February 02, 2015

Two of Broward's smallest stars -- Piper's Liburd, Dillard's Bouie -- taking own route to the next level


Broward County leading rusher Travis Liburd never had any illusions about himself as a football recruit entering his senior season.

At 5-6, 170 pounds, he knew it was going to take more than a great senior season at Piper to get one of the 128 Football Bowl Subdivision teams in the country to take a chance on him. Akron and Ohio University showed interest, but in the end neither was willing to dish out a concrete scholarship offer.

So on Wednesday, when dozens of three, four and five-star recruits in South Florida who played alongside Liburd in the Miami Dolphins All-Star Game sign with big name schools in front of throngs of media, the two-star recruit and All-Broward First Team selection will quietly do his own thing in front of a much smaller audience at school.

He’s signing with Stony Brook, a Football Championship Subdivision program in Long Island, N.Y., where it was snowing so hard this past weekend during Liburd’s official visit he said he “barely saw the ground.” Being relegated to college football’s second tier might feel like an underachievement to some, but not Liburd. To him it’s just another avenue to success.

“It’s a great team for me because they run the ball a lot,” said Liburd, who ran for over 4,100 yards and 36 touchdowns in three years for Piper despite being the only weapon on a losing team and seeing many eight and nine man fronts. “I’ve already got my major – electrical engineering – and everything. And there’s opportunity to get on the field as a freshman, especially on kickoffs.”

Special teams is usually where the smallest guys in college and pro football make their money. Liburd, clocked at 4.35 in the 40-yard dash according to his coach, ran back eight kickoffs for touchdowns as a junior. “He didn’t have any as a senior because no one would kick him the ball,” his coach Roger Mitchell said.

Said Charles Fishbein of Elite Scouting Services: “Liburd’s a little pocket rocket. He’s not elite, but he’s in that second or third group locally if you’re talking about production and what he does. You’re telling me there’s 120-something D-1 schools and none can use a kid like that?”

Size is ultimately what scared BCS programs off, Mitchell said. The numbers certainly support the claim.

According to Rivals.com’s recruiting database, a total of 221 players listed as being 5-feet, 7-inches or shorter have signed with Football Bowl Subdivision (126) or Football Championship Subdivision schools (95) since 2002. That averages out to a little less than 16 scholarships a year across Division 1 football being given nationwide to players of that height (nine to FBS programs and a little less than seven to FCS schools). Of that group, 60 scholarships have been awarded to players listed 5-6 or shorter including only eight listed at 5-5 or shorter.

Most are running backs (122) or listed as athletes (42) or receivers (27). Dolphins Pro Bowl cornerback Brent Grimes, listed at 5-6, 180 pounds coming out of high school in Louisiana, is among that group. He was a two-star recruit who signed with Central Arkansas.

His success story – like that of Eagles Pro Bowl running back Darren Sproles (5-6, 190) – give Liburd and other small guys like Dillard linebacker/safety Christian Bouie hope.

Bouie (5-7, 160) led Dillard in tackles two years in a row and was “blowing receivers up in the secondary at the Dolphins All-Star Game,” Mitchell said. But he also couldn’t get any FBS schools to bite and offer him a scholarship.

Dillard coach Lorenzo Davis said he expects Bouie to sign with Division II Stillman College (Ala.) on Wednesday. According to Rivals, only 25 defensive backs and one linebacker listed at 5-7 or shorter have signed with Division 1 schools since 2002.

“Three inches taller and everybody in the country is after him,” Davis said. “Unfortunately, when you’re making $200,000 to $300,000 a year as a college assistant and your job is on the line every year you can’t take that chance because if the guy doesn’t pan out the boss will be looking at you and saying ‘Well, you knew he was too small.’ I was really trying to get FIU and FAU to look at him. I just couldn’t get him a shot.”

Bouie, who has a 3.4 GPA, says he’ll take the shot wherever he gets it. Stillman, by the way, had eight players on its roster last season listed at 5-7 or shorter.

“You can measure my height, but you can’t measure my heart,” Bouie said.

Said Mitchell: “Like I told Travis, put that chip on your shoulder and just turn and look at it every time before you get the ball. Show them what they missed every day.”

RB Dareyon Chance, Cardinal Gibbons, 5-5, 175, 3-star (Western Michigan, 2010)
WR Derrick Hopkins, Monsignor Pace, 5-6, 160, 2-star (USF, 2009)
RB Krondis Larry, Booker T. Washington, 5-6, 160, 2-star (FCS Samford, 2014)
DB Terry Jefferson, Booker T. Washington, 5-7, 170, 2-stars (FCS Monmouth, 2014)
WR Jarius Brown, University School, 5-7, 172, 2-stars (FCS Dartmouth, 2014)
ATH Franklin Labady, Champagnat, 5-7, 180, 3-stars (Cincinnati, 2014)
DB Nico Marley, Cypress Bay, 5-7, 182, 2-stars (Tulane, 2013)
RB Darius Hoggins, Monarch, 5-7, 156, 2-stars (Louisiana-Lafayette, 2013)
RB Jared Sanders, Hallandale, 5-7, 165, 2-stars (Eastern Kentucky, 2012)
RB Orville Reynolds, Douglas, 5-7, 175, 3-stars (Wake Forest, 2011)
ATH Ronnie Kennedy, Plantation, 5-7, 147, 3-stars (Central Michigan, 2009)
WR Brandon Drayton, Northwestern, 5-7, 156, 0-stars (FCS Howard, 2008)
WR Tim Brown, Northwestern, 5-7, 146, 3-stars (Rutgers, 2006)
RB Jovens Degage, North Miami, 5-7, 180, 2-stars (Ball State, 2004)
RB Jerry Seymour, Monsignor Pace, 5-7, 183, 2-stars (Central Michigan, 2003)

January 29, 2015

January 27, 2015

Miramar looking forward to Signing Day event after rough end to season

After a scandalous and frustrating finish to the 2014 season, things are finally looking up for the Miramar Patriots.

Tuesday, the program hired a new coach in longtime Booker T. Washington assistant Pierre Senatus. And now, in a little over a week, a large group of seniors who didn't get a chance to participate in the playoffs in the wake of allegations of academic fraud, impermissible benefits and illegal participation of ineligible players, will get a chance to live out a lifetime dream when they sign with their respective colleges.

“It's definitely going to be a big day for us," Miramar defensive line and strength coach Josh Taylor said Tuesday. "I’m happy for these guys. We have a lot of great kids who are looking forward to opening up the next chapter in their careers and play on the next level. All these guys have been talking about lately is figuring out what they’re going to wear to Signing Day. They're hilarious.”

Taylor said school officials are planning to host the Patriots' Signing Day event at 1 p.m.

Receivers Kahlil Lewis, Jovon Durante and cornerback Tyrek Cole are all a done deal to West Virginia, where they've been committed for some time, Taylor said.

Two players who figure to keep folks guessing up until the last minute: four-star safety Kendrell McFadden and three-star offensive guard Leeward Brown, former West Virginia commitments now looking elsewhere.

"Kendrell's recruiting is wide open right now," Taylor said.

Notre Dame and Kentucky are in the mix for McFadden, Taylor said. "FIU came in recently," Taylor said of Brown. "Tulane came in as well. FAU is also in the mix."

Safety Herbert Miller (FAU) and cornerback Jeff Hill (Northern Illinois) are expected to stick with their respective commitments. Taylor said running back Alex Anderson "will have a couple hats to choose from on the table."


January 18, 2015

Class of 2015 Florida Qualified HS Players

ATTENTION COLLEGE FOOTBALL COACHES: The following list of high school football prospects from the state of Florida are talented athletes who have put in the work on the football field and in the classroom.

These talented athletes from all over Florida are qualified and ready to go. Check out their videos and call their coaches. You already know the talent in the Sunshine State is as good as you get. Help your program and help these young men.

In the end, they have one everything asked of them – on and off of the playing field. Now, it’s your turn to reward them.

If you need contact information, just drop us an e-mail at Floridakids1@aol.com.

QUALIFIED FLORIDA SENIOR: Jurell Green, RB, Oviedo. 4,782 yards and 60 TDs. http://www.hudl.com/athlete/1568378/jurell-green

QUALIFIED FLORIDA SENIOR: Malik Wisdom, DB, Miami-Dade Christian. Versatile player with plenty of big time experience. http://www.hudl.com/athlete/4205428/malik-wisdom

QUALIFIED FLORIDA SENIOR FOOTBALL PROSPECT: Wajih AlBaroudi, OL, Fort Lauderdale High. 3.19 GPA at 6-3, 295. Check him out colleges! http://www.hudl.com/athlete/2645140/highlights/195465383

QUALIFIED FLORIDA SENIOR FOOTBALL PROSPECT: Jonathan Ortner, QB, Santa Rose South Walton. Talented player. Check him out! http://recruit-match.ncsasports.org/clientrms/profile/recruiting_profile/789414

QUALIFIED FLORIDA SENIOR FOOTBALL PROSPECT: Johnnie Hankins, RB, South Dade. State championship experience. Big time player! http://www.hudl.com/athlete/3279331/highlights/124575375

QUALIFIED FLORIDA SENIOR FOOTBALL PROSPECT: Gerod Jones, WR/DB, Sarasota Booker. Young man can play! http://www.hudl.com/athlete/2831842/highlights/147945395

QUALIFIED FLORIDA SENIOR FOOTBALL PROSPECT: Donovan Valdiviezo, DE/DT, Miami High. Passion for the game and wants to keep playing. http://www.hudl.com/athlete/3595015/highlights/187515380

QUALIFIED FLORIDA SENIOR FOOTBALL PROSPECT: Nick Hughes, OL, Coral Springs Taravella. This is a prospect to invest in. http://www.hudl.com/athlete/3476202/highlights/204614375

QUALIFIED FLORIDA SENIOR FOOTBALL PROSPECT: Michael Frederick, RB, Champagnat Catholic. State championship experience. Steal! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fuqEzvgu_sk

QUALIFIED FLORIDA SENIOR FOOTBALL PROSPECT: How does Coral Springs Taravella's Jawanza Evans-Morris have NO offers, college? http://www.hudl.com/athlete/3476177/highlights/204109393

QUALIFIED FLORIDA SENIOR FOOTBALL PROSPECT: Phillip Beaty, WR/TE, Orlando Bishop Moore, Great player and well coached. http://www.hudl.com/athlete/3635364/highlights/177956380

QUALIFIED FLORIDA SENIOR FOOTBALL PROSPECT: Reuel Buchanan, 6-0, 190, LB, 3.8 GPA! Pompano Beach Blanche Ely product. http://www.hudl.com/athlete/4777914/highlights/206613380

QUALIFIED FLORIDA SENIOR FOOTBALL PROSPECT: Athlete Landyn Rivadeneira, Parkland Douglas. Outstanding football prospect who also gets it done in the classroom. http://www.hudl.com/athlete/2821684/highlights/199369398

QUALIFIED FLORIDA SENIOR FOOTBALL PROSPECT: DaMarrio Jackson-Smith, Miami Monsignor Pace. A young man to check out. 3.6 GPA, too! http://www.hudl.com/athlete/2168465/highlights/202020376/v2

QUALIFIED FLORIDA SENIOR FOOTBALL PROSPECT: Ulysees Gilbert, Ocala Trinity. Top flight prospect. Very impressive LB. 20 on the ACT - 3.1 Core GPA. http://www.hudl.com/athlete/1422681/highlights/166131378

QUALIFIED FLORIDA SENIOR FOOTBALL PROSPECT: Ronald Clayton. Hollywood Hills under-the-radar DB with a 3.1 GPA. http://www.hudl.com/athlete/3326209/highlights/196188377

QUALIFIED FLORIDA SENIOR FOOTBALL PROSPECT: Marcos Alvarado, OL, 19 ACT. Passion for the game! http://www.hudl.com/athlete/4655355/highlights/199274381

QUALIFIED FLORIDA SENIOR FOOTBALL PROSPECT: Anthony DeLeo, OLB/S, Bartram Trail. 81 tackles. Difference maker. http://www.hudl.com/athlete/2646776/highlights/164003376

QUALIFIED FLORIDA SENIOR FOOTBALL PROSPECT: Malik Vigille, WR/DB. Has won multiple state championships. Winner! http://www.hudl.com/athlete/3315736/highlights/110281383

QUALIFIED FLORIDA SENIOR FOOTBALL PROSPECT: Michael Fitschen, Coral Springs Taravella athlete with a 4.4 GPA 1750 SAT. http://www.hudl.com/athlete/3476190/highlights/202511375

QUALIFIED FLORIDA SENIOR FOOTBALL PROSPECT: Paul McDonald, DB/WR, Sunrise Piper is another overlooked player. 3.3 GPA, 24 ACT. http://www.hudl.com/athlete/2646903/highlights/191368385

QUALIFIED FLORIDA SENIOR FOOTBALL PROSPECT: Alan "A.J." Seward, Orlando E. River, WR/DB. Check him out! http://www.hudl.com/athlete/1423882/highlights/115169379

QUALIFIED FLORIDA SENIOR FOOTBALL PROSPECT: Julian McCleod, DT, St. Thomas Aquinas. Very talented football player. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k5fuasEJRoc&feature=youtu.be

QUALIFIED FLORIDA SENIOR FOOTBALL PROSPECT: Reggie Turner. Versatile CB/S from Miami Jackson. Well coached and 26 ACT. http://www.hudl.com/athlete/2704673/reggie-turner

QUALIFIED FLORIDA SENIOR FOOTBALL PROSPECT: Malik Williams, Lake Worth WR/DB is set to go in the classroom. http://www.hudl.com/athlete/3514967/highlights/105805406

QUALIFIED FLORIDA SENIOR FOOTBALL PROSPECT: Jose Ortega: Weston Cypress Bay has a 285-pound DT ready to recruit! Watch him play! http://www.hudl.com/athlete/3197962/highlights/214870375

QUALIFIED FLORIDA SENIOR FOOTBALL PROSPECT: Sanford Seminole TE/WR Gage Krull. Can't teach 6-foot-6! http://www.hudl.com/athlete/1682108/highlights/155825376

QUALIFIED FLORIDA SENIOR FOOTBALL PROSPECT: Tydarius Smith, 285-pound NG - Sanford Seminole. Real sleeper. http://www.hudl.com/athlete/2866942/highlights/158436381

QUALIFIED FLORIDA SENIOR FOOTBALL PROSPECT: Sanford Seminole OT/OG/OC Danyel Mariano. Has it all! http://www.hudl.com/athlete/2841388/highlights/199268002

QUALIFIED FLORIDA SENIOR FOOTBALL PROSPECT: Hans Supre - Tremendous Coral Gables RB steal. 25 ACT and talent. http://www.hudl.com/athlete/1400999/highlights/18278395

QUALIFIED FLORIDA SENIOR FOOTBALL PROSPECT: Sanford Seminole DT with grades and talent, Eric Martin. http://www.hudl.com/athlete/1586650/highlights/165765375

QUALIFIED FLORIDA SENIOR FOOTBALL PROSPECT: Sheldon Whigham, RB, Hialeah Miami Lakes has talent and grades. He's ready colleges! http://www.hudl.com/athlete/3899463/highlights/186363375

QUALIFIED FLORIDA SENIOR FOOTBALL PROSPECT: St. Thomas Aquinas college ready safety, C.J. Jeudy. Big time exposure already. http://www.hudl.com/athlete/1456081/highlights/217463376

QUALIFIED FLORIDA SENIOR FOOTBALL PROSPECT: Johnnie Gaines, RB, Fort Lauderdale Westminster talent POY in his league. http://www.hudl.com/athlete/3690584/highlights/164914375

QUALIFIED FLORIDA SENIOR FOOTBALL PROSPECT: Rodley Velia. Talented Miami Monsignor Pace athlete still out there, colleges! http://www.hudl.com/athlete/2449424/highlights/180129391

QUALIFIED FLORIDA SENIOR FOOTBALL PROSPECT: Darrell Henderson, DL/OL. Jacksonville Duval Charter player has the grades and talent. http://www.hudl.com/athlete/3299087/highlights/175607389

QUALIFIED FLORIDA SENIOR FOOTBALL PROSPECT: Miramar Everglades' Khantrell Burden is a D1 caliber player - 3.5 GPA OLB/SS. http://www.hudl.com/athlete/2185128/highlights/189711375

QUALIFIED FLORIDA SENIOR FOOTBALL PROSPECT: Demetrius Amerson: Fort Lauderdale Cardinal Gibbons' talent. A STEAL college coaches!!!! http://www.hudl.com/athlete/2289137/highlights/152501377

QUALIFIED FLORIDA SENIOR FOOTBALL PROSPECT: N. Miami Beach athlete Duanne Jones is a real steal colleges. He can play! http://www.hudl.com/athlete/1715836/highlights/207955388

QUALIFIED FLORIDA SENIOR FOOTBALL PROSPECT: Darell Cheruban, OL, Hialeah American. Here is a player who can make a difference for your school. http://www.hudl.com/athlete/3436102/highlights/173237376

QUALIFIED FLORIDA SENIOR FOOTBALL PROSPECT: To my Ivy League coaches. Mateo Diaz has a 4.74 GPA! OLB from Sunrise Piper. http://www.hudl.com/athlete/2959913/highlights/203199380

QUALIFIED FLORIDA SENIOR FOOTBALL PROSPECT: Versatile Jensen Beach QB/DB/WR/RB, Kade Glenn. http://www.hudl.com/athlete/1831877/highlights

QUALIFIED FLORIDA SENIOR FOOTBALL PROSPECT: One of the major steals in south Florida. Les Dalger, 6-foot-5 WR from Ft. Lauderdale Westminster. http://www.hudl.com/athlete/3945947/highlights/163626380

QUALIFIED FLORIDA SENIOR FOOTBALL PROSPECT: Montavis Cogdell is a Jacksonville Westside RB standout with a 2.9 GPA. http://www.hudl.com/athlete/3246179/highlights/168221375

QUALIFIED FLORIDA SENIOR FOOTBALL PROSPECT: George Jacobsen, RB/OLB, Coral Shores UNDER THE RADAR! http://www.hudl.com/athlete/1684157/george-jacobsen

QUALIFIED FLORIDA SENIOR FOOTBALL PROSPECT: Henry Jacobsen, RB/OLB, Coral Shores UNDER THE RADAR. Wake up colleges! http://www.hudl.com/athlete/1684156/highlights/195755378

QUALIFIED FLORIDA SENIOR FOOTBALL PROSPECT: Lance Deveaux, DB. Another high level St. Thomas product just waiting colleges! http://www.hudl.com/athlete/1719924/highlights/181217378

QUALIFIED FLORIDA SENIOR FOOTBALL PROSPECT: Dion Ross - Two-time OL state champ from Apopka is ready to go. http://www.hudl.com/athlete/3889910/highlights/220155399

QUALIFIED FLORIDA SENIOR FOOTBALL PROSPECT: Johnathan Atwell, WR, Weston Cypress Bay. http://www.hudl.com/athlete/1603532/highlights/80253376

QUALIFIED FLORIDA SENIOR FOOTBALL PROSPECT: Florida's Panhandle has plenty of kids. Brandon Thomas, DB, Fort Walton Choctaw. http://www.hudl.com/athlete/1820210/brandon-thomas

QUALIFIED FLORIDA SENIOR FOOTBALL PROSPECT: Joshua Sierra, Miami High LB - 2.8 GPA - 22 ACT. He is ready to roll on campus. http://www.hudl.com/athlete/3571889/joshua-sierra

QUALIFIED FLORIDA SENIOR FOOTBALL PROSPECT: Miami Northwestern OL Dwayne Thomas has his grades set. he is all yours! http://www.hudl.com/athlete/3935091/highlights

QUALIFIED FLORIDA SENIOR FOOTBALL PROSPECT: Connor Fee. Caught a TD in the 7A state title game and has a 4.1 GPA. http://www.hudl.com/athlete/2604608/highlights/184339377

QUALIFIED FLORIDA SENIOR FOOTBALL PROSPECT: Hialeah American standout DE.OLB Darius Rolle is ready colleges! http://www.hudl.com/athlete/2130779/highlights/178819375

QUALIFIED FLORIDA SENIOR FOOTBALL PROSPECT: Anthony Rosenfeld. Miami Columbus standout has grades and talent. Now needs and offer! http://www.hudl.com/athlete/1370430/anthony-rosenfeld

QUALIFIED FLORIDA SENIOR FOOTBALL PROSPECT: Miami LaSalle S Montrell Thomas is a star with grades! http://www.hudl.com/athlete/1703851/highlights/220896380

QUALIFIED FLORIDA SENIOR FOOTBALL PROSPECT: North Miami DL/FB has a 2.9 GPA and 19 SAT. http://www.hudl.com/athlete/3114042/highlights/177031376

QUALIFIED FLORIDA SENIOR FOOTBALL PROSPECT: Micah Zander - Jacksonville (Raines) area standout has a 3.6 GPA and talent! http://www.hudl.com/athlete/539260/highlights/158373379

QUALIFIED FLORIDA SENIOR FOOTBALL PROSPECT: Malique Allen, DB, North Miami Beach is always around the ball and has a 23 ACT, which makes him ready. http://www.hudl.com/athlete/3247435/highlights/97222377

QUALIFIED FLORIDA SENIOR FOOTBALL PROSPECT: Orlando (Timber Creek) OL prospect with a 27 ACT and 3.6 GPA. http://www.hudl.com/athlete/530871/highlights/209883375

QUALIFIED FLORIDA SENIOR FOOTBALL PROSPECT: Miami Springs WR James Howard is a quality player that is ready to go. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TBW0lhLNBGE&feature=youtu.be

QUALIFIED FLORIDA SENIOR FOOTBALL PROSPECT: Jake Bofshever is a productive Coral Springs QB who can make a difference. http://www.hudl.com/athlete/2898211/highlights/171543376

QUALIFIED FLORIDA SENIOR FOOTBALL PROSPECT: Jean Bazile, LB, Hialeah. 22 ACT and 3.1 GPA. Quality athlete. http://www.hudl.com/athlete/2955241/highlights/207850401

QUALIFIED FLORIDA SENIOR FOOTBALL PROSPECT: Ryan Swanson is a hard-nose LB that would be a D2 dream. 4.67 GPA. http://www.hudl.com/athlete/947991/highlights/194439375

QUALIFIED FLORIDA SENIOR FOOTBALL PROSPECT: Dylan Wright-Sirmons, QB/FS, Lakeland Teneroc player with grades and athleticism. 3.5 GPA. http://www.hudl.com/athlete/3279523/highlights/175668388

QUALIFIED FLORIDA SENIOR FOOTBALL PROSPECT: Brice Hatcher, Bushnell S. Sumter is a talented player who is close to getting his grades. Keep an eye on him! http://www.hudl.com/athlete/659323/highlights/217138380

QUALIFIED FLORIDA SENIOR FOOTBALL PROSPECT: Gerald Anderson is a Miami Springs QB who can make a difference. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=04ZeXOQFRWY&feature=youtu.be

QUALIFIED FLORIDA SENIOR FOOTBALL PROSPECT: Miami Palmetto's Freddie Wilson is a true playmaker. http://www.hudl.com/athlete/1328136/highlights/203161383

QUALIFIED FLORIDA SENIOR FOOTBALL PROSPECT: Jensen Beach's Edwin Velasquez is a WR with a 2.7 GPA and 21 ACT. http://www.hudl.com/athlete/2299342/highlights/190334377

QUALIFIED FLORIDA SENIOR FOOTBALL PROSPECT: Josh Abel from Jensen Beach is a RB with a 1740 (3 part SAT), 3.34 Gpa. http://www.hudl.com/athlete/1831890/highlights/158434379

QUALIFIED FLORIDA SENIOR FOOTBALL PROSPECT: Somerset Academy's Anthony Milord is a raw talent. http://www.hudl.com/athlete/2645112/highlights/182736375

QUALIFIED FLORIDA SENIOR FOOTBALL PROSPECT: North Miami DB Wesley Charles (2.8 GPA and 23 ACT) is really under the radar. Great player! http://www.hudl.com/athlete/2627192/wesley-Charles

QUALIFIED FLORIDA SENIOR FOOTBALL PROSPECT: Coral Gables QB Eldrick Clapp has a 5.35 GPA!!!!!!! That's what it's all about! http://www.hudl.com/athlete/3243694/highlights/175778376

QUALIFIED FLORIDA SENIOR FOOTBALL PROSPECT: Parkland Douglas LB/DT Brian Ellis is a great fit. Colleges need to check him out. http://www.hudl.com/athlete/4319680/highlights/200413383

QUALIFIED FLORIDA SENIOR FOOTBALL PROSPECT: State champion QB Jake Rizzo is still out there. Colleges? What are you waiting for? http://www.hudl.com/athlete/1767917/highlights/222774379

QUALIFIED FLORIDA SENIOR FOOTBALL PROSPECT: Middleburg LS/TE Colton Wadsworth has grades and talent. No solid offers! http://www.hudl.com/athlete/2641812/colton-wadsworth

QUALIFIED FLORIDA SENIOR FOOTBALL PROSPECT: Jupiter Christian RB/LB Joey Bashwiner has done his part. Let's get him offers! http://www.hudl.com/athlete/931030/highlights/179953375

QUALIFIED FLORIDA SENIOR FOOTBALL PROSPECT: Umatilla QB/DB Justin Lewis has a 3.0 and a great throwing arm. http://www.hudl.com/athlete/460213/highlights/200525385

QUALIFIED FLORIDA SENIOR FOOTBALL PROSPECT: Parkland Douglas QB Brett Israel has been under the radar for 3 years. 3.7 GPA. http://www.hudl.com/athlete/2821579/highlights/191566375

QUALIFIED FLORIDA SENIOR FOOTBALL PROSPECT: Jacksonville Lee DB/WR Rayshun Jones is a quality prospect. Watch his film! http://www.hudl.com/athlete/3010407/highlights/165468375

QUALIFIED FLORIDA SENIOR FOOTBALL PROSPECT: Carlos Yepez, DB, Doral Reagan 3.8 GPA and a talented player. http://www.hudl.com/athlete/2525561/highlights/141549375

QUALIFIED FLORIDA SENIOR FOOTBALL PROSPECT: Sha Mar Pierre, WR from Fort Pierce Central is set to help at the next level. http://www.hudl.com/athlete/1445461/highlights/162920375

QUALIFIED FLORIDA SENIOR FOOTBALL PROSPECT: Plantation standout Dejhaun Clayton is a player and is still out there! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TKaN4v7IVt4&feature=youtu.be

QUALIFIED FLORIDA SENIOR FOOTBALL PROSPECT: Jacksonville Wolfson DB/WR, is talented colleges! http://www.hudl.com/athlete/3298914/highlights/158458386

QUALIFIED FLORIDA SENIOR FOOTBALL PROSPECT: Miami Springs Athlete Jahwon Grant has a 2.7 GPA, 22 ACT. Good to go! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8xxdsdqj-_s&feature=youtu.be

QUALIFIED FLORIDA SENIOR FOOTBALL PROSPECT: Daytona Beach Mainland, OLB/S, is still out there! http://www.hudl.com/athlete/1822987/highlights/201367381

QUALIFIED FLORIDA SENIOR FOOTBALL PROSPECT: No brainer. here, colleges! Versatile leader Andres Fernandes, Miami Columbus. http://www.hudl.com/athlete/1370427/highlights/87435376

QUALIFIED FLORIDA SENIOR FOOTBALL PROSPECT: Ocala Vanguard's DaQuan Hamilton, TE/S. Good to go! http://www.hudl.com/athlete/4036994/highlights/176659375

QUALIFIED FLORIDA SENIOR FOOTBALL PROSPECT: Jacksonville Bishop Kenny Alexander Condorteanu-Oroveanu. OG/OT, 6-5, 285. http://www.hudl.com/athlete/2191611/alexander-condoroteanu-oroveanu

QUALIFIED FLORIDA SENIOR FOOTBALL PROSPECT: P.J. Coast , South Dade is a major athlete 2.5 GPA, 1040 SAT. http://www.hudl.com/athlete/4051339/highlights/175662375#

QUALIFIED FLORIDA SENIOR FOOTBALL PROSPECT: Jordan Watkins - 6’1 200, QB, Fort Pierce John Carroll. Major talent. 4.9 GPA/ 23 ACT. http://www.hudl.com/athlete/1760426/highlights/160862376

QUALIFIED FLORIDA SENIOR FOOTBALL PROSPECT: Daytona Beach Mainland LB Adam Hamilton. Has no offers. Ready to go! http://www.hudl.com/athlete/1852985/highlights/216017378

QUALIFIED FLORIDA SENIOR FOOTBALL PROSPECT: Arnoldo A.J. Ayala, LaBelle, QB/WR/DB - 3.4 GPA. 21 ACT. Versatile. http://www.hudl.com/athlete/1437326/highlights/75784375

QUALIFIED FLORIDA SENIOR FOOTBALL PROSPECT: LaBell's Garrett Coker, TE/DE. 3.8 GPA. 26 ACT. 6-1, 215. http://www.hudl.com/athlete/1437329/highlights/11734374

QUALIFIED FLORIDA SENIOR FOOTBALL PROSPECT: Homer Garcia, DT, OT, 6-4, 250! LaBelle 3.8 GPA 21 ACT. http://www.hudl.com/athlete/3207027/highlights/160795359

QUALIFIED FLORIDA SENIOR FOOTBALL PROSPECT: Miramar's Jackson Mauricette. WR. No offers, 3.7 GPA - 25 ACT. http://www.hudl.com/athlete/3297518/highlights/198442377

QUALIFIED FLORIDA SENIOR FOOTBALL PROSPECT: New Smyrna Beach OLB/S, Laterrio Jordan is set to go. What are we waiting for? http://www.hudl.com/athlete/1615512/highlights/195351384

QUALIFIED FLORIDA SENIOR FOOTBALL PROSPECT: Quentin Randolph, WR Navarre, 6-2, 175lbs, 3.0 GPA, 21 ACT, 6A all-state honorable mention. http://www.hudl.com/athlete/771414/quentin-randolph

QUALIFIED FLORIDA SENIOR FOOTBALL PROSPECT: QB Quinn Farrell, Fort Myers Bishop Verot is a 4-year starter and set to go in the classroom! http://www.hudl.com/athlete/1002501/quinn-farrell

QUALIFIED FLORIDA SENIOR FOOTBALL PROSPECT: Jupiter DE/LB Seth Freeman. 3.4 GPA. 21 ACT. Talented football player! http://www.hudl.com/athlete/2129396/highlights/167553386

QUALIFIED FLORIDA SENIOR FOOTBALL PROSPECT: Orlando Dr. Phillips' DB Antonio Wyatt is still out there! 5-11, 190. http://www.hudl.com/athlete/4347024/highlights/188653375

QUALIFIED FLORIDA SENIOR FOOTBALL PROSPECT: Tyrie Adams - St. Petersburg Dixie Hollins talented QB is still waiting for an offer! http://www.hudl.com/athlete/1426797/highlights/166414375

QUALIFIED FLORIDA SENIOR FOOTBALL PROSPECT: Hialeah Champagnat PK Antonio Estrada is the real deal. 3.2 GPA. 820 SAT (2 Part). https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fKZLsLha9Bg&feature=youtu.be

QUALIFIED FLORIDA SENIOR FOOTBALL PROSPECT: Niceville OT Joseph Blythe 2013 and 2014 1st Team All Area. GPA 3.34 ACT 28. http://www.hudl.com/athlete/1433378/highlights/118657376

QUALIFIED FLORIDA SENIOR FOOTBALL PROSPECT: Chase Outzen, DB/PR, Niceville HS. 7A (AP) All State HM. 3.12 GPA, 23 ACT. http://www.hudl.com/athlete/1820240/highlights/162227377

QUALIFIED FLORIDA SENIOR FOOTBALL PROSPECT: Colby Tuthill, QB, Niceville. 1st Team All Area. 3.53 GPA, 27 ACT. http://www.hudl.com/athlete/3687158/highlights/158963375

QUALIFIED FLORIDA SENIOR FOOTBALL PROSPECT: E'Andre Smith, RB/SB, Lakeland Victory Christian is a big time player with a 3.5 GPA, 17 ACT. http://www.hudl.com/athlete/4131070/highlights/198106377

QUALIFIED FLORIDA SENIOR FOOTBALL PROSPECT: Fort Lauderdale Dillard OL is set with a 2.8 GPA. 18 SAT. http://www.hudl.com/athlete/2642180/christopher-jones

QUALIFIED FLORIDA SENIOR FOOTBALL PROSPECT: Miami Columbus standout JR Garrigo. Excellent players and a 22 ACT. http://www.hudl.com/athlete/1171019/highlights/160828375

QUALIFIED FLORIDA SENIOR FOOTBALL PROSPECT: Miami Westminster Christian LB Roshad Broadway 26 ACT is a player! http://www.hudl.com/athlete/1897025/highlights

QUALIFIED FLORIDA SENIOR FOOTBALL PROSPECT: Eric Johnson, TE 6-4, 215 Stuart Martin County, 3.34 GPA, 1710/24 SAT/ACT. http://www.hudl.com/athlete/2956720/eric-johnson

QUALIFIED FLORIDA SENIOR FOOTBALL PROSPECT: Orange City University’s Ahshar Sylvestre, OLB. 3.1 GPA and have a 1630 SAT http://www.hudl.com/athlete/2011579/highlights/168332375

QUALIFIED FLORIDA SENIOR FOOTBALL PROSPECT: Patrick Elias, Miami Columbus LB. Overcame injury to have a tremendous year. SAT 1670. GPA 3.2. http://www.hudl.com/athlete/1370344/highlights/170909375

QUALIFIED FLORIDA SENIOR FOOTBALL PROSPECT: Joel Tomei, Stuart Martin County. 72 tackles (mostly solo) 4 picks.3.3 GPA. http://www.hudl.com/athlete/1782557/highlights/199509388

January 16, 2015

Northeast football makes a coaching change

            Oakland Park Northeast football coach Christopher Hay told The Miami Herald Friday he has been dismissed from his coaching duties at the school.

            Hay, a South Broward graduate, coached the Hurricanes to a 1-9 record this past season after previous stint at Hollywood Hills as an assistant coach.

            Northeast is still in the process of hiring a replacement.

“I love my kids and I just want to thank them for the hard work they put in and same goes for all the coaches out there doing things the right way,” Hay said. “Unfortunately [Northeast] decided they wanted to go in another direction. Whoever takes over will inherit a solid, disciplined program on and off the field.”


January 08, 2015

Class 8A All-State football team

The Florida All-State Class 8A team as chosen by newspaper editors and reporters.


QB - De'Andre Johnson 6-1 180 Sr., JacksonvilleFirstCoast

RB - Jacques Patrick 6-2 230 Sr.., Orlando Timber Creek

RB - Johnnie Lang 5-9 185 Jr., Bradenton Manatee

WR - Nick Westbrook 6-3 190 Sr., LakeMary

WR - M.J. McGriff 5-9 175 Jr., Vero Beach

WR - Jerad Washington 5-9 165 Sr., JacksonvilleFirstCoast

OL - Martez Ivey 6-6 290 Sr., Apopka

OL - Jake Fruhmorgen 6-5 285 Sr., Tampa Plant

OL - William Sweet 6-7 295 Sr., JacksonvilleFirstCoast

OL - Stewart Reese 6-7 330 Jr., Fort Pierce Central

OL - Zach Sharp 6-7 315 Sr., LakeMary

UT - Chandler Cox 6-2 225 Sr., Apopka

K - Stephen Yaffe 6-1 180 Jr., Tampa Plant



DL - Alec Shriner 6-4 287 Sr., Oviedo

DL - Kyle Henderson 6-1 280 Sr., Tampa Plant

DL - Kwanzi Jackson 6-3 215 Jr., Bradenton Manatee

LB - Sherrod Pittman 6-2 228 Sr., JacksonvilleFirstCoast

LB - Devin Bush Jr. 6-0 215 Jr., Pembroke Pines Flanagan

LB - Adrienne Talan 6-1 210 Sr., Pembroke Pines Flanagan

LB - Jacob Douglas 5-10 215 Sr., Jacksonville Mandarin

DB - Jacquan Johnson 5-10 180 Sr., Miami Killian

DB - Ronnie Hoggins 5-9 170 Sr., Coconut Creek Monarch

DB - Sean Burgess-Becker 6-1 195 Sr., Coconut Creek Monarch

DB - Antonio Davis-Jones 6-1 190 Sr., Vero Beach

UT - Derrick Baity 6-2 185 Sr., Tampa Plant

P - Tommy Townsend 6-2 180 Sr., Orlando Boone



QB - Cannon Thompson 6-1 185 Sr., Lake Mary

RB - Travis Liburd 5-9 180 Sr., Sunrise Piper

RB - Patrick Brooks 5-11 180 Sr., Tampa Plant

WR - Ahmmon Richards 6-3 175 Jr., Wellington

WR - Adam Anderson 6-3 180 Sr., Orlando Boone

WR - Phillip Benker 6-2 190 Jr., Jacksonville Sandalwood

OL - Jake Dempsey 6-2 295 Sr., FlaglerPalmCoast

OL - Stone Forsythe 6-3 320 Jr., Winter Garden West Orange

OL - Richard Williams 6-1 280 Sr., Miramar Everglades

OL - Justus Basinger 6-5 310 Sr., Altamonte SpringsLake Brantley

OL - Calvin Ashley 6-7 280 So., Orlando Dr Phillips

UT - Jean Rene 5-11 175 Sr., Wellington

K - Nick Null 5-11 170 Jr., Bradenton Manatee



DL - Tyler Horstman 6-4 230 Sr., Vero Beach

DL - Shakur Cooper 6-0 200 Jr., Coral Gables

DL - Matt Bukovi 6-0 225 Sr., Weston Cypress Bay

LB - Tevon Coney 6-2 225 Sr., Palm BeachGardens

LB - Jack McCloud 6-2 220 Jr., Lantana Santaluces

LB - Dylan Meeks 6-2 215 So., Orlando Dr Phillips

LB - Brayce McKenzie 6-2 225 Sr., Oviedo

DB - Samuel Johnson 5-10 165 Sr., JacksonvilleFirstCoast

DB - Darrell Malone 5-11 165 Jr., Weston Cypress Bay

DB - Devin Gill 6-1 200 Jr., Pembroke Pines Flanagan

DB - Sheldrick Redwine 6-2 190 Sr., Miami Killian

UT - Jimmie Robinson 5-8 170 Sr., FlaglerPalmCoast

P - Matthew Beadle 6-4 180 Sr., Tampa Plant



QB - Ryan Stanley 6-2 190 Sr., Pembroke Pines Flanagan

RB - Kerrith Whyte 5-10 190 Sr., Loxahatchee Seminole Ridge

RB - Que'shan Byrd 5-8 165 So., FlaglerPalmCoast

WR - Austin Maloney 6-0 175 Sr., Miami Columbus

WR - Eddie McDoom 6-1 170 Jr., Winter Garden West Orange

WR - Keavon Mitchell 5-11 175 Sr., Pembroke Pines Flanagan

OL - Colby Meeks 6-4 295 Sr., Orlando Dr Phillips

OL - Jonathan Maccolister 6-3 250 So., DeLand

OL - Jason Rodriguez 5-11 240 Sr., Miami Columbus

OL - Cameron Campbell 6-2 275 Sr., Pembroke Pines Flanagan

OL - Jacob Dilliplane 6-4 260 Sr., OrangeCityUniversity

UT - Jeremy Diaz 5-11 185 Sr., OrangeCityUniversity

K - Jake Fuhrman 5-9 150 Jr., Weston Cypress Bay



DL - Raeder Frantzen 6-2 220 Sr., Tampa Plant

DL - Alejandro Levy 6-2 240 Sr., Miami Columbus

DL - Matthew Croyle 6-2 260 Jr., Coconut Creek Monarch

LB - Joe Ryan 6-1 220 Jr., Tampa Plant

LB - Billy Caughell 6-2 230 Sr., Apopka

LB - James Bowe 6-1 205 Sr., Miami Killian

LB - Fernando Escobar 5-10 185 Sr., Miami Columbus

DB - Vernon Walker 6-1 190 Sr., Orlando Dr Phillips

DB - C.J. Lamar 6-2 215 Sr., LakeMary

DB - Antonio Henderson 6-0 200 Sr., Bradenton Manatee

DB - Scoop Bradshaw 5-11 190 Jr., Tampa Plant

UT - Jalen Young 5-11 185 Sr., Loxahatchee Seminole Ridge

P - Brett Gordon 6-3 180 Sr., Jacksonville Mandarin



QB Michael Harris 6-1 180 Sr., Coconut Creek Monarch; QB Shannon Patrick 6-1 195 Sr., Wellington; QB Carter Stanley 6-2 190, Vero Beach; QB Hilton Joseph 5-10 165 Sr., North Miami; QB Tucker Beirne 6-2 225 Sr., Miami Columbus; QB Isaiah McIntyre 6-1 180 Jr., Valrico Bloomingdale; QB Woody Barrett 6-3 230 Jr., Winter Garden West Orange; Rex Culpepper 6-3 210 Jr., Tampa Plant; QB Deundre Pickett-White 6-0 193 Sr., Southwest Miami; QB Jake Bofshever 6-1 192 Sr., Coral Springs; RB Karon Higdon 5-10 190 Sr., Sarasota Riverview; RB Jurell Green 5-9 190 Sr. Oviedo; RB Daquan Isom 5-9 180 Sr., Orlando Dr Phillips; WR Ellex Davis 5-10 175 Sr., Coconut Creek Monarch; WR Tavaris Harrison 6-2 175 Sr., North Miami; WR DJ Matthews 6-1 165 So. Jacksonville First Coast; WR Tristan Payton 6-2 180 Sr., Jacksonville First Coast; WR Doug Sandberg 5-9 170 Sr., Valrico Bloomingdale; WR Kelvin McKnight 5-10 180 Sr., Bradenton Manatee; WR Emonee Spence 6-2 190 Sr., Pembroke Pines Flanagan; UT Marcell Williams 5-10 165 Sr., Flagler Palm Coast; UT Demetri Burch 6-0 170 So., Apopka; DL Jarrod McGahee 6-0 260 Sr., Coral Gables; DL Joe Suarez 6-2 230 Sr., Homestead South Dade; LB Johnny Robinson 6-1 250 Sr., Apopka; LB Doyle Grimes 6-2 200 Sr., Homestead South Dade; LB Kelvin Clue 5-9 190 Sr., Orlando Dr Phillips; DB Ray Ray Smith 6-0 190 Sr., Apopka; DB Ben Bascom 5-10 175 Sr., Apopka; DB Jonah Castro 6-1 208 Sr., Oviedo Hagerty.

Class 7A All-State football team

The Florida All-State Class 7A team as chosen by newspaper editors and reporters.



QB _ Tucker Israel 6-0 190 Sr., OrlandoLake Nona

RB _ Jordan Scarlett 5-10 190 Sr.,  Fort Lauderdale St Thomas

RB _ Laderrien Wilson 6-0 215 Jr., Kissimmee Osceola

WR _ Deondre Farrier 6-2 173 Sr., OrlandoLake Nona

WR _ Nyqwan Murray 6-0 175 Sr., OrlandoOak Ridge

WR _ George Campbell 6-4 210 Sr., TarponSpringsEastLake

OL _ Parker Braun 6-3 275 Jr., Kissimmee Osceola

OL _ Sam Clausman 6-5 300 Sr.,  Fort Lauderdale St Thomas

OL _ Tarrick Thomas 6-4270 Sr., Tallahassee Lincoln

OL _ Kurt Schleicher 6-3 280 Sr., Lakeland

OL _ Grant Polk 6-6 290 Sr., Punta Gorda Charlotte

UT _ Deon Cain 6-2 190 Sr., TampaBay Tech

K  _ Daniel Lacamera 6-4 220 Sr., TarponSpringsEastLake



DL _ Nick Bosa 6-4 270 Jr., Fort Lauderdale St Thomas

DL _ Brandon Boyce 6-1 270 Sr., Fort Lauderdale St Thomas

DL _ Wyatt Ray 6-4 230 Sr., Fort Lauderdale St Thomas

DL _ Shelton Johnson 6-5 225 Sr., Delray BeachAtlantic

LB _ Shaq Quarterman 6-1 230 Jr., OrangePark Oakleaf

LB _ Riley Nicholson 6-1 225 Sr., Kissimmee Osceola

LB _ Carson Lydon 6-3 225 Sr., TarponSpringsEastLake

LB _ Marquis Cass 6-0 220 Sr., Gonzalez Tate

DB _ Derwin James 6-2 207 Sr., HainesCity

DB _ Shamar Jackson 5-9 175 Sr., Royal Palm Beach

DB _ Stephon Brown 5-10 170 Sr., Kissimmee Osceola

UT _ Jessie Liptrot 6-0 180 Sr., Jacksonville Beach Fletcher

P  _ Zach Feddeler 6-2 180 Sr., Lakeland



QB _ Daniel Parr 6-2 190 Sr., Palm BeachGardens Dwyer

RB _ Ray Ray McCloud 5-10 175 Sr., Tampa Sickles

RB-  Emmanuel Reed 6-0 190 Sr., SebastianRiver

WR _ Tre Nixon 6-1 175 Jr., Viera

WR _ Deangelo Antoine 5-10 175 Sr. Orlando Oak Ridge

WR _ John Burt 6-3 185 Sr., Tallahassee Lincoln

OL _ Julian Santos 6-2 295 Jr., TarponSpringsEastLake

OL _ Fredrick Johnson 6-7 300 Sr., Royal Palm Beach

OL _ Alex Salguero 6-2 285 Jr., BradentonBradenRiver

OL _ Marcus Norman 6-5 290 Sr., SebastianRiver

OL _ Brad Bourke 6-2 270 Sr., Jacksonville Beach Fletcher

UT _ Mehdi El-Attrach 6-0 190 Sr., OrlandoLake Nona

K  _ Gildardo Mata 5-7 170 Sr., Lakeland Kathleen



DL _ Chris Terrell 6-3 240 Sr., Gonzalez Tate

DL _ Tanner Rowell 6-2 240 Jr., Melbourne

DL _ Brian Bembry 6-3 255 Sr., Palmetto

DL _ Justin Andrews 6-0 260 Jr., Lakeland Kathleen

LB _ Jonathan Jones 6-2 220 Jr., OrlandoOak Ridge

LB _ Chris Hart 6-3 240 Sr., Fort Lauderdale St Thomas

LB _ Jake Hanson 6-1 215 Jr., TarponSpringsEastLake

LB _ Jake Hampton 5-11 205 Jr., Tampa Sickles

DB _ Dominic Lee 6-1 190 Sr., Kissimmee Osceola

DB _ Tyson Cisrow 6-0 180 Sr., Fort Lauderdale St Thomas

DB _ Kevin Williams 5-11 185 Sr., Pompano Beach Ely

UT _ James Oliphant 5-9 170 Sr., Fort Lauderdale St Thomas

P  _ Heath Grady 6-4 210 Sr., Tampa Freedom



QB _ Tanner Hearn 6-2 180 Sr., OrlandoEast River

RB _ Shi'Kim Coward 5-9 175 Sr., Niceville

RB _ A.J. Davis 6-1 170 So., Lakeland

WR _ James Brunson 6-0 170 Sr., Fort Myers

WR _ Jawaun Harris 5-10 175 Sr.,  Fort Lauderdale St Thomas

WR _ Reggie Payne 6-2 180 Jr., Gonzalez Tate

OL _ Colin Byrne 6-4 315 Sr.,  Fort Lauderdale St Thomas

OL _ Alex Echols 6-2 260 Sr., Niceville

OL _ Sage Kempfer 6-0 240 Sr., Melbourne

OL _ Matt Ahern 6-3 320 Jr., JacksonvilleAtlanticCoast

OL _ Ja'Vionte Nash 6-2 285 Jr., OrangePark Oakleaf

UT _ Eli Stove 6-1 175 Jr., Niceville

K _  Tre Simons 6-2 170 Jr., JacksonvilleAtlanticCoast



DL _ Marques Ford 6-4 225 Sr., GibsontonEastBay

DL _ Trae Ferrell 6-2 240 Sr., JacksonvilleAtlanticCoast

DL _ Tashawn Manning 6-4 250 Jr., Wekiva

DL _ Brian Rattery 6-2 285 Sr., Palm BeachLakes

LB _ David Moodie 6-2 200 Sr., Winter Springs

LB _ Scott Armfield 5-10 170, Jr., Niceville

LB _ Kal-El Williams 6-0 245 Sr., Pinellas Park

LB _ Charles Perry 6-2 205 Sr, Royal Palm Beach

DB _ Javon Hammond 6-1 185 Sr., Tampa Gaither

DB _ Jo Jo Louis 6-1 185 Jr., BradentonBradenRiver

DB _ Nick Roberts 5-10 170 So., OrangePark Oakleaf

UT _ Tyler Castillo 5-10 170 Sr., OrlandoEast River

P  _ Zach Lehman 6-2 170 Jr., Clearwater



QB Jake Hudson 5-11 190 Sr., Tarpon Springs East Lake; QB Sawyer Smith 6-2 205 Jr., Gonzalez Tate; Jake Rizzo 6-0 180 Sr.,  Fort Lauderdale St Thomas; QB Gerald Anderson 5-11 195 Sr., Miami Springs; RB Bryan Johnson 5-7 155 Jr., St Cloud; RB Marquice Flowers 5-9 175 Sr. Plantation; RB BJ Daniels Melbourne 6-1 195 So., Melbourne; WR Johnnie Coleman 5-10 180 Sr., Palm Beach Lakes; WR Marcus Johnson 6-1 180 Jr., Orange Park Oakleaf; TE Camren Knight 6-4 215 Sr., Tallahassee Lincoln; TE Chris Cunningham 6-3 225 Sr., Jacksonville Atlantic Coast; WR Trevor Laurent 5-210 2170 Jr., Punta Gorda Charlotte; UT Marquis Zimmerman 5-9 160 Jr., Lakeland Kathleen; UT Deanfernee McGriff 6-3 240 Sr. Tallahassee Leon; UT James Gardner 6-4 212 Sr., Fort Lauderdale; K Andrew Bogaenko 5-10 185 Jr., St Cloud; DL J.D. Rice 6-0 280 Sr., Orlando Lake Nona; LB Jaylon Fair 5-10 170 Jr., Wekiva; LB Dwayne Paddyfoot 6-3 225 Sr., Miami Mater Academy; LB Gerald Donald 5-10 180 Sr., Gainesville Buchholz; LB Tavon Cox 6-3 190 Sr., Haines City; DB Chase Outzen 5-11 175 Sr., Niceville; DB Damien Crumitie 5-11 180 Jr., Tallahassee Leon; DB Rashaan Watson 6-0 190 Sr., Pinellas Park; DB Justin Strnad 6-3 210 Sr., Tarpon Springs East Lake; UT Christian Angulo 6-2 180 Sr., Gibsonton East Bay; DB Antione Webster 6-0 185 Jr., Hialeah American; UT Karon Jackson 5-10 170 Sr., Hialeah American.

DeVon Georgia Takes Over At South Broward

Back in 1992 and 1993, DeVon Georgia was one of south Florida’s best athletes – earning all-state honors in football and all-county recognition on the basketball court.

His success during the time he competed at South Broward Senior High made him one of the best overall athletes to ever wear a Bulldog uniform.

On Thursday, the gifted athlete who left the school over two decades ago (1994 graduate), was looked upon to be the person who would return and revive this once proud football program as he was hired as the new football coach.

“This is really a dream come true,” Georgia said. “I have coached plenty in the past and have learned so much, so I felt it was time to take a head job and what a better place to do it at.”

Familiar with the area, Georgia grew up minutes from the South Broward campus and still keeps relationships with parents and athletes who will be part of his rebuilding process.

His knowledge of the players and the community is something that former coach Allen Held played on during his successful run at the school.

Taking over for Josh Shapiro, who became athletic director at the school last May, Georgia only promises that he will return the program to where it was when he left, playing for coaching legend Matt Lococo. It was then that the Bulldogs produced several Division 1 prospects and had playoff teams.

Shapiro was instrumental in bringing back Georgia to a school that has the talent to choose from, and having one of its own to get back in the community and keep gifted athletes at home.

“DeVon is perfect for this position,” said Shapiro. “I have been around this sport long enough to know when I see a quality person and someone who knows this game.”

During his years in coaching, Georgia has picked up so many valuable things from watching and working with outstanding coaches.

Georgia was a Super 11 Player twice and all-state player as well during his playing day.

He attended Michigan State University.

January 07, 2015

AP Class 6A All-State football team

The Florida All-State Class 6A team as chosen by newspaper editors and reporters.

NOTE: South Florida players bolded


QB - Dwayne Lawson 6-5 215 Sr., Tampa Hillsborough

RB - Quaide Weirmerskirch 6-0 200 Sr., Pace

RB - Gerold Bright 5-11 180 Sr., PensacolaEscambia

RB - Anthony Jones 6-0 170 Sr., Miami Central

WR - Diontae Johnson 6-0 175 Sr., Ruskin Lennard

WR - Brandon McLaughlin 6-1 215 Sr., Orlando Edgewater

OL - Tyler Gauthier 6-3 315 Sr., Venice

OL - Mike Arnold 6-5 290 Sr., Winter Haven

OL - T.J. McCoy 6-2 290 Sr., GrovelandSouthLake

OL - Jason Jean 6-3 290 Sr., Miami Central

OL — Jordan Johnson 6-4 270 Jr., Jacksonville White

UT - Lamar Jackson 6-3 180 Sr., Boynton Beach

K - Sterling Hofrichter 5-9 170 Sr., Seffner Armwood



DL - Byron Cowart 6-4 265 Sr., Seffner Armwood

DL - Kevin McCrary 6-1 260 Jr., Daytona Beach Mainland

DL - Reuben Jones 6-3 230 Sr., LakelandLake Gibson

DL - Keir Thomas 6-3 245 Jr., Miami Central

LB - Jordan Griffin 6-0 225 Sr., Seffner Armwood

LB - Logan Petty 5-10 180 Sr., St Augustine

LB - Marcus Brunson 6-0 220 Sr., Daytona Beach Mainland

LB - Blake Lucky 6-2 215 Sr., Stuart South Fork

DB - Javarius Davis 5-11 185 Sr. Jacksonville White

DB - Olin Cushion 5-10 175 Sr. Miami Central

DB - Carlton Davis 6-2 185 Sr., Miami Norland

UT - Richie Cooper 5-10 170 Sr., Hallandale

P - Michael Howell 5-11 175 Sr., Naples Palmetto Ridge



QB - Tyler Huntley 6-1 185 Jr., Hallandale

RB - Cedric Miller 5-11 190 Sr., Miami Central

RB - Lonnie Underwood 5-11 195 Sr., LakeCityColumbia

RB - Taylor Thomas 5-10 185 Sr., Jacksonville White

WR - Adrian Falconer 6-1 190 Sr., Leesburg

WR - Binjimen Victor 6-4 170 Jr., Coconut Creek

OL - Johnny Footman 6-2 290 Sr., Winter Haven

OL - Daveon Johnson 6-4 290 Jr., LakelandLake Gibson

OL - Shannon Davis 6-5 250, Jr., Palm Bay Heritage

OL - Curtis Rainey 6-2 280 Sr., Jacksonville Lee

OL - Chris Clark 6-2 275 Sr., Pace

UT - Michael Walker 6-0 185 Sr., Naples

K - Emelio Maldonado 6-0 180 Jr., PensacolaEscambia



DL - Shavar Manuel 6-2 280 Jr., Tampa Blake

DL - Keivonnis Davis 6-3 235 Sr., Miami Central

DL - Jachai Polite 6-4 245 Jr., Daytona Beach Mainland

DL - Jarrod Hewitt 6-1 290 Jr., Venice

LB - Zedrick Woods 6-2 200 Sr., LakeCityColumbia

LB - Shamar Kilby-Lane 6-2 220 Sr., Hallandale

LB - Donovan Thompson 6-0 210 Jr., Miami Central

LB - Kyle Oliver 6-0 220 Sr., Daytona Beach Mainland

DB - A.J. Westbrook 6-2 200 Sr., Daytona Beach Mainland

DB - Jamel Cook 6-3 185 Jr., Miami Central

DB - Aaron Covington 5-11 185 Sr., Seffner Armwood

UT - Antwan Dixon 5-8 175 Sr., South Fort Myers

P - Chris Wilkinson 6-2 170 Sr., Land O Lakes Sunlake



QB - Jhakari Harrison 6-1 180 Jr., Coconut Creek

RB - Daeshawn Mills 6-0 185 Jr., Palm Bay Heritage

RB - Corey Bennett 5-9 175 Sr., Tampa Blake

RB - Thomas Boles 5-9 165 Sr., LakelandLake Gibson

WR - Da'Vante Phillips 6-0 200 Sr., Miami Central

WR - Rudy Dawson 5-7 175 Sr., Tampa Hillsborough

OL - Kevin Richardson 6-3 300 Jr., Seffner Armwood

OL - Austin Whisman 5-11 230 Sr., Fort Walton BeachChoctawhatchee

OL - George Dailey 6-3 320 Sr., Leesburg

OL - Perry Bedell 6-1 265 Sr., Naples

OL - Robzel Sylvester 6-3 315 Sr., Miami Central

UT - Craig Rucker 5-9 160 Jr., Orlando Edgewater

K - Daniel Justino 5-10 165 Jr., Middleburg



DL - Keyshon Camp 6-4 265 Jr., LakelandLake Gibson

DL - Jeremy Ware 6-2 220 Sr., Seffner Armwood

DL - Chris Favoroso 6-3 230 Sr., JensenBeach

DL - Kirk Livingstone 6-3 230 Sr., Fort Lauderdale Stranahan

LB - Austin Yeloushan 6-2220 Sr., Land O Lakes Sunlake

LB - Nico Sawtelle 6-2 225 Sr., JensenBeach

LB - Azeez Al-Shaeir 6-0 195 Sr., Tampa Hillsborough

LB - Marquis Couch 6-2 225 Sr., Miami Central

DB - Chris Pickett 6-0 175 Jr., Fort Walton BeachChoctawhatchee

DB - Roger Cray 5-9 170 Jr., LakeCityColumbia

DB - Rashad Fenton 5-11 170 Sr., Carol City

UT - Richie Grant 6-1 170 Jr., Fort Walton BeachChoctawhatchee

P - Morgan Sefcik 5-8 170 Sr., St Augustine



QB Denzel Houston 5-11 170 So., Daytona Beach Mainland; QB Matthew Webb 6-2 175 Sr., Navarre; QB Tyree Adams 6-1 170 Sr., St Petersburg Dixie Hollins; QB Noah Johnson 6-0 180 Sr., Seffner Armwood; QB Quint Gornto 6-2 190 Sr., Fort Walton Beach Choctawhatchee; RB Michael Carter 5-9 185 So., Navarre; RB Adrian Killins 5-11 175 Jr., Daytona Beach Mainland; Josh Gaines 5-9 175 Jr., Palm Bay Heritage; WR Buck Watkins 5-11 170 Jr., Orlando Edgewater; WR Wilfred Taylor 5-9 190 Sr., Daytona Beach Mainland; WR Quentin Randolph 6-2 175 Sr., Navarre; WR Jamari Bozeman 6-2 175 Sr., Riviera Beach Suncoast; WR Trent Soto 6-0 185 Sr., Hudson Fivay; UT Jabir Frye 5-7 170 Jr., Pensacola Escambia; UT Langston Provitt 6-0 180 Sr., Venice; UT Ahmad Ivey 5-8 175 Sr., Gainesville High; K Sam Hayworth 5-10 170 Sr., Daytona Beach Seabreeze; LB Waymon Steed 6-0 200 So., Miami Central; LB Cole Dunagan 5-11 180 Sr., Daytona Beach Seabreeze; LB John Bronson 5-1 195 Sr., Inverness Citrus; LB Quinton Wilcher 6-0 225 Sr., Boynton Beach; DB Travon Mullen 6-2 175 Jr., Coconut Creek; DB Calvin Brewton 6-0 175 Sr., Miami Central; DB Khalid McGee 5-11 190 Sr., Miami Northwestern; DB Andre Polk 6-2 185 Jr., South Fort Myers; DB Delvin Austin 6-0 165 Jr., Tampa King; UT Donte Sylencieux 6-2 170 Sr., Boynton Beach; UT Malik Young 5-9 175 Jr., Coconut Creek.

AP Class 5A All-State football team

The Florida All-State Class 5A team as chosen by newspaper editors and reporters.

NOTE: South Florida players names bolded. 


QB - Torrance Gibson 6-4 210 Sr., Plantation American Heritage

RB - Taeler Porter 5-9 190 Sr., Immokalee

RB - James Allen 5-11 185 Sr., Citra North Marion

WR - Charles Wade 6-0 195 Sr., Jacksonville Bishop Kenny

WR - Keith Gavin 6-4 225 Jr., Crawfordville Wakulla

WR - Daniel Davis 5-10 175 Sr., Tarpon Springs

OL - Luke Hiers 6-4 290 Sr., LakeWales

OL - Brett Heggie 6-4 285 Jr., MountDora

OL - Tyler Jordan 6-4 290 Sr., Jacksonville Bishop Kenny

OL - Michael Howard 6-6 250 Sr., Green Cove Springs Clay

OL - James Daniels 6-4 275 Sr., Bushnell South Sumter

UT - Ryan Davis 5-11 180 Sr., St PetersburgLakewood

K  - Trevor Ross 5-11 180 Sr., Live Oak Suwannee



DL - Cedric Wood 6-3 300 Jr., Tallahassee Godby

DL - Montel Presley 5-11 300 Jr., Bushnell South Sumter

DL - Devin Papenheim 6-6 225 Sr., Bushnell South Sumter

DL - Deionte Turner 6-2 290 Sr., Arcadia DeSoto

LB - Raekwon Jones 6-1 205 Sr., Lynn Haven Mosley

LB - Jim Jones 6-2 225 Sr., Tallahassee Godby

LB - Anthony Flory 6-2 225 Sr., Plantation American Heritage

DB - Tarvarus McFadden 6-3 200 Sr., Plantation American Heritage

DB - Taderrius Patrick 6-1 185 Sr., Tavares

DB - Tucker Bennett 6-1 180 Sr., Merritt Island

DB - Marcus Holton 6-0 180 Sr., Tallahassee Godby

UT - Dakota Milstead 5-9 160 Sr., PensacolaWest Florida

P - Zach Gleaton 5-10 160 Sr., Zephyrhills



QB - Feleipe Franks 6-6 218 Jr., Crawfordville Wakulla

RB - Denzel Washington 5-7 170 Sr., Live Oak Suwannee

RB - Chris Schwarz 5-10 180 Jr., New Port Richey River Ridge

WR - Quan Moorer 6-5 205 Sr., Pensacola Catholic

WR  Freddie Swain 6-2 180 Jr., Citra North Marion

WR - Jacob Kubik 6-0 180 Sr., Gulf Breeze

OL - Zach Baker 6-4 290 Sr., Green Cove Springs Clay

OL - Parker Boudreaux 6-4 290 Jr., Orlando Bishop Moore

OL - Christian Pellage 6-7 297 Sr., BrooksvilleNatureCoast

OL - Brandon Loftus 6-7 305 Sr., Tallahassee Godby

OL - C.J. Allen 6-4 310 Sr., Palm Bay

UT - J.T. Turner 5-9 185 Sr., Green Cove Springs Clay

K  - Jake McIntyre 6-1 170 Jr., Orlando Bishop Moore



DL - Richard McIntosh 6-2 235 Sr., Fort Lauderdale Cardinal Gibbons

DL - Daryl Wilson 6-1 290 Jr., Panama CityBay

DL - Zander Zimmer 6-2 225 Jr., Orlando Bishop Moore

DL - Brian Burns 6-6 210 Jr., Plantation American Heritage

LB - Malcolm Penny 6-1 220 Sr., Tallahassee Rickards

LB - Alex Williams 5-11 230 Sr., Citra North Marion

LB - Anthony Foster 6-2 230 Sr., St PetersburgLakewood

DB - Marc McCoy 6-2 185 Sr., Riverview Spoto

DB - Marcus Walker 6-1 185 Sr., LakeWales

DB - Ryan Pulley 6-0 190 Sr., Cape CoralIslandCoast

DB - Von Davis 5-10 175 Sr., MountDora

UT - Aaron McCallister 5-11 195 Jr., Live Oak Suwannee

P  - Dylan Barnas 5-8 165 Sr., Merritt Island



QB - Z'Khari Blocker 6-1 180 So., Pensacola Catholic

RB - P.J. Simmons 5-10 190 Sr., Tallahassee Godby

RB - Colin Wilson 6-0 210 So., Green Cove Springs Clay

WR - Raiqwan Hayes 5-11 165 Sr., New PortRicheyGulf

WR - Rasheen Bailey 5-7 160 Sr., Cape Coral

WR - Dredrick Snelson 5-11 185 Jr., Plantation American Heritage

OL - Colton Rausch 6-1 225 Sr., Auburndale

OL - Marcus Brown 6-4 340 Sr., Naples Lely

OL - Devin Gibson 6-0 300 Sr., PensacolaWest Florida

OL - Clark Bulliet 6-3 265 Sr., Tampa Jesuit

OL - Carl Blaylock 6-2 250 Jr., Live Oak Suwannee

UT - Jaylen Pickett 6-0 200 Sr., Zephyrhills

K  - Austin Peffers 5-11 160 Sr., Panama City Arnold



DL - Sean Grayer 6-2 230 Sr., Green Cove Springs Clay

DL - Antoine Barker 6-4 235 Sr., Pensacola Catholic

DL - Danny Thomas 6-2 230 Sr., Tallahassee Godby

DL - Keyonte Holley 5-11 235 Sr., WauchulaHardeeCounty

LB - Kendall Duckworth 6-0 190 Sr., Naples Lely

LB - Brice Hatcher 6-2 235 Sr., Bushnell South Sumter

LB - Bradley Clement 6-0 220 Jr., Plantation American Heritage

DB - Rayshad Lewis 5-9 165 Jr., Orlando Bishop Moore

DB - Deonta Fair 6-0 180 Sr., Plantation American Heritage

DB - Jaymon Thomas 6-2 180 Sr., Immokalee

DB - Trevor Duke 5-10 185 Sr., New Port Richey River Ridge

UT - Jonte Boston 5-10 175 Sr., Jacksonville Ribault

P  - Louis Zervos 5-9 150 Sr., Tarpon Springs



QB Cody Saunders 6-2 192 Jr., Panama City Arnold; QB Adarius Purifoy 6-1 180 Jr., Pensacola West Florida; QB Jackson Bradley 6-2 190 Sr., Jacksonville Bishop Kenny; RB Raekwon Webb 5-9 175 Jr., Panama City Bay; RB Malik Davis 5-11 180 So., Tampa Jesuit; RB Willie Brown 5-10 180 Sr., Mount Dora; RB Marcus Williams 5-9 175 Sr., Orlando Bishop Moore; RB Todd Sims 6-0 180 Sr., Riverview Spoto; RB Artavis Pierce 5-10 200 Jr., Auburndale; RB Ezekiel Thomas 6-0 190 Sr.,  Tavares; WR Leroy Henley 6-1 185 So., Fort Lauderdale Cardinal Gibbons; WR Antwain Adams 6-2 170 Sr., Pensacola Catholic; TE Archibald Bowman 6-4 230 Sr. Dade City Pasco; OL Kekoa Haina-Scott 6-2 260 Sr., Panama City Bay; OL Kyle Weaver 6-3 330 Jr., Crawfordville Wakulla; OL C.J. Riddell 6-2 285 Sr., Orlando Bishop Moore; OL Bailey Herring 6-3 270 Jr., Merritt Island; UT Jack Reed 5-9 175 Sr., Citra North Marion; QB Keshaun Peters 6-1 205 Sr., New Port Richey Gulf; UT Amari DuBose 5-9 155 Jr. Jacksonville Westside; UT Mitch Wilcox 6-5 230 Sr., Tarpon Springs; LB Chris Sakomoto 6-0 215 Sr., Green Cove Springs Clay; LB Nick Mosco 5-10 210 So., Tampa Jesuit; LB Wilbur Cooper 5-11 215 Sr., Auburndale; LB Zac Lackman 6-1 210 Jr., Cape Coral Island Coast.