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High School Sports Live chat: Noon to 1 pm

Hello everyone,

I'm chatting live again today from noon to 1 p.m. Feel free to drop in.




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Top 5 A bit Pre-Mature for Carol City right. I Know you didn't put there, but i'm just stating that in general.


Best & Worst Surprise Teams in Dade/Broward at the midpoint so far.

Andre Fernandez


Top 5 would be a little bit i think. If you look at the top 4 I have there. They are all much deeper squads that could beat them. I'd give them a good shot against Cypress Bay and South Plantation if their defense had a great game, but I wouldn't guarantee victory. American Heritage and Columbus like the top 4 would be tough obstacles.

Andre Fernandez


Best surprise in Dade: Carol City.

Originally, I thought they'd be better, and I even told people they would likely go 7-3 and be the best team that might not make the playoffs.
But until you play the games you don't see how much. They impressed me vs. Northwestern and have now played they're way into a position where they can make the postseason.

Worst surprise in Dade: Southridge/Edison
A few of my colleagues picked Southridge to go to or win state. I thought they'd at least be in a position to contend for that and challenge Columbus in 8A.
They are far away from either. A big reason has been their offense's inability to put points on the board and move the ball consistently.
Their defense has played well, but this team now would be well just making it to the playoffs after this poor start.
As for Edison, I'm shocked they've been this bad. I saw them in the preseason and they seemed to be getting things in order. They have talent. But so far nothing to show for it.

Best surprise in Broward: South Plantation.
I figured the Paladins could challenge for the District 11-8A title. But this team looks like one of the best in Broward overall. It might be able to push a Cypress Bay in the playoffs this season. Alex Collins is a beast. Could go over 2,000 yards by season's end.

Worst surprise in Broward: Miramar
Although I still think they will be a playoff team if they can get their offense going. I really didn't expect them to be 2-3 or maybe 2-4 after this week. They showed signs of getting better even after Manatee. But the Northeast loss blindsided me and now they appear to have Cypress Bay on the ropes and make a mistake like they did late on that return.
Young team right now not playing with the football smarts of years past.

Grind It Out

Cougars ! !, Top 8 Team, I Think So, Why Not ?, We Killed Ridge, Homestead, and should beat S.DADE.

Andre Fernandez

Grind it Out,

Maybe, if you handle South Dade this week, you might have an argument.


Cypress Bay was given that game by Miramar. Miramar's not the same, and doesn't deserve to be in the top 20. As for Cypress, they look a bit overrated. They're Top 10 Material, but not Top 5. Trying hard, but i can't see it besides their 1 WR & 1 RB.

Andre Fernandez

Cypress Bay plays at Manatee next weekend. I think the poll will take care of itself one way or the other at that point.


Well it was said if Killian beat Southridge now it Southdade. Show down south some love.

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