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Live chat - Noon to 1 p.m.

Hi guys,

I'll be back from noon to 1 p.m. Tuesday to talk high school sports. Feel free to leave me any questions or comments between now and then if you wish.


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I got a few comments,

I saw south dade play in person for the first time they're sorry im willing to guarentee southridge improved team will beat them friday and homestead maybe will beat them by at least 17 points only players they have is antwan cordy and devontay keaton that's not gonna be enough.


do you think homestead gets 2 district wins and make the playoffs?


How come Norland is in a 3 team district and one of the teams is Key West. Could't FHSAA even the district out better. Is it possible for a team to win its district games, lose all the rest and still go to the playoffs? Example Norland goes 2-8 beating Jackson and Key West and still go?

Andre Fernandez


I agree that Southridge is much improved and capable of knocking off South Dade. Those athletes you mentioned however, have an ability to keep the Bucs in games and have all season.
I think it could go either way, unless Southridge is truly playing up to its potential finally. This is the game to find out.

Andre Fernandez

About Homestead,
I see it too difficult for them to overcome. Timing could be in their favor. Carol City is coming off a tough loss to a Central team they really got up for. But the Chiefs and Bulls would also both be playing for their playoff lives in each matchup too assuming Homestead wins the first one against CC.

Andre Fernandez


There are a few examples of that all over the place. Look at Homestead in same district with CC, NW and Central, or Deerfield Beach and South Plantation being in same.
They will re-district next year so we'll see how things shake up.


ima put you on the spot lol choose one of the two in this match-up
ermon lane vs. antwan cordy nov.9th


Could you list the 5 players you think will be top recruits in the 2014 class?

Andre Fernandez

RB Joe Yearby
WR Ermon Lane
RB Dalvin Cook
OL Trevor Darling
QB Quinton Flowers or WR Jojo Robinson

Andre Fernandez



what do you think about Pine Crest?

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