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Miami Northwestern-St. Thomas Aquinas to play in football in 2013

            For years, fans have asked, “Who would win if Northwestern and St. Thomas Aquinas played each other?”

            They’ll get an answer this fall.

           Northwestern and St. Thomas Aquinas agreed this week to play their mutual season-opener at Sun Life Stadium on the weekend of August 29-31. The date will be finalized once the schedules for the University of Miami and the Miami Dolphins are released.

            "It's pretty much all set, we're just working out a few of the details now," Northwestern athletic director Andre Williams told The Miami Herald Thursday morning.

    The two programs have combined for 11 state championships and three national titles. St. Thomas Aquinas won its seventh state crown this past season winning the Class 7A championship and won national titles in 2008 and 2010.

Northwestern went 9-3 last season reaching the Class 6A regional semifinals before losing to eventual state champion Central.

            Northwestern has won four (1995, 1998, 2006, 2007) including a national championship in 2007.


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Kenneth Ferguson

It's interesting that STA would agree to play them now as oppose to when MNW were on top. I guess they will do the same when Central falls off too.


Interesting how MNW waited to play STA until after they didn’t win another National Championship as opposed to when STA was on top. I guess they wanted to catch them on a down year….


northwesten slurppers making excuses for this beatdown already. LOL


lol.. St. Thomas was scared when central was suppose 2 go up 2 7A!!


Last I recall, STA stayed at 7A when they heard Central was going to be 7A (unlike Central!)… Scared… STA wasn’t the one who begged to leave 7A.


central didnt begg to leave 7a theu just didnt want ten teams in there bracket how you put a ten team district together really

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