years, here is someone who continues to impress with his ball skills and outstanding athletic ability.

From the time he stepped on the field at Booker T. Washington as a sophomore, last year at Gulliver Prep, and now as he heads down south to play for the Broncos, this is one of those talents who gets the job done.

Originally committed to the University of Miami, then early in the coaching switch, made the move to FSU, but then switched back to Miami.

Has had a tremendous off season, playing 7-on-7 against some of the best in the state. Has the chance to be very special this coming season as he looks to add on to his career interception totals.

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Really? The only legit comment you made about the guy is that he went to three different high schools. Is he fast? Good hands? Explosive? I want 3 minutes of my life back.

Coach of the South

3 minutes? It took you 3 minutes to read this????? stop hating!!!!


He didn't go to 3 different high schools. He attend 4!!! Leggett attended South Miami as a freshman, Booker T Washington as a sophomore, Gulliver as a junior and now Homestead.

I'm not hating on the kid. Lots of kids transfer to another school. But I can't think of another that transferred to a different school all four years of high school. That has to raise a red flag. What's the deal? Does his family move a lot? Is he getting along with coaches and teammates? That an awful lot of transferring. He's worn more uniforms than Todd Zeile.


His family continously moved. Freshman year he lived in South Miami so he attended South miami. Sophomore year he moved near booker t washington which is was the school he had to attend because of dade county public school rules. Junior year he moved back to south miami and instead of attending South miami again he decided to attend Gulliver Prep. for his senior year he will be attending Homestead Why? because his family moved to homestead... you know what this shows about this "kid".. yes he is constantly transferring but wherever his family goes, he is going with them. shows a lot about him putting family before football

Coach of the South

@ greyghost ...ROTFL U dont even believe that.

ap pride

he's gonna get bombed by one of americans receivers during hometead's spring game

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