September 07, 2016

Florida High School Football rankings - week 3

The Associated Press Top 10 Florida high school football poll, with first-place votes in parentheses, records, rating points and previous rankings:

Class 8A


 1. Apopka (13)                      ‡2-0•••‡130‡1••‡

 2. Kissimmee Osceola                ‡2-0•••‡112‡3••‡

 3. Southridge                 ‡1-0•••‡106‡4••‡

 4. Atlantic Community               ‡2-0•••‡88•‡5••‡

 5. Flanagan                 ‡1-1•••‡58•‡6••‡

 6. University (Orange City)         ‡2-0•••‡56•‡7••‡

 7. Dr. Phillips                     ‡2-0•••‡45•‡9••‡

 8. Columbus 1-1•••‡44•‡2••‡

 9. Vero Beach                       ‡2-0•••‡30•‡10•‡

10. Deerfield Beach                  ‡0-1•••‡24•‡8••‡

Others receiving votes: Sandalwood 6, Mandarin 4, Coral Gables 4, Lake Brantley 3, Manatee 3, Sanford Seminole 1, Boca Raton Community 1.

Class 7A


 1. Lakeland (7)              ‡2-0•••‡118‡1••‡

 2. St. Thomas Aquinas (6)    ‡1-1•••‡117‡2••‡

 3. Braden River              ‡1-0•••‡98•‡3••‡

 4. Dwyer                     ‡1-0•••‡91•‡4••‡

 5. Plant                     ‡1-0•••‡86•‡5••‡

 6. Venice                    ‡1-0•••‡62•‡7••‡

 7. Bartram Trail             ‡1-1•••‡32•‡8••‡

 7. Buchholz                ‡1-0•••‡32•‡10•‡

 9. Columbia                  ‡1-1•••‡27•‡6••‡

10. Viera                     ‡1-1•••‡16•‡9••‡

Others receiving votes: Tampa Bay Tech 13, Winter Haven 11, McArthur 7, Palm Beach Lakes 5.

Class 6A


 1. Miami Central (13)    ‡2-0•••‡130‡1••‡

 2. Armwood               ‡1-0•••‡112‡2••‡

 3. Mainland              ‡2-0•••‡104‡3••‡

 4. Ocala Vanguard        ‡1-0•••‡84•‡4••‡

 5. Naples                ‡2-0•••‡68•‡6••‡

 6. Northwestern    ‡2-0•••‡66•‡10•‡

 7. Pine Forest           ‡2-0•••‡63•‡5••‡

 8. Navarre               ‡2-0•••‡36•‡T7•‡

 9. Boyd Anderson         ‡1-0•••‡30•‡9••‡

10. Niceville             ‡2-0•••‡9••‡NR•‡

Others receiving votes: Lake Gibson 5, Carol City 3, Heritage 2, Matanzas 1, Port Charlotte 1, Tate 1.

Class 5A


 1. Plantation American Heritage (11)    ‡2-0••••128‡1••‡

 2. Jesuit                               ‡1-0••••112‡2••‡

 3. Bishop Moore (2)                     ‡2-0••••110‡3••‡

 4. Wakulla                              ‡1-0••••86•‡4••‡

 5. North Marion                         ‡1-0••••80•‡5••‡

 6. Ponte Vedra                          ‡1-0••••66•‡6••‡

 7. Palm Bay                             ‡2-0••••44•‡10•‡

 8. Clay                                 ‡1-1••••34•‡8••‡

 9. Dunbar                               ‡2-0••••19•‡NR•‡

10. Hallandale                           ‡1-1••••16•‡7••‡

Others receiving votes: West Florida 7, Rickards 5, Cardinal Gibbons 4, Merritt Island 2, Baker County 1, Ribault 1.

Class 4A


 1. Miami Washington (13)    ‡2-0•••‡130‡1••‡

 2. Cocoa                    ‡1-1•••‡113‡2••‡

 3. Bolles School            ‡1-0•••‡106‡3••‡

 4. Dunnellon                ‡1-0•••‡83•‡4••‡

 5. Raines                   ‡1-0•••‡63•‡5••‡

Others receiving votes: Glades Central 13, Jones 6, Clewiston 6.

Class 3A


 1. Trinity Christian-Jacksonville (11)    ‡1-1•••‡118‡1••‡

 2. Clearwater Central Catholic (1)        ‡2-0•••‡107‡2••‡

 3. Oxbridge Academy                       ‡2-0•••‡87•‡4••‡

 4. Tampa Catholic                         ‡0-0•••‡75•‡3••‡

 5. Chaminade-Madonna College Prep         ‡1-0•••‡70•‡5••‡

Others receiving votes: Lakeland Christian 23.

Class 2A


 1. University Christian (12)    ‡1-0•••‡120‡1••‡

 2. Cambridge Christian          ‡2-0•••‡108‡2••‡

 3. North Florida Christian      ‡1-0•••‡94•‡3••‡

 4. Victory Christian            ‡1-0•••‡68•‡4••‡

 5. Northside Christian          ‡2-0•••‡45•‡NR•‡

Others receiving votes: Champagnat Catholic 32, Admiral Farragut 7, Community School of Naples 6.

Class 1A


 1. Madison County (12)    ‡1-0•••‡128‡1••‡

 2. Port St. Joe (1)       ‡1-0•••‡112‡2••‡

 3. Pahokee                ‡2-0•••‡107‡3••‡

 4. Trenton                ‡1-1•••‡79•‡4••‡

 5. Union County           ‡1-0•••‡57•‡5••‡

Others receiving votes: South Walton 25, Fort Meade 6, Fort White 6.

August 30, 2016

AP Florida Football State rankings - week 2

The Associated Press Top 10 Florida high school football poll, with first-place votes in parentheses, records, rating points and previous rankings:

Class 8A

                                     Record ....Pts.....Previous rank

 1. Apopka (15)                    1-0....150....1

 2. Columbus                        1-0•••121....3

 3. Kissimmee Osceola            1-0•••110...6

 4. Miami Southridge              1-0•••108....5

 5. Atlantic Community           1-0•••66...7

 6.  Flanagan                       0-1•••51...2

 7. Deerfield Beach                0-1•••48...4

 8. University (Orange City)       1-0•••42...9

 9. Dr. Phillips                   1-0•••37...10

10. Vero Beach                     1-0••19...NR

Others receiving votes: Mandarin 15, Manatee 15, Coral Gables 14, Miramar 13, Orlando University 7, Sandalwood 4, West Orange 3, Palm Beach Gardens 2.

Class 7A

                                     Record ....Pts.....Previous rank

 1. Lakeland (8)            1-0•••134...2

 2. St. Thomas Aquinas (7)  0-1•••133...1

 3. Braden River            1-0•••122...3

 4. Dwyer                   1-0•••109...4

 5. Plant                   1-0•••82....6

 6. Columbia                1-0•••75..5

 7. Venice                  1-0•••60...7

 8. Bartram Trail           1-0•••43...8

 9. Viera                   1-0•••25....10

10. Buchholz                1-0•••21...9

Others receiving votes: Tampa Bay Tech 8, Palm Beach Lakes 5, Winter Haven 4, McArthur 2, Mater Academy 1, Oakleaf 1. 

Class 6A

                                     Record ....Pts.....Previous rank

 1. Miami Central (15)  1-0•••150...1

 2. Armwood             1-0•••130...2

 3. Mainland            1-0•••123...3

 4. Ocala Vanguard      1-0•••104...5

 5. Pine Forest         1-0•••76...6

 6. Naples              1-0•••75...7

 7. Navarre             1-0•••47...9

 8. Carol City        0-1•••47....4

 9. Boyd Anderson       0-0•••28....T10

10. Miami Northwestern  1-0•••14...NR

Others receiving votes: Niceville 10, Lake Gibson 5, Port Charlotte 5, Tate 3, Heritage 3, Matanzas 3, Charlotte 1, Fort Myers 1.

Class 5A

                                     Record ....Pts.....Previous rank

 1. Plantation American Heritage (13) 1-0•••143...1

 2. Jesuit                            1-0•••134...2

 3. Bishop Moore (2)                  1-0•••124...4

 4. Wakulla                           1-0•••100...5

 5. North Marion                      1-0•••85...6

 6. Ponte Vedra                       1-0•••66...8

 7. Hallandale                        1-0•••52...NR

 8. Clay                              0-1•••40...3

 9. West Florida                      1-0•••33...NR

10. Palm Bay                          1-0•••20...NR

Others receiving votes: Rickards 11, Dunbar 11, Miami Jackson 3, Ribault 1, Suwannee 1, Jefferson 1.

Class 4A

                                     Record ....Pts.....Previous rank

 1. Miami Washington (15)  1-0•••150....1

 2. Cocoa                  1-0•••131...3

 3. Bolles School         1-0•••122...2

 4. Dunnellon             1-0•••94...4

 5. Raines                 1-0•••70...5

Others receiving votes: Glades Central 21, Clewiston 12.

Class 3A

                                     Record ....Pts.....Previous rank

 1. Trinity Christian-Jacksonville (10) 0-1•••142....1

 2. Clearwater Central Catholic (4)    1-0•••134...3

 3. Tampa Catholic                      0-0•••90...4

 4. Oxbridge Academy (1)                1-0•••76...NR

 5. Chaminade-Madonna       0-0•••60...5

Others receiving votes: Lakeland Christian 52, Delray American Heritage 46.

Class 2A

                                     Record ....Pts.....Previous rank

 1. University Christian (15)   1-0•••150...1

 2. Cambridge Christian         1-0•••135...2

 3. North Florida Christian     1-0•••119...5

 4. Victory Christian           1-0•••85...3

 5. Community School of Naples  1-0•••45..NR

Others receiving votes: Champagnat Catholic 32, Northside Christian 27, Admiral Farragut 7.

Class 1A

                                     Record ....Pts.....Previous rank

 1. Madison County (13)  1-0•••138...2

 2. Port St. Joe (1)    1-0•••120...3

 3. Pahokee              1-0•••110...4

 4. Trenton              0-1•••97....1

 5. Union County         1-0•••58...NR

Others receiving votes: South Walton 12, Fort Meade 12, Blountstown 7, Baker School 6.


August 17, 2016

AP High School Football State rankings - Preseason edition

   The Associated Press Top 10 Florida high school football poll, with first-place votes in parentheses, records, rating points and previous rankings:

Class 8A

                                            Record                                             Pts                                             Prv

 1. Apopka (3)                               0-0                                             105                                             --

 2. Flanagan (8)                     0-0                                             102                                             --

 3. Columbus                               0-0                                             78                                             --

 4. Deerfield Beach                          0-0                                             68                                             --

 5. Miami Southridge (1)                     0-0                                             57                                             --

 6. Kissimmee Osceola                        0-0                                             43                                             --

 7. Atlantic Community                       0-0                                             39                                             --

 8. Manatee                                  0-0                                             32                                             --

 9. University (Orange City)                 0-0                                             29                                             --

10. Dr. Phillips                             0-0                                             27                                             --

10. Mandarin                             0-0                                             27                                             --

Others receiving votes: Vero Beach 14, Coral Gables 12, Piper 9, Sandalwood 4, Seminole Ridge 4, South Dade 3, West Orange 3, Miramar 2, Palm Beach Gardens 2.

Class 7A

                                            Record                                             Pts                                             Prv

 1. St. Thomas Aquinas (13)                 0-0                                              130                                             --

 2. Lakeland                                0-0                                              97                                             --

 3. Braden River                            0-0                                              92                                             --

 4. Dwyer                                   0-0                                              83                                             --

 5. Columbia                                0-0                                              66                                             --

 6. Plant                                   0-0                                              58                                             --

 7. Venice                                  0-0                                              54                                             --

 8. Bartram Trail                           0-0                                              35                                             --

 9. Buchholz                                0-0                                              30                                             --

10. Viera                                   0-0                                              27                                             --

Others receiving votes: Mater Academy 14, Plant City 10, Tampa Bay Tech 5, Palm Beach Lakes 3, Chiles 3, Kathleen 3, Lincoln 2, Winter Haven 2, Oakleaf 1. 

Class 6A

                                            Record                                             Pts                                             Prv

 1. Miami Central (13)                      0-0                                              130                                             --

 2. Armwood                                 0-0                                              115                                             --

 3. Mainland                                0-0                                              98                                             --

 4. Miami Carol City                        0-0                                              69                                             --

 5. Ocala Vanguard                          0-0                                              58                                             --

 6. Pine Forest                             0-0                                              42                                             --

6.  Naples                               0-0                                              42                                             --

 8. Fort Myers                              0-0                                              41                                             --

 9. Navarre                                 0-0                                              27                                             --

10. Boyd Anderson                           0-0                                              24                                             --

10. St. Augustine                          0-0                                              24                                             --

Others receiving votes: Niceville 11, Charlotte 7, Port Charlotte 7, Escambia 4, Nease 3, Tate 3, North Fort Myers 2, Lake Gibson 2, Boynton Beach 2, Heritage 1, Matanzas 1, Northwestern 1, Sunlake 1.

Class 5A

                                            Record                                             Pts                                             Prv

 1. Plantation American Heritage (12)       0-0                                              129                                             --

 2. Jesuit                                  0-0                                               117                                             --

 3. Clay                                    0-0                                               94                                             --

 4. Bishop Moore (2)                        0-0                                               93                                             --

 5. Wakulla                                 0-0                                               53                                             --

 6. North Marion                            0-0                                               48                                             --

 7. Rickards                                0-0                                               44                                             --

 8. Ponte Vedra                             0-0                                               42                                             --

 9. Jefferson                               0-0                                               41                                             --

10. Suwannee                                0-0                                               30                                             --

Others receiving votes: West Florida 22, Dunbar 20, Ribault 12, Bishop Kenny 8, Hallandale 7, Palm Bay 6, Pensacola 2, Miami Jackson 1, Godby 1.

Class 4A

                                            Record                                             Pts                                             Prv

 1. Booker T. Washington (13)                   0-0                                               130                                             --

 2. Bolles School                           0-0                                               96                                             --

 3. Cocoa                                   0-0                                               95                                             --

 4. Dunnellon                               0-0                                               71                                             --

 5. Raines                                  0-0                                               68                                             --

Others receiving votes: Glades Central 26, Avon Park 19, Clewiston 9, NSU University School 6.

Class 3A

                                            Record                                             Pts                                             Prv

 1. Trinity Christian-Jacksonville (13)     0-0                                               130                                             --

 2. Delray American Heritage                0-0                                               102                                             --

 3. Clearwater Central Catholic             0-0                                               89                                             --

 4. Tampa Catholic                          0-0                                               86                                             --

 5. Chaminade-Madonna College Prep          0-0                                               54                                             --

Others receiving votes: Lakeland Christian 30, Oxbridge Academy 14, Calvary Christian-Clearwater 9, Holy Trinity Episcopal 6.

Class 2A

                                            Record                                             Pts                                             Prv

 1. University Christian (13)               0-0                                               130                                             --

 2. Cambridge Christian                     0-0                                               116                                             --

 3. Victory Christian                       0-0                                               90                                             --

 4. First Baptist                           0-0                                               74                                             --

 5. North Florida Christian                 0-0                                               35                                             --

Others receiving votes: Community School of Naples 14, Admiral Farragut 7, Champagnat Catholic 7, Foundation Academy 6, Moore Haven 6. 

Class 1A

                                            Record                                             Pts                                             Prv

 1. Trenton (11)                            0-0                                               110                                             --

 2. Madison County (1)                      0-0                                               77                                             --

 3. Port St. Joe                            0-0                                               75                                             --

 4. Pahokee                                 0-0                                               70                                             --

 5. Fort Meade                              0-0                                               57                                             --

Others receiving votes: Fort White 27, Union County 23, Baker School 15, Liberty County 7, South Walton 7, Blountstown 6, Vernon 6.

May 17, 2016

St. Thomas Aquinas soccer star Bella Dorosy named Gatorade Player of the Year

            St. Thomas Aquinas soccer star Bella Dorosy has been named Gatorade’s Florida Player of the Year.

            Dorosy, a 5-foot-6 junior forward scored 37 goals and had 23 assists this past season, leading the Raiders (22-1-1) to the Class 4A state semifinals.

Dorosy, a Florida State University signee with a 3.83 GPA, is a two-time Miami Herald Player of the Year and was a Class 4A first team All-State selection. For her career, Dorosy totaled 84 goals and 47 assists.

Dorosy is a finalist for Gatorade's National Player of the Year award, which will be announced later this month. 

“Bella Dorosy is just a different kind of player,” said David Seevers, head coach of Pace High in Pensacola. “She has all the elements of a great player, and she knows when and how to use those abilities to greatest effect. My defenders simply didn’t have an answer for her.”

April 05, 2016

Samuels promoted to head coach at Flanagan

The successor to Devin Bush at Flanagan has been made official, and the Falcons are staying within the family.

Stanford Samuels Jr., who served as Bush's defensive coordinator for the past three seasons, was promoted to head coach on Tuesday after Bush took a position on the football staff with the University of Michigan.

"Everybody's excited," Flanagan athletic director Al Guzzo said. "[Samuels] is excited and Coach Bush is ecstatic... this is the first branch of the Coach Bush coaching tree.

"They have a lot of similar qualities in terms of coaching style and Coach Samuels is going to bring in his own little dimension of coaching."

Bush, in a message to the Herald, said Samuels "deserves it."

Samuels will be looking to pick up right where the Falcons left off under Bush, winning the Class 8A state title.

"The goal hasn't changed. Since Day One the goal has been to win a state championship," Samuels said. 

Bush and Samuels both played their college ball at Florida State, and the similarities don't end there.

Samuels takes over in a similar situation that Bush was in last season with his son, Stanford Samuels III, a highly-touted four-star senior recruit. Bush went along with son and linebacker Devin Bush Jr. to Michigan, and Samuels isn't ruling out any possibilities in the future.

"The one thing I know for sure is that I'll be coaching," Samuels said. "Outside of that, as to where, I love Flanagan, we built a foundation there, a different atmosphere. We renamed it -- Dirty Bird Nation. With that being said, there's no place like home.

"Being honest, it is a possibility that a college job would come up, but you never can tell with those things. For me, it's just about taking care of this season."

Samuels is going on his seventh consecutive season coaching Samuels III. He coached his son at Flanagan his first three years of high school and the previous three years in optimist play.

While many dubbed Samuels the favorite for the job, Guzzo says that was not the case and he had to beat out other candidates that interviewed.

"We left it wide open. Going in, there was no clear-cut favorite," Guzzo said. "Everybody was on a level plain."

Bush put in a good word for Samuels.

"Coach Bush did a great job of making it evident that I am capable of doing it with the responsibilities he had given me the past three years," Samuels said. "I feel like the work was already put out there. You could already see the type of things I would do as the head guy."

On top of serving as defensive coordinator the past three seasons, Samuels has also dabbled with the offense and special teams at Flanagan, making it clear he was an all-around top candidate being involved in coaching all three phases of the game.

Samuels, who attended Miami Carol City, was quite the defensive back in his playing days. He may be most famous for this hit on Roscoe Parrish in a big rivalry game against the Miami Hurricanes while at FSU.


April 04, 2016

Bandy gets coveted invite to The Opening

Aside from his athleticism and playmaking ability, one thing that separates Columbus four-star cornerback and Oklahoma commit Trajan Bandy from others is his work ethic.

So it's no surprise that when he found out he was invited to The Opening on Sunday night he was actually in the middle of a workout.

When he received the message from Student Sports event coordinator Eugene Jackson breaking the good news, which became official Monday morning, his reaction played even more to that work ethic.

"I was excited for the moment, but I just kept working out and going hard," Bandy said.

Bandy had two interceptions and impressed onlookers at the Miami Opening Regionals at Plantation American Heritage on March 6, even being dubbed the "alpha dog" of those competing in a 247 Sports article. Somehow, though, he was not one of the six to "get open" in announcements immediately following the event.

That all changed on Monday.

"I never doubted myself. I just prayed on it, and I just kept grinding every single day," Bandy says. "I had people doubting me, but I just ignore them."

Now Bandy will get the opportunity to showcase his abilities in the spotlight of probably the greatest collection of high school talent in the nation.

"I just want to go out there and show that I am an elite cornerback and your size (Bandy is 5-9) doesn't matter," he says. "It's about heart and how you got passion for the game."

The Opening will be held July 5-10 at the Nike World Headquarters in Beaverton, Oregon.

March 30, 2016

Canes get commitment Tuesday night ... or not

The world of recruiting never ceases to provide something unforeseen.

On Tuesday night, it appeared the Miami Hurricanes had picked up a commitment in their 2018 recruiting class only to have the player go back on that commitment moments later.

It started with coordinator of on-campus recruiting Jorge Baez and wide receivers coach Ron Dugans announcing an addition to the class.'s Corey Bender reported in a tweet that has since been deleted that the commitment came from Seffner Armwood 6-4 wide receiver Warren Thompson, which was accurate -- only the news changed shortly thereafter.

Thompson later released a statement on Twitter saying he was indeed not committing at this time and apologized for misleading fans with his short-lived commitment.

"I am not committed to the U but I feel as If I rushed my decision but need to think more with family and coaches I'm not committing any time soon," he said in his tweet.

A report on delved deeper into the matter and quoted his mother, Theresa Thompson, saying Warren will wait as he has a lot of time left before he has to decide. Both acknowledged in the report that UM is Warren's top choice, which is evident in how he was ready to commit Tuesday night.

All in all, while fans may have been teased with the thought of a commitment, it's still an encouraging sign that this talented receiver (as you can see in the highlights below) is so high on the Canes early in his recruitment.

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March 22, 2016

Drew White: Notre Dame commitment 'a no-brainer'

There will be no drama next season as to where St. Thomas Aquinas linebacker Drew White is going.

White, who will be a senior in the fall, announced on Monday night on Twitter that he will take his football talents in the next level to Notre Dame. He spoke with the Miami Herald on Tuesday afternoon about the decision at a gathering at the Aquinas gym to announce the football team will travel to Las Vegas to play against defending national champion Bishop Gorman in September.

“When I visited there, it really felt like home,” said White, a 6-1, 225-pound three-star prospect. “The campus was beautiful and I toured all of the facilities. I got to meet with every coach and I just really felt like I would fit in well in every aspect. It was the total package between football and academics it really was a no-brainer.”

White, who will be looking to help the Raiders win a third consecutive state title next fall, said that committing early wasn’t something he felt he necessarily had to do but just felt like he didn’t need to wait any longer because his mind was made up -- as was Notre Dame’s.

“It wasn’t necessarily a thing where I wanted to get it out of the way early but Notre Dame has always been the school I’ve loved since I was a kid,” said White. “I grew up watching them on TV every week so I really didn’t see any reason for me to wait any longer because I knew that was the school I wanted to go to. Now I can start getting to know all the coaches and building relationships early.”

**Make sure to check the Herald's high school sports page later for the full story on Aquinas' announcement on the big game.


March 21, 2016

Notes, quotes and observations from HoopMIA All-Star Game

The top high school senior basketball players in South Florida gathered at SLAM Academy's Little Havana gym for the HoopMIA All-Star Game. Photo: David Furones.

The HoopMIA All-Star Game presented by the Junior Orange Bowl on Sunday at SLAM Academy was a tremendous display of the hoops talent South Florida possesses.

A pair of stacked rosters of high school seniors, headlined by Miami Norland's five-star McDonald's All-American power forward and UM signee Dewan Huell (make sure to also read my full post on him), congregated to put on a show at SLAM's beautiful seventh-floor gym in Little Havana with scenic views of downtown Miami/Brickell through the windows on the east side and a glance at Marlins Park to the west.

The entertaining all-star game, which was preceded by a slam dunk contest and three-point shootout, played two 20-minute halves of high-flying, fast-paced action and even provided some free basketball with the grey and white teams tied at the end of regulation.

In overtime, McArthur's Nate Johnson sank a corner three for the white team to tie it at 133 with 11 seconds remaining. Pines Charter's Matt Johnson was then fouled with 2.3 seconds left and hit the game-winning second free throw for the grey squad. The white team could just throw up a halfcourt shot that missed at the buzzer and grey won 134-133.

Miami Central's Anthony Wilson sent it into overtime with a basket with 30 seconds remaining in regulation while Mater Academy point guard Dylan Frye held for the last shot and missed on a three.

Frye won the MVP for the winning grey team while PJ Hall of Coral Gables took the award for the white team.

As I watched Frye, who is signed to Bowling Green, I couldn't help but think of "White Chocolate" Jason Williams with the way he ran the floor in the all-star game setting. He was flashy while always making the right pass and anticipating teammate cuts before the passing lane was even open (particularly impressive considering he doesn't usually play alongside a lot of his all-star companions). Whenever he was running point, it was alley-oops aplenty for his cutters.

I was pleased to learn postgame that my J-Will assessment was correct as he told me Williams is one of the players he likes to model his game after.

"Jason Williams, Steve Nash are my favorite there," Frye said. "I try to look at things they do, practice them and put it into my game."

Frye touched on what made him decide on Bowling Green.

"I like the campus, the school's great, the teammates," he said. "The offense, I like. It's a lot of screen and rolls, and that's where my favorite part of my game is."

With that being the case, I also recommended some John Stockton to Karl Malone film on top of Williams and Nash before he arrives in Bowling Green, although Nash was very proficient at the pick and roll with Amar'e Stoudemire in Phoenix as well.

**Nate Johnson, like he does for his Mustangs, was able to score in a multitude of ways inside and out.

He said postgame that he's good friends with Frye and was glad to get to go up against him one final time after they met in Class 7A regional semifinals when Johnson got the best of that matchup with his clutch free throws after getting fouled on a last-second three.

Johnson holds offers from Delaware, Gardner-Webb and Charleston Southern and has also begun to hear from Kansas State and Boise State. He takes a visit to Delaware on Thursday and Gardner-Webb on April 8 and also hopes to take a trip to K-State.

"I'm looking for the style of play, coaching and just the atmosphere of the college," he says.

**Coral Springs guard Myron Dewar, after winning a Class 8A player of the year award and leading his Colts to their first state championship this season, showed an array of his on-ball moves and his instincts defensively to cut off passing lanes and get steals.

He noticed the intensity in the mostly free-flowing all-star game pick up as the game was close late.

"At the end everybody just had to tighten up because nobody likes to lose -- whether it's an all-star game, regular game -- so at the end you see everyone getting competitive," he said.

Dewar is currently undecided and had his recruitment pick up after leading Coral Springs' state run. He is getting interest from Bowling Green, Murray State, Akron and New Orleans University while also holding junior college and Division-II offers.

"I just look for somewhere I'm going to play and somewhere I'm going to be comfortable, somewhere where I like the coaching staff and the players around me," Dewar says.

**Wilson, an athletic wing, was a strong defender and distributed to teammates. He exhibited his closing speed defensively when he stole a long outlook pass to an opponent that appeared to be wide open.

Kennesaw State and FIU are schools that have offered Wilson while College of Charleston has also been recruiting him. He plans to visit Kennesaw State on Friday. FIU will be easy for him to visit whenever.

"I just want to go to a team that fits my offensive play and where I feel like I can play," Wilson says. 

The offensive style he wants to play in involves running in transition and a lot of off-ball cuts in the halfcourt.


**Boyd Anderson's Brian Patrick won the slam dunk contest with a 47 in the final with windmill alley-oop off a bounce pass to beat out Huell. Even more impressive was when he jumped over Dewar sitting in a chair for a perfect 50.

Wellington's Alex Dieudonne was equally impressive but may have used his best dunks too early. He scored a 49 and a 50 in the first round, going between his legs in the air with one of them and nearly jumping over someone standing in front of the basket but going to the side of him.

**Hall won the three-point shootout by hitting 11 of 15 three-pointers in the final and beating out Frye by one. Chaminade's Leandro Allende hit that same 11 mark but in the first round.


**Westminster Christian guard Justin Brown drew oohs and ahs from the crowd as he elevated for some of the more thunderous dunks of the afternoon. He has a knack for timely cuts.

**South Miami power forward Keith Stewart is adroit in the post and able to quickly get the ball up and in through tight spaces on the low block if a team doubles him.

**Champagnat 6-8 center Denzel Jenoure has the ability to muscle through contact and finish inside. Krop guard Karl Jeanty is able to do the same.

**Florida Christian forward Gabriel Perez is dangerous when open for three -- not only as a shooter but he can counter an aggressive close-out with a pump fake and penetrate to create a better shot for himself or someone else.

**Miami High forward Marlon Sierra has a nice mid-range game.

**I definitely missed a number of players in this recap, but go ahead and watch this great video Hoop Journey put together on the day's events to see for yourself what I'm talking about or anything I didn't include. I put rosters underneath it so you can match numbers to names.


Grey Team

0- Justin Brown, 6-2 G, Westminster Christian

0- Mark Emmanuel Jr., 6-6 F, Calusa Prep

00- Karl Jeanty, 6-4 G, Krop

1- Matt Johnson, 6-0 PG, Pines Charter

1- Marc Syle, 6-9 C, Miami Christian

2- Alex Dieudonne, 6-4 SG, Wellington

4- PJ Hall, 6-2 G, Coral Gables

4- Ian Cruz, 5-11 PG, LaSalle

5- Dylan Frye, 6-1 PG, Mater Academy

10- Leandro Allende, 6-5 SG, Chaminade

10- Jonathan Andre, 6-6 F, Norland

14- Shaq Carter, 6-8 PF, Zion Lutheran

20- Dewan Huell, 6-10 PF, Norland

23- Jon Brown, 6-5 SG, SLAM

32- Gabriel Perez, 6-5 F, Florida Christian

White Team

1- Nate Johnson, 6-4 G, McArthur

1- Marcus Cassesa, 6-4 G, Taravella

1- Keith Stewart, 6-7 PF, South Miami

2- Brian Patrick, 6-4 SG, Boyd Anderson

4- Ralph Diaz, 6-6 W, Mater Academy

5- David Jean Baptiste, 6-2 SG, Norland

10- Jesus Cruz, 6-4 SG, LaSalle

12- Malik Harper, 6-8 PF, Pines Charter

13-Anthony Wilson, 6-6 W, Miami Central

21- Marlon Sierra, 6-6 PF, Miami High

23- Luwan Tyler, 6-0 G, SLAM

23- Denzel Jenoure, 6-8 C, Champagnat

32- Myron Dewar, 6-3 G, Coral Springs

45- Levi Cook, 6-10 C, Elev8 Academy

*Chaminade's 6-5 SG Darius Allen was on the roster but did not attend as he was on a college visit.

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March 20, 2016

McDonald's All-American Dewan Huell: One and done 'the goal' in college, necessary work the first priority

Dewan Huell
Five-star power forward out of Miami Norland, McDonald's All-American and UM signee Dewan Huell at HoopMIA All-Star Game on Sunday, March 20, 2016. Photo: David Furones.

In addition to deep NCAA Tournament runs, which UM is currently in the midst of with entry into the Sweet 16, another sign of an elite college basketball program can be the ability to reel in the blue-chip "one-and-done" prospects.

Dewan Huell, the signed McDonald's All-American five-star 6-10 power forward out of Miami Norland who is ranked the No. 21 high school senior in the nation by 247 Sports (23 by Rivals, ESPN and 25 by Scout), indicated on Sunday at the HoopMIA All-Star Game that if given the opportunity to go pro after one year of college he would go for it.

When I asked him about the possibility of being one and done with the Hurricanes, he said, "That's the goal."

At the moment, though, neither DraftExpress nor have Huell going in the 2017 NBA Draft -- the former listing 10 current high school seniors as freshman one-and-dones next year and the latter 16.

Huell, however, says he doesn't pay attention to the early 2017 predictions as he's more focused on a more immediate concern that will in turn help him potentially crack those projections.

"Work is on my mind -- getting better, improving," Huell said. "I need to work on everything -- just take it to the next level."

Huell's participation in the HoopMIA all-star game and slam dunk contest was his final high school appearance before the McDonald's All-American Game on Wednesday, March 30. He leaves for Chicago on Saturday.

Dunks and alley-oops came just about as easy for Huell in the game as they did in the dunk contest. So much so that at one point in the second half he began comically passing up easy dunk opportunities to dish it to a teammate and get others involved.

Huell didn't get many looks on the low block due to the quick pace of the game, but he was fierce in driving to the basket from the middle of the floor/elbow area and also showed he can counter it by stopping on a dime for a turnaround fadeaway while the defender is still backing up. His spot-up shooting range extends to the three-point line.

With some similarities evident, Huell says he models his game after Anthony Davis.

"He's a stretch four, pops the three, goes down there [in the post] -- all-around guy," he said.

Huell will look to be more aggressive in the McDonald's game and take advantage of every opportunity in the game at the United Center that will be broadcast on ESPN.

After that, it's off to UM. He touched on what made him side with coach Jim Larranaga and the Hurricanes.

"He's a very seasoned guy, real cool and relaxed. He's a good coach, ACC Coach of the Year," Huell said. "[I like] the fact that it's a hometown school, my hometown."

On what UM is getting in him, Huell said a "dependable guy. When you need me, I'm going to be there."

**Also make sure to read the full wrap on day's events and analysis on standouts, including recruiting updates.