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Mark Walton's commitment to Miami 'as solid as they come' with reclassification to 2015 class

Mark Walton, Miami Booker T. Washington’s stud running back and University of Miami commitment, has reclassified to the Class of 2015.

Walton and his coach Tim Harris Jr. confirmed Walton’s move up from the Class of 2016 on Saturday while participating in the Miami Dolphins 7-on-7 tournament at Plantation Park.

With the news, UM’s 2015 recruiting class is now up to 15 members and ranked ninth overall in the country by 247Sports. Running backs Jordan Cronkrite from Westminster Christian and Dexter Williams from Winter Garden West Orange are also committed to the Canes, who could boast one of the most talented backfields in the country with former Miami Central back Joseph Yearby already enrolled.

"Man, that would be a great backfield," Walton said.

Harris said Walton’s process began at the end of last season, and included Walton taking a night-school class and online classes to meet requirements.

“He dedicated to wanting to reclassify and we’ve been all behind him,” Harris said. “Every kid’s situation is a little different, and we want to help Mark to be able to one day do all the things he wants to do for himself and his family.”

Walton, who visited UM on Tuesday with teammates including wide receiver Antonio Callaway and cornerback Devante Davis, said the Canes’ coaching staff was elated to hear the news.

“The coaching staff was excited, and I’m excited about it, too,” Walton said. “When I saw they’re reaction, my reaction went up.”

Walton -- who has seen his recruitment slow in recent months -- hopes to receive offers from Alabama, Wisconsin, Notre Dame and Arkansas, but still relishes his close relationships with the Canes staff, including running back coach Hurlie Brown.

“I try to convince people to come to the University of Miami and get that swagger back down in Coral Gables, and try to get the tradition back going and try to win a National Championship,” Walton said.

Added Harris: “He’s still committed to Miami. He’s as solid as they come.”


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blustein reported 4 months ago that walton had transferred to miami central......


on his personal website, blustein claimed to be the "country's authority about what goes on at stranahan hs!!!"......then why have you not reported about the new coach that was chosen last week?

Louis davis

Running Back "U" reborn again...

Larry, Andre and Safid are the best.

Go Canes!!!


Tex: I also reported right after that he was not going. Plus, I was the first one to tell everyone that he was going to go from 2016 to 2015. Stranahan never contacted anyone about the change in coaches. Thanks for monitoring me.


LarryB - Keep up the great work. You are a light in a confusing darkness of HS football.

BTW - I'm digging what 'The U' is doing with these recruits. They actually analyze where they will be in a couple years, instead of reading how many stars by their names. The storm is returning.


since when do good journalists need to be contacted by schools about a coaching change? the guy was named hc at stranahan and you claimed in your column to be the "nation"s foremost authority about stranahan." i guess miami beach never called you either, as you never reported that coaching change. are you waiting for a call from mb before you are allowed to post that change also?


I didn't see the corrected info article about Walton not going to Central either, Larry. Where can I pull that up?


WHY AS "SOLID AS THEY COME" headline?.............he transferred to central, then back to btw.......why is his word solid?

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