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POSTGAME VIDEO: Mourning coach Carl Cirkl

After Mourning's 27-6 win against Hialeah Gardens Wednesday night, I caught up with Mourning coach Carl Cirkl about how the young school is progressing and the Sharks' 3-2 start.



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Fotios Philip Lolis

Coach Cirkl is a fantastic coach. That is all I can say. What I hear and see from the players is night and day from what was happening before What he has done for this program is nothing short of miraculous. I thought it was condemned, but he has breathed a new life into it.

I played Middle Linebacker for this team in its dark ages under the ex-Coach Adkins. Although, I am not a student at the University of Virginia I dearly wish I could go back and play for this man.

The players look like they're actually having fun for once. Something that was non-existent during those so called dark ages.

It was less about the losing, and more about the team culture and mentality under Adkins. It was one of depression, and boredom. Playing football was less of a sport and more of a forced labor. Again, Coach Cirkl has turned this program around, and I can't help but say I am stunned.

Cirkl was both my linebackers and o-line coach, and I could tell he actually knew what he was talking about. He was someone I respected and believed in. It is no surprise that the team has improved under him. I EXPECTED that, however, how much they have improved is nothing short inspirational.

I must say I commend Coach Cirkl and the entire Sharks roster. I am so proud to say I played for that team now... something I thought I would never say.

- #55

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