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Miami-Dade County Top 25 recruits for Class of 2012

Here's a look at the top 25 recruits in Dade County for the Class of 2012 courtesy of our Recruiting Analyst Larry Blustein.



1. Randy "Duke" Johnson, RB, 5-9, 185, Norland: Easily one of the nation's top prospects, this University of Miami-bound standout is also a top-flight defensive back, who could be called upon in competitive games.

2. Deon Bush, DB, 6-0, 180, Christopher Columbus: One of the more athletic and gifted defensive backs, this is a prospect who is on the top of every recruiting list. He will begin his fourth year at the varsity level.

3. Ricardo Louis, WR, 6-2, 200, Miami Beach: There is not a more physically impressive prospects anywhere in the state of Florida - at the receiver position. Has committed to attend Auburn.

4. Keith Brown, LB, 6-1, 225, Norland: This Miami commitment has been on the radar screen for three years, living up to his lofty ranking. One of the most athletic linebackers around.

5. Eric Kinsey, DE/OLB, 6-3, 225, Northwestern: After spending the spring at Chaminade-Madonna, this impressive athlete who favors Ole Miss, is looking to regain his sophomore form.

6. Amari Cooper, WR, 6-1, 180, Northwestern: Three Division 1 receivers playing with him last year has only given this impressive pass catcher a huge advantage on the competition.

7. A.J. Leggett, DB, 5-11, 180 South Miami: Whether it's been at South Miami, Booker T. Washington, Homestead or back at South Miami, this Miami commitment is a major force.

8. DeAndre Jasper, WR, 5-11, 180, Jackson: Since the ninth grade, this is an athlete everyone has been coming after. One of the more athletic players on a very athletic team.

9. Torry Clayton, RB, 5-9, 195, South Dade: Watch this impressive talent run, and you will be convinced that he is easily one of the most complete backs in South Florida. Colleges love his burst of speed and durability.

10. James Burgess, Jr., LB, 6-0, 210, Homestead: Very few players have watched their stock rise as much in the off season than this University of Miami legacy commitment. Has proven what he can do this summer!

11. Donaldven Manning, DB, 5-11, 170, Central: After spending the past few years at Edison, this Virginia Tech commitment takes his many talents to the defending 6A state champs. Quality player.

12. Herbert Waters, WR, 6-0, 175, Homestead: because he was busy doing so many things last season, it wasn't until the off season where everyone saw what this Miami commitment could do.

13. Ereck Flowers, OL, 6-6, 300, Norland: The best way to describe this University of Miami commitment is you rarely see a big man who has so much athletic ability. He is still learning, and will be outstanding.

14. Vernon Davis, DB, 5-10, 175, Coral Reef: One of the top performers through an off season that has been magical for this quality University of Miami commitment. Has emerged as one of the better cover corners.

15. Bilal Marshall, QB, 6-3, 180, Dade Christian: This Kansas University commitment has lived up to his billing with a solid spring and off season. Has emerged into one of the top prospects at the position.

16. Andy Garcia, LB, 6-0, 220, Hialeah: There is not a more hard working, passionate player than this Purdue university commitment, finding a balance between the football field and classroom.

17. Brandon Snell, WR, 5-11, 175, Carol City: After spending a quality junior year, and a productive off season at Norland, this Louisville commits changes schools for his final season.

18. Brian Nicholson, LB, 6-1, 215, Central: After a solid sophomore season at Killian, a quality junior year at Coral Park, this University of Minnesota commit gets a chance to lead the defending 6A champs. Quality football talent.

19. Imarjaye Albury, DL, 6-0, 275, Northwestern: After a solid junior season, and an outstanding spring, this talented nose tackle is a physical talent who is headed to West Virginia.

20. Robert Conyers, OL, 6-5, 280, Braddock: With a solid junior year under his belt, the off season proved to be very valuable as he began to entertain offers from a number of BCS schools.

21. Brandon Radcliff, RB, 5-10, 205, Christopher Columbus: Burst onto the scene last season with a powerful and explosive running style that had college coaches thinking about the future.

22. Teko Powell, DL, 6-2, 260, Norland: This Louisville verbal had a breakout season last year during the state title run. One of the most physical players on a team loaded with gifted athletes.

23. Alfredo Richards, DL, 6-3, 260, Champagnat Catholic: Easily one of the most overlooked players in this talented region, this one-time Booker T. Washington prospect has the chance to be very special.

24. Gheirry van der Kuyp, Athlete, 6-2, 195, Hialeah: No matter where he lines up - this is one of the most versatile football prospects in South Florida. A receiver who can also play quarterback and safety as well.

25. Imani Davis, RB/DB, 5-9, 180, Belen Jesuit: Nearly 20 pounds heavier and healthy for the first time in over a year, this could end up being one of the best prospect around. Very quick, strong and elusive.


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John Morris

I cannot believe that you don't list David Thompson the QB from Westminster Christian in your top 25. Are you crazy man?

Jorge Rodriguez

He is the Herald's own "Athlete of the Year" (2 times) for his sophmore and junior years and you disrespect him and ignore his football talent. This kid is the best, the toughest and smartest QB probably in the entire state. He has the size, strenght and a cannon for an arm.


You heard it from me first, Carol City Paul Royal one of the best you will see this year.

Juan Lopez

How about Jordan Hinojosa from Central. Starter and defensive captain and a Minnesota commit. Come on man. I can't wait till the season starts to see who the real players are.


No kidding, where is David Thompson??

J Decker

Ummmm, have you heard of David Thompson? He's been offered a full ride to UM to play QB. He's Tom Lemming's #9 pro-style QB in the country. He's the Miami Herald Athlete of the Year...back to back. Have you heard of him?


I believe Thompson was also chosen to be in the Marine's Semper Fidelis All-American Bowl game on national TV in January. But he's not good enough to be in Dade County's top 25??? Really? Something stinks here...


Where is alfonso horner?

S. Lara

Really?? Am I hearing adults whining about a kid not getting recognized? If he has all the accolades mentioned above, isn't that enough recognition. Does topping one more list make a difference, really? The accolades will show at the pro level by way of a 7 figure salary. Sounds too much like a publicity campaign by individuals who support an already recognized talent. Let the Miami Herald keep doing a great job of publicizing other athletes that have yet to been seen or heard of. If Thompson's good, he'll get to the next level without the Herald. Quit your whining.

J Decker

Really? You think this is whining? Really? Are you new in town?


everyone can't get recognized i'm pretty sure there are other athletes and parents who think they are just as deserving, but they didn't make this list. only 1 QB was chosen and that young man is going to the UNIVERSITY OF KANSAS to play football nobody is sure if MR.THOMPSON is going to play football or baseball and this is a football list not an athlete list which everyone would agree MR. THOMPSON is 1 of the best athletes in this county.


What about #6 Tyler Rosenblatt from Coral Reef. He should be in the top 25 He's a 4 year starter on Varsity. He starts at outside linebaker and plays receiver. Everytime this kid touches the ball he's a threat to go all the way. He had a 35 yard int return for a touchdown, on the first play of the game in week 1. Tonight against Homstead he had 2 sacks and six tackles and one recption for 10 yds. His second sack tonight got the ball back for the Coral Reef offense. They came back down 17-0 to win 20-17. Check out his highlights from last season on You Tube, this kid is a Playmaker.


my school has three of our best players on here duke keith alos know as bam and teko but why not talk about willie beamon

oni garcia

y int jarvon anderson up there he was only top 3 in the county for rushing yards.


Alfredo Richards really he havent played a down of football

jimmy alexander

mesh football player de


What about Johnnie Durante Krop?

Roscoe Da$h

Johnnie Durante Krop? Krop sucks they been getting whooped all season smh go hide in a corner.


that all good


what school is Thompson looking at. I dont see him on Rivals.


He signed with us last year I see. Excuse me while i get my head out of this dark spot.

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