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Field leaves Northwestern after two seasons as coach; Former Hurricane Earl Little expected to be introduced at Jackson as coach

Northwestern is in search of a new football coach.

The school and coach Stephen Field agreed to part ways on Thursday so the former University of Miami graduate assistant could explore other opportunities. Field went 14-8 in his two seasons on the job.

“It was an unbelievable experience,” Field said. I’m really thankful for the opportunity to coach such great kids. I’m so appreciative of the principal Mr. Aristide and the administration. It’s just best for me to move on and pursue other opportunities.

Northwestern had 26 seniors in 2013 sign with colleges including nine who went to Division I programs. Field took the team on trips over the summer each of the last two years to visit 10 colleges and participate in camps.

“Northwestern is a wonderful place and community,” Field said. “I’m really proud of all the young men we put in college last year and are academically qualified this year. That’s what it’s all about.”

There were reports earlier this week Field had been fired at Northwestern. But Miami-Dade County public schools spokesman John Schuster said Stephen Field was not fired. "He and the school parted ways mutually," Schuster said. "He left to seek new opportunities. Those things happen."

> Former Hurricanes safety Earl Little, who has coached at various local high schools in Dade and Broward, is expected to be introduced Monday as the new head coach at Miami Jackson.


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HighSchool Football Coach


miami guy

Left to seek new opportunities?

From a national powerhouse to South Sumter?

This is taking political correctness to new heights.

Willie Quinn III - Mr. Excitement II

Miami Jackson made a bad decision when they fired Mr. Antonio Dayla Brown. The best interest for the kids, education first before sports is and has always been Coach Brown main goal for us. He's taught us to believe in ourselves and always strive to be the best that we can be in life. He told me before leaving for college to make sure I get my college degree and accomplish all the goals I set in life. It seems now days not everyone has the kids best interest in heart. He's made a difference in my life on and off the field. He's also holds three roles in my life father, coach and friend and that will never change. I'm a true believer when one door close GOD opens a better one. There's more to come from Mr. Antonio Dayla Brown, Stay Tunned!!


Just when you think you have someone to show the inner city kids some type of guidance Jackson principal had to go in mess that up you had some one that was a mentor, adviser, a tutor, and a role model to the players and all the other students coach brown kept the kids focused , he motivated them to do better and to want better.

God has a plan and a purpose for coach brown. His has the knowledge of football for a reason. Its not the end for him !!

B. Willis

Mr. Brown is a great person and teaches you about life and how to approach it. He use to tell me "set a goal and go out there in achieve it, life is what you make it. Always keep in mind education is the key, it's nothing out here in these streets". Dayla speech... made me starting to see things different. I felt it in my heart. “Discomfort, hard work, struggles and setbacks all are indicative of the fact that you are trying. Triumph begins with a try.” Beside writing poems all I knew was playing ball. I figure out other things I was good at. Ever since then I been chasing my dreams. Patients is a virtue I'm just waiting on my turn. I thank Mr. Antonio Dayla Brown for everything!!!!!! Miami Jackson made a bad decision, Mr. Brown love the kids. It's a couple kids I know look up to him. Great Coach/Leader/Father/Role Model. God has a plan for you.... Keep your trust in him. He sit high but he watching everything. #1Love #father #coach


Speaking out as a MOM i had the opportunity to have my son play up under the leadership of Coach Brown for a couple years. The technique he utilized or shall I call it the GIFT to captivate the attention of these young men is amazing when you have young men majority being raised by a single mom is challenging but to have someone like Coach Brown in your corner to mentor and guide both on and off the field while keeping ACADEMICS 1St is heaven sent . Coach Brown if u reading this DONT STOP DOING WHAT GOD BLESSED YOU TO DO! CONTINUE TO KEEP REACHING OUT TO THOSE YOUNG MEN SHARING YOUR STORY AND GIVING THEM HOPE THAT THEY TOO CAN ACHIEVE ANY GOALS THEY SET FOR THEMSELVES WHILE REMAINING FOCUS IN THE PROCESS. USING YOUR GIFT/ TALENT AND SKILLS (FOOTBALL) TO KEEP INSPIRING It's not all about winning or loosing the game it's All ABOUT THE PASSION OF LOOSING OR WINNING THE HEART OF CHILDREN. .

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