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VIDEO: Homestead WR Ermon Lane talks about signing with FSU


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Victor Rugama

I dont know if it's the time we live in or not but I know in my tike if you from Dade, Broward, or Palm Beach and you had a chance to rep your city no one yhought about it twice! Ya'll young bucks need to start reppin your city a lil more.

[]_[] know it

Some guys are afraid of failing in front of their city... not saying that Lane is one of them. Valentine mentioning the pressure that would be on him if he went to Miami is a red flag. Not everybody thrives with the spotlight and pressure on them. Going away and being one of the guys instead of being "The Man" with the weight of your team and city on your shoulders is appealing to some kids. Not every kid has the mental make up of a Frank Gore, Clinton Portis, Stacy Coley or a Duke Johnson. Some kids just don't have a fear of failure.

College Fan

The U is not the perfect fit for everybody!!! Lane felt more comfortable being away. Plus his old HS teammate Herb Waters not happy so why go there too?

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