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University School DE/LB Richard Yeargin III withdraws pledge to Notre Dame

With just 12 days left until National Signing Day, Davie University School defensive lineman/linebacker Richard Yeargin III has withdrawn his pledge to Notre Dame.


Yeargin, an Army-All American rated a four-star prospect by multiple outlets, was committed to Notre Dame since this past August, but all signs now point to him heading to Clemson – a school very dear to his family.

247Sports first reported the news Friday night.

The Yeargins are originally from South Carolina, and Yeargin’s father said during his son’s Army All-American jersey presentation in October that Clemson’s winning history, and being one of the schools to first recruit his son when he was in 10th grade were reasons the Tigers were still under consideration.

“There are some strong feelings notionally there, but bottom line is that we’re trying to make a decision that’s best for him both academically and professionally,” Richard Yeargin Sr. said. “We’ve narrowed it down to really those two [Notre Dame and Clemson].”

Added Yeargin III: “Clemson weighs a lot on me because of the ties I have in South Carolina, but I’m comfortable with where I’m at.

“I feel [South Bend] a place I can fit in and it’s a place I can do exceptional things, and become someone who is the face of the Notre Dame program. My value with them is at the utmost high.

“That’s why there is a National Signing Day, and right now, I’m committed to Notre Dame.”

Not anymore. 

Yeargin committed to Notre Dame during the first week of August 2013 – about a week after he tried to commit to Florida, but was told the Gators’ coaching staff was holding out for another player at the position.

Yeargin reportedly has three official visits remaining, and could possibly take one on Jan. 31. He’s already visited Notre Dame on Oct. 19 and Clemson on Nov. 15. Michigan and USC were also among Yeargin’s top schools list before committing.


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[]_[] got to be kidding

Wow.. Florida can tell a 4 star recruit who wants to commit to them that they are holding out for another player at his position but a 2 star recruit tells Miami that he wants to see how his official visit goes at Louisiana-Lafeyette before he will decide on whether or not to even take a visit to Miami? Unbelievable how far The U as fallen..


What does the Yeargin story have to do with Miami?


That's what happens when a kid finds out he actually has to go to class and work for an education...


Notre dame clearly moved past him as a prospect because after yeargin commit to Notre dame they went out and had 4 more recruits commit to them, 5 if you can drew tranquil. Fact is Notre dame moved on from yearigan

The big robowski

Did his dad actually say they want what's best for him both academically and professionally? If that's the case, why is he even looking at Clemson? Smh


Why do we care what an 18 year old thinks?

Clemson sounds more at his achievement level, but it's great he considered reaching beyond his grasp.

Mule Whippa

Yeargin doesn't meet ND's academic requirements. End of story.


As an Irish fan, recruits decommitting has became the new norm...what's cooking up in South Bend?


The kid was not going to cut in academically at Notre Dame.


Lol don't act kids only D commit in south bend it's every school ... Look at the sec


Let the kid live! He not committing to ND so what! There is no reason to bash him for his decision! Best of luck to the kid I hope he make the best decision for him and I know ND will do fine with or without him!

Tim Hatch

At least he did it in January as opposed to NSD.
Those kind of jilts are like a roundhouse kick to the face by Chuck Norris.


Clemson' s academics are on par with anything in South Bend. Better game day atmosphere, better weather, better coaching, ect.

Joseph Gordon

Those of you criticizing Clemson academics need to do your homework. It has been a top 30 public university for some time. You must be confusing it with the schools of the academically challenged SEC.

Domer Lew

Clemson on par with Notre Dame academically? WRONG!! Get serious. Better game day atmosphere? WRONG!! Stop bashing Notre Dame. An institution you obviously know nothing about!


Seriously... A kid changes his mind and we have to insult him. Call him stupid??? Really Norte Dame doesn't deserve him. And seriously, when is the last time Notre Dame won anything?


I hope all the golden domers come down to Pickens County in a couple years. If there is one thing about us in the Palmetto state, we sure like to show our hospitality! I've been from Beantown to Aggieland, Theres nothing finer than Carolina! And all God's children say, Go Tigers!


"The kid was not going to cut in academically at Notre Dame." -Posted by: APL1775

Wow...@APL1775 if you are a product of Notre Dame's so called academics, then I seriously doubt that is the case (case being the point you attempted to make in gibberish).

mike jones

For the dummy who said Richard wasn't academically going to cut it at Notre Dame he has a 4.0 and is already qualified. Next time know what your talking about smh

Charles Dickens

Notorious Dinosaur shall hit the panic button.

Charles Dickens

The super-majority of 5 and 4 stars Urban-Americans are transferring out or de-committing from Apartheid U. No one wants to squander his college years at a racist institution that deposits chicken bones and watermelon garbage into the mail slot of the Black Student Center.

If future professional players (Redfield, Bryant, Folston and Robinson) are NOT named as starters BEFORE spring, then expect most of them to transfer to relevant schools.

Notorious Dinosaur offers NOTHING for 5 stars athletes.



Understand the kid sticking to his family ties. For anyone saying anything about academics, the kid has been nothing but solid since the get go. This sounds like he changed his mind awhile ago.

Lets get real he was the 35th ranked OLB, it is not like they lost Niles Morgan (which would hurt).

What would have been better approach, if these kids would just not commit until they are ready. I understand it is amazing to get your name in the media, but it does immediately create a negative perception of the recruit.

ND plays Clemson in 2015, it will be interesting to see if he is on the field. I watched him in the All Star game and the kid has some hustle.

For the morons spreading hate about ND, god bless. Your football knowledge is borderline ignorant.

ND just regained the HIGHEST winning percentage in the history of college football. The program just did not start winning during the BCS era.

What is more interesting, is the story about chicken bones actually originated in an actual recent incident on a campus in the South.

Amazing how a small successful Catholic school in Indiana still strikes fear into heart of a southerner.

Interesting note, the South is home to less Catholics than Israel. TN, SC, Mississippi KKK made sure of that.


Ole Boboru clearly meant 'Notre Dame didn't win anything during the BCS era.'

Because that would be a fact.


When was the last time Clemson won anything, jacka$$! ND at least went to a title game a year ago. They are also #1in grad rates. #1business school and have the second highest value for their degree in Division 1 behind Stanford. UA just gave them a record deal for apparel , so get real. When you southerners actually play up north, let me know.


Best of luck in your decision Richard. Clemson is a fine school with an amazing football atmosphere, and it is closer to home for the family to come watch you play. You seem like a great young man with a bright future; God bless and hope you get to play for the national championship before you graduate. Clemson certainly is poised to do that. So, to a lesser degree, is Notre Dame. Both schools would be a credit to you, and you to them.

Go Irish

Malachy 84

This and a multitude of other examples show how sports has become totally out of hand in our times.

Something has to change.

Its spelled money.


A 77% graduation rate for Clemson footballers is well below ND's 97%. The kid made a prudent choice.

Road Runner

Besides this guy being somewhat academically challeneged, it also goes to his lack of chatracter. Obviuosly, his "word" means absolutely nothing. Personally, it is better that he does this now rather than later in his career at ND. Notre Dame is better off without him.


What's with all of the character assassination? The guy changed his mind. It's a free country. Let it go.

Golden domer

I live in SC, close to Clemson, but I'm a huge ND fan. People, 1st, don't hate on a kid for what he decides, good luck Richard. 2nd, for all you ND haters, thank you for fueling the fire and for those stating how ND is irrelevant, well that is asinine. Take a look at the schedule you could not survive year in year out. Clemson is a great place to see a game, but the seeing a game in South Bend is absolutely surreal. Bless your hearts Clemson fans, we are ND, something you should strive to be.

Marv Russell, ND Class of 77, Author and Speaker

Kids commit and change their minds all the time. It's part of the process. We shouldn't bash them for what is a very difficult process. We can't always assume academics are at issue. Family input matters. As for ND your chicken bone watermelon comments are a ridiculous promotion of racial issues in America. Yes there was an incident by a very troubled person. Racist behavior is an unfortunate part of our life. I'm an ND grad, African American, former lb and member of an ND national championship team. Minority kids do quite well at what one you refers to as a racist univ.

As for the last time ND won anything, it was last year. Not a bad season. There is nothing wrong with Clemson. The question is always going to be whether a univ promotes the student athlete concept, instills discipline and accountability and ultimately graduates the great proportion of its student athletes. I judge a FB program not only on wins but equally important the quality of life a young man will ultimately lead when crowds and glory are gone. We should all remember these kids read allllllll that we write. I'd hate if my son read some of these posts as a student athlete. Good luck. Do well both athletically and academically no matter where you go. It matters! The glory will be gone one day and you will need the academic foundation for your next steps in life.


Fact #1... Stadium Journey Magazine's 2013 Ratings for Best Stadium Experiences in USA and Canada. In 7th place was Notre Dame Stadium which was the highest rated stadium among college football stadiums. The next highest rated college football stadium at #26 was Bryant Denny Stadium Tuscaloosa AL.

Fact #2... 2013 NCAA Graduation Rate Survey (GRS)
"for the 8th time in 9 years the University of Notre Dame ranks #1", on a percentage basis among all NCAA Bowl Division Schools. 20 of 22 programs at ND had a 100% GSR the 2 remaining had a GSR of 94% or better. ND's total GSR was .909, Duke was #2 at .773, Stanford was #3 at .707

This young man is the world's leading authority on what is best for him. Richard's success depends on how he applies himself in his next endeavor, regardless of the University's GSR. Obviously this is a quality young man to receive a full ride at ND, and we should wish him success. Go Irish

William Hanel

We should all just leave this young man alone. his is mind up, just let it go! The only thing I did not like was when his father said "what's best for him" in the class room and in the pro football? Any kid at any school can get hurt then what? I just hope he gets degree first before leaving school early, it kills me when so many leave for the NFL with nothing to fall back on! Good luck young man, Go tigers, Go Irish.


I think Kelly is a way bigger problem for recruits then anyone realizes. Mr. Pompous ("I've been coaching since before you were born.." doesn't mean anything but that you are old) needs to find some personality then consequently find more recruits. I know he is the ultimate coach in his own mind but he won't last long when the program dwindles back to the Charlie Weis era. He has done nothing. The kids need a guy who they look up to not because he tells them to but because they are motivated by his comradery. Consider Pete Carrol.


Oh yes! Consider Pete Carrol...the coach who, when faced with the impending doom of NCAA sanctions, bolted. If you named Charlie Strong, I could see it. But, where do you get off blasting BK anyway? These recruits are children and act as such, at times making hastily decisions. One or two or ten leaving has little to do with the coach and more to do with the natural implications of immaturity.



I could care less about Carrol but he represents a clear example of a demeanor as a successful coach as recognized by anyone who has a football brain.
Gee, maybe that's why everyone else gets the top recruits because they don't call their young men "immature children". I'd say a man who weighs out everything very carefully concerning his future four years is not immature but intelligent and that's why they don't choose Kelly because he will screw them over in a heartbeat like he has so many. If he was a good coach he would have built Reese into a man of character like Ara Parsegian did to so many. This is what a true leader of men does Consider Nick Saben.

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