Recruiting commitment list: Where the 2016 recruits in Dade, Broward are going

With less than a week to go before National Signing Day there are 87 seniors from Miami-Dade and Broward County committed to play at Football Bowl Subdivision schools.

There will be more come Wednesday when athletes across the nation sign National Letters of Intent and make it official. 

But for now, here is a list of local standouts and where they are committed to go by their respective FBS conference and school.


ACC: 16 (UM 6, Syracuse 4, FSU 3, North Carolina 1, N.C. State 1, Duke 1) 
Big Ten: 15 (Michigan 5, Ohio State 2, Illinois 2, Wisconsin 2, Maryland 2, Purdue 1, Nebraska 1)
Conference USA: 12 (FIU 5, FAU 5, Western Kentucky 1, Kent State 1)
SEC: 9 (Florida 4, Vanderbilt 1, Tennessee 1, Georgia 1, Arkansas 1, South Carolina 1)
MAC: 9 (Toledo 5, UMass 1, Akron 1, Bowling Green 1, Northern Illinois 1)
Pac 12: 8 (Utah 4, Oregon State 2, Colorado 2)
American: 7 (UCF 3, Navy 2, USF 1, Tulane 1)
Independents: 4 (Army 3, Notre Dame 1)
Mountain West: 4 (Air Force 2, Nevada 1, Colorado State 1)
Big 12: 3 (Iowa State 2, Kansas 1)


University of Miami (6)
Sam Bruce, WR, St. Thomas Aquinas, 5-8, 180 (Miami) 4-star
Dionte Mullins, WR, Gulliver Prep, 5-10 1/2 (Miami) 4-star
Joseph Jackson, DE, Gulliver Prep, 6-5, 245 (Miami) 4-star
Malek Young, CB, Coconut Creek, 5-9 1/2, 182 (Miami) 3-star
Cedrick Wright, S, Gulliver Prep, 5-9, 180 (Miami) 3-star
Michael Irvin II, TE, St. Thomas Aquinas, 6-3, 220 (Miami) 3-star

FIU (5)
Donavan Thompson, OLB, Miami Central, 5-10, 211 (FIU) 3-star
Anthony Gaiter IV, WR, Westminster Christian, 5-10, 160 (FIU) 3-star
Jose Borregales, K, Booker T. Washington, 5-11, 180 (FIU) 3-star
Shakur Cooper, LB, Coral Gables, 6-0, 200 (FIU) 2-star
Darrius Scott, WR, Booker T. Washington, 5-10, 175 (FIU) 2-star

FAU (5)
Korel Smith, CB, Miramar, 5-10, 173 (FAU) 3-star
John Raine, TE, Westminster Christian, 6-3, 235 (FAU) 2-star
Bradley Clement, LB, American Heritage, 5-10, 227 (FAU) 2-star
James Charles, RB, St. Thomas Aquinas, 5-9, 190 (FAU) 2-star
Robbie Stewart, DL, Westminster Christian, 6-4, 245 (FAU)

Michigan (5)
Devin Bush Jr., LB, Flanagan, 5-11, 226 (Michigan) 4-star
Nick Eubanks, TE, American Heritage, 6-6, 230 (Michigan) 3-star
Joshua Uche, DE, Columbus, 6-2, 212 (Michigan) 3-star
Josh Metellus, S, Flanagan, 6-0, 187 (Michigan) 3-star
Devin Gil, S, Flanagan, 6-1, 205 (Michigan) 3-star

Toledo (5)
Neru N'Shaka, WR, Hallandale, 5-10, 180 (Toledo) 3-star
Calvin Jackson, WR, Coral Springs Charter, 5-9, 160 (Toledo) 3-star
Desmond Phillips, ATH, Jackson, 5-11, 170 (Toledo) 3-star
Jamal Hudson, S, Miami Central, 6-0, 185 (Toledo) 2-star
David Hood, DT, Carol City, 6-1, 265 (Toledo) 2-star

Florida (4)
Joshua Hammond, WR, Hallandale, 6-0 1/2, 180 (Florida) 4-star
Vosean Joseph, OLB, Norland, 6-2, 210 (Florida) 3-star
Aaron Robinson, CB, Deerfield Beach, 6-1, 178 (Florida) 3-star
Christopher McWilliams, CB, Southwest, 5-11, 164 (Florida) 3-star

Syracuse (4)
Jaquwan Nelson, DE, Fort Lauderdale, 6-4, 230 (Syracuse) 3-star
Kenneth Ruff, ILB, Dillard, 6-1, 240 (Syracuse) 3-star 
Rashad Smith, LB, Homestead, 6-2, 184 (Syracuse) 3-star
McKinley Williams, DT, Dillard, 6-5, 255 (Syracuse)

UCF (4)
Dontay Mayfield, WR, Gulliver Prep, 6-1, 180 (UCF) 3-star
Boman Swanson, OT, South Dade, 6-4, 260 (UCF) 3-star
Jawon Hamilton, RB, South Dade, 5-9, 185 (UCF) 3-star
Bryon Brown, CB, Norland, 6-1, 166 (UCF) 3-star

Utah (4)
Tyler Huntley, QB, Hallandale, 6-2, 200 (Utah) 3-star
Demari Simpkins, WR, Hallandale, 6-0, 176 (Utah) 3-star
Zack Moss, RB, Hallandale, 5-10, 205 (Utah) 3-star
Devontae Henry-Cole, RB, St. Thomas Aquinas, 5-9, 190 (Utah) 3-star

Army (3)
Christian Gomez, LB, Cypress Bay, 6-1, 205 (Army) 3-star
Justin Thomas, S, Chaminade-Madonna, 6-2, 180 (Army) 2-star
Javhari Bourdeau, CB, Flanagan, 5-10, 175 (Army) 2-star

Florida State (3)
Jamel Cook, ATH, Miami Central, 6-4, 190 (Florida State) 4-star
Amir Rasul, RB, Coral Gables, 5-10, 200 (Florida State) 4-star
Emmett Rice, OLB, Norland, 6-3, 195 (Florida State) 3-star

Colorado (2)
Johnny Huntley, WR, South Plantation, 6-3, 207 (Colorado) 3-star
Anthony Julmisse, RB, South Plantation, 6-1, 186 (Colorado) 3-star

Illinois (2)
Dominic Thieman, WR, St. Thomas Aquinas, 6-3, 184 (Illinois) 3-star
James McCourt, K, St. Thomas Aquinas, 6-1, 185 (Illinois) 3-star

Iowa State (2)
Romelo Webster, S, Hallandale, 5-11, 178 (Iowa State) 3-star
Keenan Forbes, OL, Everglades, 6-3, 310 (Iowa State) 2-star

Maryland (2)
Elijah Daniels, S, Cardinal Gibbons, 5-11, 187 (Maryland) 3-star
Elisha Daniels, CB, Cardinal Gibbons, 6-0, 180 (Maryland) 3-star

Navy (2)
Gregori McCrae, RB, Miramar, 5-10, 173 (Navy) 3-star
Dawun Hylton, CB, American, 6-0, 175 (Navy) 3-star

Ohio State (2)
Nick Bosa, DE, St. Thomas Aquinas, 6-4, 265 (Ohio State) 5-star
Binjimen Victor, WR, Coconut Creek, 6-3 3/4, 177 (Ohio State) 4-star

Oregon State (2)
Kenny Turnier, DE, Miami Central, 6-4, 230 (Oregon State) 3-star
Shemar Smith, OLB, Jackson, 6-1, 210 (Oregon State) 3-star

Wisconsin (2)
Dontye Carriere-Williams, CB, St. Thomas Aquinas, 5-11, 185 (Wisconsin) 3-star
Dallas Jeanty, ILB, Fort Lauderdale, 6-0, 220 (Wisconsin) 3-star

Air Force (2)
Corey Lane, RB, Northwestern, 5-9, 175 (Air Force) 2-star
Isaiah Sampson, CB, Cypress Bay, 5-8, 172 (Air Force)

Akron (1)
Kato Nelson, QB, Flanagan, 6-0, 175 (Akron) 3-star

Arkansas (1)
Alexy Jean-Baptiste, OLB, Coconut Creek, 6-3, 205 (Arkansas) 3-star

Bowling Green (1)
Shemar Jean-Charles, CB, Miramar, 5-10, 165 (Bowling Green) 3-star

Colorado State (1)
James Sutton, LB, Westminster Christian, 6-0, 211 (Colorado State) 2-star

Duke (1)
Terrell Lucas, DE, Miramar, 6-3, 224 (Duke) 3-star

Kansas (1)
Khalil Herbert, RB, American Heritage, 5-10, 195 (Kansas) 3-star

Georgia (1)
Riley Ridley, WR, Deerfield Beach, 6-1 1/2, 198 (Georgia) 4-star

Kent State (1)
Kion Holder, S, Norland, 5-11, 185 (Kent State) 2-star

Nevada (1)
Jaxson Kincaide, RB, St. Thomas Aquinas, 5-8, 185 (Nevada) 3-star

Northern Illinois (1)
Andrew Parchment, WR, Cypress Bay, 6-3, 180 (Northern Illinois) 3-star

N.C. State (1)
C.J. Riley, WR, North Broward Prep, 6-4, 180 (N.C. State) 3-star

Nebraska (1)
DiCaprio Bootle, CB, Southridge, 5-11, 175 (Nebraska) 3-star

North Carolina (1)
James Pierre, S, Deerfield Beach, 6-1 1/2, 174 (North Carolina) 3-star

Notre Dame (1)
Deon McIntosh, RB, Cardinal Gibbons, 5-11, 175 (Notre Dame) 3-star

Purdue (1)
Brandon Shuman, CB, Gulliver Prep, 5-11, 167 (Purdue) 3-star

South Carolina (1)
Keir Thomas, DE, Miami Central, 6-2, 249 (South Carolina) 3-star

Tennessee (1)
Brandon Johnson, WR, American Heritage, 6-3, 175 (Tennessee) 3-star

Tulane (1)
Obinna Nwankwo, OL, Miramar, 6-3, 260 (Tulane) 3-star

UMass (1)
Antione Webster, S, American, 6-0, 185 (UMass) 3-star

USF (1)
Darnell Salomon, WR, Miami Central, 6-3, 210 (USF) 4-star

Vanderbilt (1)
Frank Coppet, CB, St. Thomas Aquinas, 5-10, 177 (Vanderbilt) 3-star

Western Kentucky (1)
Chris Cotto, Hallandale, WR, 5-11, 180 (Western Kentucky) 3-star

** NOTE: Star rankings are based on 247Sports Composite rankings, which combine all of the major recruiting services ratings into one. 

February 02, 2016

Central DB Jamal Hudson flips from Toledo to Air Force

Life, education and football.

Those are the three major reasons Miami Central defensive back Jamal Hudson gave for flipping his commitment Monday night from Toledo to Air Force.

He expands: "More benefits as far as pursuing my dreams with my degree and football dreams to play in the NFL... Feels like home and a great atmosphere from the fan base. They are a big powerhouse playing great Division-I football."

Hudson was a key contributor to a stellar Central Rockets defense that won a fourth consecutive Class 6A state championship this fall.

January 30, 2016

Jon Ford breaks down UM commitment

Jon Ford
Photo provided by Ford

Dillard four-star defensive end Jon Ford bolstered UM's 2017 recruiting class with a commitment Saturday afternoon.

Ford announced the news on Twitter with a pretty cool Photoshop job of him gracing an ESPN the Magazine cover.

On the timing of the commitment, Ford told me he felt he "had to jump on the boat early. Miami is rebuilding."

Ford added that he thinks the Hurricanes can develop into national champions.

With a full year to go before his Signing Day, Ford is pretty certain he'll stick with the Canes all the way through.

"For right now, yes," he said when asked if his decision is final.

Ford took a liking to the new coaching staff, especially head coach Mark Richt.

"He keeps it real and is a great man," Ford said. "I will love to play for him one day."

He also liked what he heard from defensive coordinator Manny Diaz and defensive line coach Craig Kuligowski.

"Back to the basics -- getting to the quarterback as soon as possible," he says of the defense they tell him they're trying to run. "They don't believe in waiting. They want to execute now. They like aggressive playing -- no sitting on the line reading."

The Hurricanes now have 11 commitments in a 2017 class that currently ranks third nationally, according to 247

Here's the junior highlight reel for the U's newest commit.

January 29, 2016

Dade/Broward decisions to keep an eye on as National Signing Day approaches

Here are some quick hits on the top scenarios to follow as we wind down on the end of the 2016 recruiting cycle. These prospects are either undecided or are committed but have other schools giving them something to think about before National Signing Day.

Brian Burns, American Heritage 5-star DE: The blue-chip prospect, Army All-American and No. 2 overall senior in Broward County (behind Nick Bosa), according to the Miami Herald, will choose between UF, FSU, Georgia and Alabama. FSU is getting the final visit as Burns has seen all four campuses since the recruiting dead period ended (Jan. 15).

Trayvon Mullen, Coconut Creek 4-star CB: The ultra-talented Army All-American from the #CreekBoyz has a final five of FSU, LSU, Clemson, TCU and Louisville. The first three of the five have consistently been atop his list of college choices. He has taken all his visits and will make his decision live on ESPNU at 8:45 a.m. on National Signing Day.

Keyshawn "Pie" Young, Miami High 3-star WR: It's been reported that Louisville, USC and Michigan are Pie's final three heading into Signing Day. The Wolverines have been a favorite of Dade's No. 6-ranked senior for some time now.

Dredrick Snelson, Flanagan 3-star WR: The Under Armour All-American who has won four state championships at three different schools has been a Minnesota commit since before the season, but it's a soft commitment. Snelson will check out Penn State this final weekend and also went to UCF on Jan. 15. 

Rashad Weaver, Cooper City 3-star DE: After getting dropped from Jim Harbaugh's class with Michigan within a week and a half of Signing Day, Weaver has spent the week receiving a whirlwind of recruiting interest and offers. He is taking visits to Pittsburgh and Penn State and has already been to USF and Temple.

Zack Moss, Hallandale 3-star RB: A Utah commit who took his Utes visit the weekend of Jan. 22 takes a trip to Tennessee the weekend before Signing Day. The one-time Hurricane commit will determine if it's enough to sway him from Utah, where Hallandale teammates Tyler Huntley and Demari Simpkins are already enrolled.

Vosean Joseph, Norland 3-star OLB: A UF commit, the Gators got his final official visit (Jan. 22) before he went to Texas for the USA vs. Canada Independence Bowl and Alabama had him grace its campus the previous weekend. He hasn't made his decision final but feels he's likely to stick to his UF commitment when he revisits his recruitment upon his return to Miami on Monday.

CJ McWilliams, Southwest 3-star DB: Another UF commit, he has UM on him heavy, and according to coach Tim Neal, the Jan. 22 visit -- which he took to UM because he had to cancel plans to check out UNC with the snow storm in the Mid-Atlantic -- is giving McWilliams something to think about with regards to potentially staying home with the Hurricanes. The Gators will try to convince him not to back off his May pledge, hosting him on campus the final weekend before Signing Day.

Aaron Thompson, Dillard 3-star DT: He recently committed to Maryland, but South Carolina will get one final shot at swaying him with a weekend visit.

Eric Mitchell, Miami Central 3-star DE/OLB: Recently listed his top three as Louisville, UCF and Colorado to the Miami Herald.

Jerron Rollins, Columbus 3-star WR: Without having taken any other visit, Cincinnati will get a look from the tall, talented Explorers receiver the final weekend before Signing Day. The Bearcats are the favorites to land him over Washington State, Middle Tennessee, FAU and Syracuse if all goes well on the trip.

Freddie Pinder, Southridge 3-star WR: The highly-touted prospect may not sign anywhere on Signing Day and go the junior college route instead. We will see as Wednesday approaches.

Montray Smith, Carol City 3-star WR: The 6-4 Carol City receiver is on a Southern Illinois visit over the weekend.

Jamal Smith, American 3-star DE: Since committing and then decommitting from UCF, Smith says USF and Youngstown State are his top choices. He says he's considering many more schools, so look out for another team to pop up. Pitt was a school he was high on during the season.

Jahcour Pearson, Flanagan 3-star WR: The speedster who had a monster state championship game is choosing between Western Kentucky and Northern Illinois and will announce on Monday.

Harvey Clayton, Coral Reef 3-star DB: Doing a Middle Tennessee State and Illinois combined visit final weekend before Signing Day. Louisville, FIU and Temple also in the mix for former Louisville commit.

Antione Webster, American 3-star DB: Webster is waiting to announce on Signing Day. Massachusetts is a school that's been trending in the recruitment of the long, athletic DB. His other finalists are unknown.

Keelen Roberts, Carol City 3-star DB: Will be visiting Northern Illinois this weekend and is also trying to squeeze in an FIU visit.

Val Mayes, Norland 3-star DB: Likely not to sign on Signing Day as he looks to up his ACT score on Feb. 6. Upon receiving his results, he hopes to follow up on interest from N.C. State, Mississippi State and Illinois.

Ivan Smith, South Dade 2-star RB: Visiting Northern Illinois over the weekend and may commit.

Keldrick Cesar, Edison 3-star OL: Previously had received offers from schools like USF, FIU, Syracuse, Middle Tennessee State and Samford, as well as interest from UM and UF, but he may now be signing with Bethune-Cookman.

Bryce Handy, Gulliver 3-star LB: Will be choosing between Eastern Illinois and UT-Martin. Eastern Kentucky may be making a late push.

Jordan Robinson, Norland 2-star WR: The tall, athletic under-the-radar receiver for the Vikings went to NIU for the weekend after the Huskies went in-home with him earlier in the week.

Deion Jackson, *former* Hallandale 3-star CB: The great unknown. Before the end of the season, Jackson swiftly moved to Jacksonville citing personal reasons and never really said goodbye to anybody at Hallandale. A report since has said he enrolled at Mandarin High while in Jacksonville and was looking to come back to South Florida at South Broward, but South Broward coach Devon Georgia has not heard of such a transpiration. Jackson is no longer on UM commitment lists and we have no idea where he is.

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January 25, 2016

Sam Bruce staying home

Bruce Richt
Fort Lauderdale St. Thomas Aquinas four-star wide receiver Sam Bruce has been committed to the Miami Hurricanes for the past 18 and a half months.

But all that matters is the school he signs with on National Signing Day in nine days. On Monday, Bruce reaffirmed one final time that it would indeed be UM on the Tony Sands Show on BBS Radio.

“The next three-four years, I will be playing football at the University of Miami,” Bruce said on the radio show Monday night.

The explosive and agile 5-8 receiver, who began receiving FBS scholarship offers his freshman season, stuck with the Hurricanes despite growing chatter that he would go elsewhere after the firing of former coach Al Golden and dismissal of wide receivers coach Kevin Beard.

“Who doesn’t want to play [at] home, man? I’m playing in front of my people, playing in front of my city,” Bruce said. “I’ve been playing here forever, and I don’t want to take that away from my people.

“I want to play in front of my fans that have been my fans since the beginning.”

Bruce came to his final decision on Sunday night after a discussion with his family upon returning from his official visit to UM.

“I just felt at home,” he said of the visit.

His mother Tracye Wilkerson, who has been known to play a major role in helping Bruce decide, joined the radio show moments before Bruce for an interview.

Bruce’s other finalists were Ohio State and South Carolina. He visited the Buckeyes in October and the Gamecocks on Jan. 15.

Bruce was also previously considering the Florida Gators but eliminated them when he scratched his visit scheduled for the past weekend and replaced it with the decisive trip to Coral Gables, which he moved up from its original Jan. 29 date.

Bruce won’t get to play for the wide receivers coach he dreamed he would end up with throughout the recruiting process, but he was able to grow at peace with that reality over time.

“Of course it affected me, knowing that if I chose Miami that I wouldn’t be able to be coached by Kevin Beard,” Bruce said. “I just had to sit down with my family and do all the praying about it and come to a decision.”

Bruce had previously said UM's decision on Beard would "make a factor."

"There's no guarantee that I would leave the University of Miami, but it'll be something to definitely think about," he said after the Under Armour All-America game on Jan. 2 before a final decision had been made on Beard. UM has since hired former USF wide receivers coach Ron Dugans.

Beard was known to be close to Bruce as a long-time mentor. He coached him at Davie University School, where Bruce played as a freshman and sophomore before transferring to Aquinas.

Bruce had 46 receptions for 427 yards and four receiving touchdowns plus three more rushing touchdowns as a senior on Class 7A state champion St. Thomas Aquinas.

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Syracuse making an imprint on recruiting South Florida

It's no secret Syracuse is trying to make its impression recruiting South Florida.

It certainly has, and the Orange's efforts were truly solidified over the weekend.

Syracuse got three commitments from South Florida football prospects with Dillard defensive lineman McKinley Williams, Fort Lauderdale defensive end Jaquwan Nelson (a former UM commit) and Homestead safety/linebacker Rashad Smith.

This adds to a 2016 class that already had a commitment from Dillard linebacker Kenneth Ruff. The Orange have three more senior commits outside of Dade and Broward in the state of Florida.

Syracuse has been hot overall in recruiting lately as eight of its 21 current commitments came over the weekend and 12 since the new year.

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January 23, 2016

Jaxson Kincaide commits to Nevada

St. Thomas Aquinas running back Jaxson Kincaide had a tremendous senior season culminate in a college decision on Saturday night.

After leading the Class 7A state champion Raiders with 1,285 rushing yards and 12 touchdowns, Kincaide (5-9, 185 pounds), a three-star prospect according to 247 Sports, committed to Nevada.

"The program is headed in the right direction with a great head coach [Brian Polian] leading the way," Kincaide told the Miami Herald. "Two backs went over 1,000 yards last year and I feel like I can come in and make a huge impact on the team."

With Kincaide Nevada bound and fellow St. Thomas running backs Devonta'e Henry-Cole and James Charles going to Utah and FAU, respectively, that makes for three senior running backs from Aquinas on their way to an FBS program.

The Raiders already have one such back in place for 2017. Junior Mike Epstein is currently committed to Illinois.

January 22, 2016

South Dade's James Wiggins decommits from UM

James Wiggins AD
James Wiggins at Miami Herald All-Dade photo shoot. JUSTIN AZPIAZU

South Dade defensive back James Wiggins announced his intention to decommit from the University of Miami on Friday.

It comes as little surprise as new Hurricanes coach Mark Richt and his staff were not actively recruiting Wiggins.

"The new coaching staff -- they haven't been on me that much," Wiggins said. "Last time I spoke to them was two or three weeks ago with Mike Rumph.

"He talked about his background, how he was in high school, college, pros, how UM is becoming better. That was great to hear, but since then I haven't heard from them."

Wiggins, a three-star prospect who was named first team All-Dade by the Miami Herald and third team All-State in Class 8A by the AP, received an Illinois offer Thursday and will try to visit the Fighting Illini over the weekend. The Canes were going to get that weekend visit, but without hearing from them, Wiggins had to look elsewhere.

Wiggins is also considering Cincinnati, which he visited Jan. 15, Temple, Purdue and USF.

What is Wiggins looking for in a school?

"Just to get my education, be a part of a good program, try to make it to the [National Football] League, and if I don't, let my degree take me where it takes me," he says

Wiggins' decommitment follows the same narrative to that of high school teammate and running back Jawon Hamilton, who within the month backed off his pledge to the Canes and then committed to UCF for similar reasons.

January 21, 2016

Southwest DB and UF commit CJ McWilliams replaces UNC visit with UM

CJ McWilliams
CJ McWilliams (a.k.a. Calle 8)

With severe winter weather hitting the mid-Atlantic, Southwest Miami defensive back CJ McWilliams had to cancel his visit to UNC this weekend.

Instead, the three-star UF commit will take a much shorter, warmer trip to Coral Gables and the University of Miami.

At UM, McWilliams wants to get to know the new coaching staff a little better.

"I just want to see how the environment is with them, and I want to be comfortable," McWilliams says. "[New cornerbacks coach Mike Rumph says] he sees that I can be a top corner for them. I can help them out, especially on special teams too."

Rumph and defensive coordinator Manny Diaz went in-home with McWilliams earlier this week.

"They were just hoping that they still have a shot at me," McWilliams says. "After the talk went well, they said they're just looking to change the program to the way the U was before, so I'm looking forward to it and you know UM is close to home."

UNC, UF and USF all visited McWilliams at home as well within the week.

About UNC: "I've never really been outside of Florida, so I wanted to see how it is over there -- and the education too."

What keeps McWilliams committed to the Gators which he first pledged to in May?

"The coaches -- our relationship is real close, it's tight. They've always been recruiting me till the end," he says.

McWilliams is still trying to fit a UNC visit in -- possibly midweek. Had the weather in North Carolina not kept him away this weekend, he would've taken an official to UM in the midweek between UNC and UF visits.

The Gators will get him the final weekend before National Signing Day. Last weekend, McWilliams took his USF official.

"They're really welcoming me, and they're giving me a lot of love," McWilliams says of the Bulls.

As far as what kind of chance any of the other schools has in flipping McWilliams, he says, "Won't know until Signing Day."

Stay tuned.

January 20, 2016

Tennessee visit to give UM commit Tyler Byrd something to think about

UM got its commitment from Naples four-star cornerback Tyler Byrd on Feb. 3, 2015. Whether the Hurricanes officially bring him in will be known exactly a year later -- National Signing Day 2016.

Byrd, a strong Canes commit for virtually the past year, says he will at least have something to think about when he visits Tennessee on Jan. 29.

"[I have] never visited, so it will be something to pray about and ask for the right guidance," Byrd says.

With Naples teammate and four-star running back Carlin Fils-Aime committed to the Volunteers, the thought of continuing to play with Fils-Aime in college remains in Byrd's mind.

The two have lived together since eighth grade, and if they were to remain together, it could only really happen at Tennessee as Byrd says the new UM staff isn't recruiting Fils-Aime, who committed to the Volunteers on July 30.

Byrd had new UM cornerbacks coach Mike Rumph swing by Naples High on Wednesday and will take his official visit to Coral Gables over the weekend. He says he is definitely taking the Tennessee trip the following weekend and won't change his mind.

January 18, 2016

Binjimen Victor commits to Ohio State

Binjimen Victor
Coconut Creek four-star wide receiver Binjimen Victor announced where he will be playing his college football on Monday.

The ultra-talented 6-4 standout chose Ohio State with this post on Twitter.

Victor went with the Buckeyes over West Virginia and Tennessee -- two other schools he visited officially with the Vols visit coming over the past weekend.

With Victor announcing his commitment and defensive back teammate Malek Young announcing his to the Miami Hurricanes on Friday, the final piece to the trifecta of Coconut Creek U.S. Army All-Americans (four-star cornerback Trayvon Mullen) let it be known his decision is coming down to Signing Day.

Also cool: This picture that Ohio State wide receiver Michael Thomas, who has declared for the NFL Draft, tweeted out handing down the Buckeyes helmet to Victor.

It was reminiscent of what the Bosa brothers (Joey and Nick) did in July when Nick, the five-star St. Thomas Aquinas defensive end, announced his commitment to Ohio State.

Here's just a glimpse at what Victor is capable of in one-on-one coverage in this slow motion video taken earlier this season in Coconut Creek's win against Stranahan.