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Joe Pinkos Forecast - Week 16

Florida High School Football


Joe Pinkos’ Power Ratings are calculated by a formula based on strength of opposition and margin of victory with greater weight given to recent games. The forecasted margin of victory for each game is determined by subtracting the power rating of the lower-rated team from the power rating of its higher-rated opponent.

Friday, December 16, 2011
CLASS 5A (State Final)
Norland 24 over Wakulla

CLASS 7A (State Final)
Manatee 14 over First Coast

Saturday, December 17, 2011
CLASS 6A (State Final)
Miami Central 3 over Armwood

CLASS 8A (State Final)
Miramar 1 over Plant

Season Records (through Week 15)
Pinkos 2,312-555, 80.6%
Laz Index 2,216-576, 79.4%
Freeman Ratings (Maxpreps/Calpreps) 1,986-528, 79.0%
Massey Ratings 2,158-590, 78.5%

Season to-date, when picks differed, our selections have beat the Massey Ratings 180 of 302 times; we’ve topped the Laz Index 166 of 294 times for contests where forecasts differed; and bested the Freeman Ratings in 153 of 270 games.

Pinkos 144-36, 80.0%
Laz Index 138-42, 76.7%
Massey Ratings 136-44, 75.6%
Freeman Ratings (Maxpreps/Calpreps) 136-44, 75.6%

Look for our 2011 final Florida’s Power 25 rankings to be posted following Saturday night’s Class 8A state championship game.