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University School DL Maquedius Bain commits to FSU

One of the true phenom players in South Florida, University School defensive lineman Maquedius Bain committed to Florida State today. University School coach Roger Harriott informed The Miami Herald of the decision Wednesday. Bain, a 6-5, 285-pound defensive end has 35 tackles, five sacks and four blocked field goals this season.


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Kool Aid

35 tackles? 5 sacks? With all the cupcakes that team has played? You'd think he'd have double those #'s if he's that "phenominal". Just a bit more of the Herald drinking the University Kool Aid.

J ames

Who did University School played ahhhhhh nobody. Im glad he's not going to the U!!!! This school getting to much HYPE! to be in class 2a or 3a. Overrated. Patriots # 1


It amazes me how uninformed and ignorant you people are. University has not played a very hard schedule this year, but remember that two games were out of state opponents that would beat 99 percent of the teams down here. Also in most of universitys games there starters are pulled out in the second half causing there stats to not be as high.

Ward of Reef


Kool Aid

Jack, you are the one who knows very little about it. They beat Goose Creek by 1 point. A decent win against a good team from South Carolina. Not exactly the mecca of high school football. Then they went out on a limb and had a 5-4 team from Delaware come down to play them on their home field. Sure, they won, but this little Christian school put up 42 points on them. I didn't even know they played football in Delaware. I can very easily give you 10 teams in Dade abnd Brioward who'd blow them off the field and 5 others that would be a toss up. University School Davie is a fraud!


wow were never happy for a kid that works hard, we always downing kids, stop hating. in only his 1st season of ever playing high school football in his young life he's only going to get better, and better.so please stop hating and be happy and proud of another kid we can say is going to college and the worst part hes even nastier on the basketball court and hes a student athlete.so 6-6 290 hes a BEAST (HOLD THAT)


Kool Aid....you are the fraud!!! Could you be anymore ignorant? Goose Creek....a decent win....really....the 2nd best team in SC who has since blown out every single team. And Red Lion that little school from Delaware who recruits all over the northeast and has a minimum of 15 division 1 prospects on the team...also, look at Red Lion schedule and you can see why they have 5 losses. They have the toughest schedule in the nation. KA...trying doing some research before making such stupid and ignorant comments. Congrats to Bain!!!!

Jason Kaye

It's amazing to me that supposed adults could be so negative and, quite honestly, jealous of the success of Maquedius and University School. Whatever your opinions are they are just that, opinions. The facts are that University has won 23 of their last 24, is undefeated this season, and has multiple student-athletes that have received high level D-1 scholarships. In addition, they are ranked #18 in Max Preps Xcellent 25. So, congratulations to Maquedius and University School. If such success is fraudulent, I'm guessing that everyone writing negative comments would love to be such "frauds" in their own lives.

Tobin Vance

He's committed to FSU. That does my heart good. I would've liked to see them do better this year, but I'll have to live with it. I've gotten Outback Bowl tickets from http://amazonticketsonline.com/Outback-Bowl. I'm looking forward to Christmas this year!

Philadelphia House

Bain is an awesome player, like him

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