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Jameis Winston's success not deterring Treon Harris' commitment to Florida State

Talks of a Heisman Trophy surround Jameis Winston and his recent success as Florida State quarterback this season.

The chatter and rising expectations is a lot for any player to handle, including future players wishing to play the same position at the same school.

But according to Miami Booker T. Washington football coach Tim “Ice” Harris, his son Treon remains steadfast in playing quarterback for FSU -- even if he has to wait his turn.

“I think Winston is doing a tremendous job,” Harris said of FSU’s current quarterback. “He showed a good [decision] by being redshirted. It seemed to be a smart thing for him and he learned well in that situation.

Harris said his son, a Class of 2014 FSU commitment, will look at redshirting as an option if immediate playing time isn’t available amongst the crop of FSU quarterbacks next season. Changing positions, however, will not be an option.

“Coach Fisher has done a tremendous job, making sure he lets us know he’s going to give [Treon] a fair opportunity to be a quarterback and lead the team one day,” Harris said. “Treon just has to do his part of the deal -- doing the things he needs to do to show the staff and Coach Fisher that he can be the guy.

“Coach Fisher is going to put his spin on it and make him a better quarterback, and that’s where we’ll stay at this point.”


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Spin it anyway you want to Ice-Your son will not play QB at FSU or any high D-1 program.

No disrespect-

It is what it is.

Ron Robinson

Weaka arm, too short, too small and too mmuch QB competition at FSU.


Good kid and player but not a QB at the next level. Why not the "U" with ice's history. am I the only one who finds it funny that even in blowouts they keep him in at qb late in the fourth. Who is the futre qb at BTW??


Its not the QB,that looks good its the type of offense they run. Spread zone offense ,QB throws to an area where a receiver is and a denfender is not. No accuracy needed , plus when your receiver corp is the 4x100 or the 4x400 track team then Harris's son is suppose to look good -They keep him in there for the reps to try to learn how to read defenses , and to pad his stats . Most highschool teams run a cover 2 or 3 , In the ACC cover 3 or cover 8 --- he wont make it.

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