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Current UM commitment Chad Thomas to make final decision after official visits to FSU, Alabama

Chad Thomas went to school on Tuesday draped in University of Miami green.


But in the coming weeks, he’ll be seeing some darker shades of red.

Thomas, the Miami Booker T. Washington five-star defensive end who has been committed to UM since this past July, will take official visits to Florida State on Friday and Alabama on Jan. 31.

“Just making sure I’m picking the right school,” Thomas said in a text message to the Miami Herald Tuesday morning.

Thomas also said both FSU and Alabama are coming after him “major” – and he will make a final decision on a school on National Signing Day on Feb. 5 – but he remains “100” percent committed to Miami.

Thomas has been UM’s best recruit in the Class of 2014, and the most solid. But to a class that has seen Travonte Valentine, Nigel Bethel II and Brandon Powell decommit in recent weeks, the visits are unsettling.

Thomas, who was roommates with current UM enrollee Braxton Berrios during the Under Armour All-America game festivities during the last week of December leading into the New Year, said the two became very close during their time together.

Thomas said the two shared the same sentiment regarding UM after its loss to Louisville in the Russell Athetic Bowl on Dec. 28.

“In our minds, we said we’ll do what we got to do to make a better program,” Thomas said.

Added Berrios: “We want to win. We want to bring back that tradition to winning 10, 11, 12 games a season is normal.”

Here’s Thomas’ tweet Tuesday morning of his attire.


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losing this guy will set us back another 2 years

Ron Zook Is The Worst Blogger In All of College Football

I'd be very surprised if he sticks with Miami after going to Alabama and FSU. All they have to do is point to the Defensive line men that they have developed and then ask him what has Jethro Franklin or Mark Onofrio done to put DE's in a position to make plays and get drafted in the 1st two rounds..

Hopefully, hometown pride wins out but either way, I hope Chad makes the best decision for his future... even if he feels like it means leaving the 305.


Have faith people. Coley can recruit. Maybe he can pull out the film of Odell Haggins doing the Seminole rap to seal the deal!!! Man cant dance or wrap. Looks like John Candy.

Chad you are all Cane baby. Why not steal one of their guys. Bring Ermon Lane back to Miami!

Richard 43

Chad one thing to remember, always go with your heart. Dont listen to others bad talking their competition.(The U). In the end, if your goal is to get to the next level, your play on the field will allow you to overcome. There are plenty of players that get discovered from smaller programs every year. If you are talented the NFL scouts will find you. One more thought, you already have a talent tag on your chest. You are being coveted because of your unique skills from high school and scouts dont forget the talented ones that easily.There is nothing more satisfying than winning with the team you grew up rooting for.


The biggest down fall of our program is losing recruits like Chad. Bridgewater, Lemonier, are just a couple that come to mind.

Inaugural Panther

Thomas has clearly not been committed to UM since July, nor is he 100 percent committed to Miami, regardless of what he or the author wish to say. There is a fundamental lack of understanding of the English language to talk of commitment and visiting other schools, at the same time. If Thomas isn't willing to admit the truth, the journalist ought to have enough command of the language to do so. There is no commitment if other schools are still beng visited. A high school kid, back in July, simply said he might go to UM. That's all.


In the end Thomas will be a Cane! JMO


Chad Thomas is likely going to major in music and the U has the nations's third ranked music school in the country. Now do you really think this young man who is all about academics is going to the likes of FSU?


If your a CANE your a CANE all the way. It's easy for these kids to say Miami is not all the way back and go to another school that has had more success, easy way to do things. Truth is a REAL CANE makes things happen the hard way and shuts up the talk of other schools being better by showing up on the field and kicking their butts. Players like you will bring the pride and ass kicking type of football back to the U. Only great players can take a team from good to GREAT, not joining a team that is already suppose to be great. Any player can get lost and blend in with a team full of good players already. Its the GREAT ones that make a mark on a program and will be talked about years from now because of the over achievement and success they brought to the team. GO U.


Chad must be forget if he goes to ala or FSU full loaded def line four back up for chad ll play during his junior time so golden will let him play a lot no matter what !


The fact remains, even for lifelong Cane fans, the 2014 recruiting class is turning into a disaster. All we have to do is list the quality kids that die committed and those presently on our list that will sign elsewhere. We're now rated number 10 and will fall even further thanks to Golden's flirtation with PSU. FSU will dominate again, UF will be back and other teams will continue to pick our best recruits. Sorry Cane fans but this guy is losing faith very quickly.

long time cane

Relax Canes because Miami lost a few they ll get a few.This was an unsettling year.I agree DOnofrio doesn t inspire greatness when you associate DC and his name.Anyway,enough very good players are coming in to make a positive difference over the past 2 years.Signing day is just a bit over 2 weeks away already.We ll get Chad and Kaaya for sure.Valentine is 50-50 and likely a Cane but those 2 JC D lineman coming in are really better than most anyone thinks.Moten s a stud and we got Kiu/the NJ stud LB too coming in.I m confidant Miami and Golden is gaining steam for a GREAT Feb 5.I m feeling very positive and optimistic about the Hurricanes.It s a GREAT place to be.GO CANES.


Works both ways, everyone is fair game until NSD.

Look how we landed Stacy Coley at the last second last year while everyone was crying that we lost the OL from Booker T.
If Chad Thomas really believes he is a 5 star, then he would have no problem going to UM. He will get immediate PT and in the end will be credited with bringing back the U, which WILL happen.
If he goes to Bama or FSU, he will not get credit for anything, will sit for a couple of years, and in the case of Bama will be playing for another HC by the time his turn comes around.
Don't worry, what comes around goes around and the U is also busy raiding other "committed" kids from other school's classes.
So Status Quo is not what our NSD class should be measured against.
A lot of water to pass under the bridge from now to NSD.


Chad, loves music and has a passion for it, loves the sport of football and realizes how much he can get out of it while having fun, raised in a background heavily influenced by top notch football and music.
Canes, top music program, and is known for having people full of football spirit and emotions for the game.
FSU, football legacy along with a strong press for academic success, biggest and most successful musical program in tallahassee is next door marching band in Florida A&M U Marching 100, which he would not be able to be apart of due to ofcourse his football schedule.
Don't know much about Bama, but based off of that why in anybody's right mind believe he would flip to his commitment, even after he repeatedly says he is 100% []_[]

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