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Live high schools chat/Q&A 9-25-12: Noon to 1 pm

Hi guys,

I'll once again answer questions from noon to 1 pm on this post. Feel free to leave your questions or comments on high school sports here.



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What makes everybody think St.thomas is still a worthy top 3 team? I honestly don't think they are that good.

Andre Fernandez

Aaahh! Blasphemy! Just kidding. I think people still look at the fact that they beat good Columbus and Cypress Bay teams this season before losing to Don Bosco Prep.

Had it not been for a complete special teams meltdown, you might still have a 3-0 Aquinas team right now.

But I would agree that they are not at the level they've been in the past when they've been national title contenders, but still a top 5 team overall in South Florida.


its the year of the under-dogs
nmb cc atm jackson/ stop hating Fernandez

Andre Fernandez

Who am I hating? Really.


when are you guys gonna do another gridiron report? cause you are pretty good at that and i wanna hear what happened in the past week.


Andre Fernandez

We're working on one today. Manny is on jury duty. That's why we've been delayed this week.
But thanks. We appreciate you checking it out.


What are your in-depth thoughts on those mighty Carol City Chiefs???


What do you think of the QB at HML? I was surprised to see such a good player on this inexperienced team.

Andre Fernandez

Lemme start by saying I love when underdogs or long-miserable teams finally turning things around.

Look at Reagan to add another example of a team that used to get pummelled on a weekly basis and is now winning consistently.

As for Carol City, I think its great for Dade County football to see them back to a truly competitive level. When traditional teams like them can compete with other traditional powers like Central, Northwestern, Booker T., Columbus, etc. it makes the season more enjoyable to watch.

I think keeping their players at home and not drifting to nearby schools or across county lines has helped coach Harold Barnwell and his staff put together a quality team.
They have kids that are talented and tough players like quarterback Akeem Jones.
I think Friday was the first step toward them becoming a playoff team. They still have to play Central, Homestead and Belen and have to win at least 2 of 3 in that stretch.
But I think they've proven quite capable of that after what they did last week.
It will be interesting to see if this can be sustained past this season and if we'll truly see the return of Carol City beyond one season.

Andre Fernandez

Tredis McKenzie, yes. I think he's got a bright future. The problem now is HML is so young and not nearly as talented as the HML teams of the past. It's going to take a lot for them to get back to that level.
That being said, McKenzie has a strong arm and looks poised in the pocket.


Good stuff as always.. Keep up the awesome work playa..... Chief Pride.

Andre Fernandez

Thanks, and thanks to everyone for dropping in. Remember we will be doing this Tuesdays from noon to 1 p.m.
Feel free to leave me questions ahead of time.


Which independent team in Dade do you consider to have the best defensive line ?


Would you happen to know where I can find information regarding practice frequency/duration laws?

mike jones

What do u think about sunset high? they have some talent but no coaching or leadership.... Its time for a coaching change!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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