January 29, 2016

Former UM commit Wiggins announces commitment to Cincinnati

Three-star South Dade defensive back James Wiggins announced a commitment to Cincinnati early Friday morning.

"I really like the school and the coaches," Wiggins said. "They made me feel like I was part of the family."

Wiggins, the No. 14 Miami-Dade prospect according to the Miami Herald, was a soft UM commit until he decided to back off his pledge on Jan. 21 after not hearing much from the new coaching staff.

Wiggins was always high on the Bearcats, even during the season (as noted in this October blog post). The Jan. 15 official visit he took helped in securing his eventual commitment, although at the time he was still committed to the Hurricanes.

Cincinnati has been known to recruit South Florida well and will be in the mix for several other prospects as Signing Day approaches.

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Parchment lets Northern Illinois commitment be known

Three-star Cypress Bay wide receiver Andrew Parchment had been committed to Northern Illinois for a week, but he wanted to keep it low key for a National Signing Day announcement.

After meeting with wide receivers coach Thad Ward and offensive coordinator Mike Uremovich Friday morning, he couldn't keep the secret any longer.

Parchment (the No. 46 prospect in the Miami Herald's Broward rankings), a former Cincinnati commit, announced that he chose the Huskies over Western Michigan, Syracuse and FAU after originally committing to the staff on Jan. 22.

"It's just a great all-around fit, bunch of players from South Florida that I get along with real well," Parchment said. "Coach Ward [is a] great wide receivers coach. Me and him really kicked it off when we started connecting."

Indeed, Northern Illinois has its share of South Florida talent on the roster with former Cardinal Gibbons receiver Christian Blake, Miramar cornerback Jeffrey Hill and Pace's Bobby Jones IV and Albert Smalls, as well as four more players to come out of Palm Beach County.

The Huskies are also vying for other South Florida prospects in 2016, including Flanagan speedster Jahcour Pearson, who could potentially become an ideal complement at wide receiver to the 6-3 Parchment.

Here are Parchment's senior highlights:

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Recruiting commitment list: Where the 2016 recruits in Dade, Broward are going

With less than a week to go before National Signing Day there are 87 seniors from Miami-Dade and Broward County committed to play at Football Bowl Subdivision schools.

There will be more come Wednesday when athletes across the nation sign National Letters of Intent and make it official. 

But for now, here is a list of local standouts and where they are committed to go by their respective FBS conference and school.


ACC: 16 (UM 6, Syracuse 4, FSU 3, North Carolina 1, N.C. State 1, Duke 1) 
Big Ten: 15 (Michigan 5, Ohio State 2, Illinois 2, Wisconsin 2, Maryland 2, Purdue 1, Nebraska 1)
Conference USA: 12 (FIU 5, FAU 5, Western Kentucky 1, Kent State 1)
SEC: 9 (Florida 4, Vanderbilt 1, Tennessee 1, Georgia 1, Arkansas 1, South Carolina 1)
MAC: 9 (Toledo 5, UMass 1, Akron 1, Bowling Green 1, Northern Illinois 1)
Pac 12: 8 (Utah 4, Oregon State 2, Colorado 2)
American: 7 (UCF 3, Navy 2, USF 1, Tulane 1)
Independents: 4 (Army 3, Notre Dame 1)
Mountain West: 4 (Air Force 2, Nevada 1, Colorado State 1)
Big 12: 3 (Iowa State 2, Kansas 1)


University of Miami (6)
Sam Bruce, WR, St. Thomas Aquinas, 5-8, 180 (Miami) 4-star
Dionte Mullins, WR, Gulliver Prep, 5-10 1/2 (Miami) 4-star
Joseph Jackson, DE, Gulliver Prep, 6-5, 245 (Miami) 4-star
Malek Young, CB, Coconut Creek, 5-9 1/2, 182 (Miami) 3-star
Cedrick Wright, S, Gulliver Prep, 5-9, 180 (Miami) 3-star
Michael Irvin II, TE, St. Thomas Aquinas, 6-3, 220 (Miami) 3-star

FIU (5)
Donavan Thompson, OLB, Miami Central, 5-10, 211 (FIU) 3-star
Anthony Gaiter IV, WR, Westminster Christian, 5-10, 160 (FIU) 3-star
Jose Borregales, K, Booker T. Washington, 5-11, 180 (FIU) 3-star
Shakur Cooper, LB, Coral Gables, 6-0, 200 (FIU) 2-star
Darrius Scott, WR, Booker T. Washington, 5-10, 175 (FIU) 2-star

FAU (5)
Korel Smith, CB, Miramar, 5-10, 173 (FAU) 3-star
John Raine, TE, Westminster Christian, 6-3, 235 (FAU) 2-star
Bradley Clement, LB, American Heritage, 5-10, 227 (FAU) 2-star
James Charles, RB, St. Thomas Aquinas, 5-9, 190 (FAU) 2-star
Robbie Stewart, DL, Westminster Christian, 6-4, 245 (FAU)

Michigan (5)
Devin Bush Jr., LB, Flanagan, 5-11, 226 (Michigan) 4-star
Nick Eubanks, TE, American Heritage, 6-6, 230 (Michigan) 3-star
Joshua Uche, DE, Columbus, 6-2, 212 (Michigan) 3-star
Josh Metellus, S, Flanagan, 6-0, 187 (Michigan) 3-star
Devin Gil, S, Flanagan, 6-1, 205 (Michigan) 3-star

Toledo (5)
Neru N'Shaka, WR, Hallandale, 5-10, 180 (Toledo) 3-star
Calvin Jackson, WR, Coral Springs Charter, 5-9, 160 (Toledo) 3-star
Desmond Phillips, ATH, Jackson, 5-11, 170 (Toledo) 3-star
Jamal Hudson, S, Miami Central, 6-0, 185 (Toledo) 2-star
David Hood, DT, Carol City, 6-1, 265 (Toledo) 2-star

Florida (4)
Joshua Hammond, WR, Hallandale, 6-0 1/2, 180 (Florida) 4-star
Vosean Joseph, OLB, Norland, 6-2, 210 (Florida) 3-star
Aaron Robinson, CB, Deerfield Beach, 6-1, 178 (Florida) 3-star
Christopher McWilliams, CB, Southwest, 5-11, 164 (Florida) 3-star

Syracuse (4)
Jaquwan Nelson, DE, Fort Lauderdale, 6-4, 230 (Syracuse) 3-star
Kenneth Ruff, ILB, Dillard, 6-1, 240 (Syracuse) 3-star 
Rashad Smith, LB, Homestead, 6-2, 184 (Syracuse) 3-star
McKinley Williams, DT, Dillard, 6-5, 255 (Syracuse)

UCF (4)
Dontay Mayfield, WR, Gulliver Prep, 6-1, 180 (UCF) 3-star
Boman Swanson, OT, South Dade, 6-4, 260 (UCF) 3-star
Jawon Hamilton, RB, South Dade, 5-9, 185 (UCF) 3-star
Bryon Brown, CB, Norland, 6-1, 166 (UCF) 3-star

Utah (4)
Tyler Huntley, QB, Hallandale, 6-2, 200 (Utah) 3-star
Demari Simpkins, WR, Hallandale, 6-0, 176 (Utah) 3-star
Zack Moss, RB, Hallandale, 5-10, 205 (Utah) 3-star
Devontae Henry-Cole, RB, St. Thomas Aquinas, 5-9, 190 (Utah) 3-star

Army (3)
Christian Gomez, LB, Cypress Bay, 6-1, 205 (Army) 3-star
Justin Thomas, S, Chaminade-Madonna, 6-2, 180 (Army) 2-star
Javhari Bourdeau, CB, Flanagan, 5-10, 175 (Army) 2-star

Florida State (3)
Jamel Cook, ATH, Miami Central, 6-4, 190 (Florida State) 4-star
Amir Rasul, RB, Coral Gables, 5-10, 200 (Florida State) 4-star
Emmett Rice, OLB, Norland, 6-3, 195 (Florida State) 3-star

Colorado (2)
Johnny Huntley, WR, South Plantation, 6-3, 207 (Colorado) 3-star
Anthony Julmisse, RB, South Plantation, 6-1, 186 (Colorado) 3-star

Illinois (2)
Dominic Thieman, WR, St. Thomas Aquinas, 6-3, 184 (Illinois) 3-star
James McCourt, K, St. Thomas Aquinas, 6-1, 185 (Illinois) 3-star

Iowa State (2)
Romelo Webster, S, Hallandale, 5-11, 178 (Iowa State) 3-star
Keenan Forbes, OL, Everglades, 6-3, 310 (Iowa State) 2-star

Maryland (2)
Elijah Daniels, S, Cardinal Gibbons, 5-11, 187 (Maryland) 3-star
Elisha Daniels, CB, Cardinal Gibbons, 6-0, 180 (Maryland) 3-star

Navy (2)
Gregori McCrae, RB, Miramar, 5-10, 173 (Navy) 3-star
Dawun Hylton, CB, American, 6-0, 175 (Navy) 3-star

Ohio State (2)
Nick Bosa, DE, St. Thomas Aquinas, 6-4, 265 (Ohio State) 5-star
Binjimen Victor, WR, Coconut Creek, 6-3 3/4, 177 (Ohio State) 4-star

Oregon State (2)
Kenny Turnier, DE, Miami Central, 6-4, 230 (Oregon State) 3-star
Shemar Smith, OLB, Jackson, 6-1, 210 (Oregon State) 3-star

Wisconsin (2)
Dontye Carriere-Williams, CB, St. Thomas Aquinas, 5-11, 185 (Wisconsin) 3-star
Dallas Jeanty, ILB, Fort Lauderdale, 6-0, 220 (Wisconsin) 3-star

Air Force (2)
Corey Lane, RB, Northwestern, 5-9, 175 (Air Force) 2-star
Isaiah Sampson, CB, Cypress Bay, 5-8, 172 (Air Force)

Akron (1)
Kato Nelson, QB, Flanagan, 6-0, 175 (Akron) 3-star

Arkansas (1)
Alexy Jean-Baptiste, OLB, Coconut Creek, 6-3, 205 (Arkansas) 3-star

Bowling Green (1)
Shemar Jean-Charles, CB, Miramar, 5-10, 165 (Bowling Green) 3-star

Colorado State (1)
James Sutton, LB, Westminster Christian, 6-0, 211 (Colorado State) 2-star

Duke (1)
Terrell Lucas, DE, Miramar, 6-3, 224 (Duke) 3-star

Kansas (1)
Khalil Herbert, RB, American Heritage, 5-10, 195 (Kansas) 3-star

Georgia (1)
Riley Ridley, WR, Deerfield Beach, 6-1 1/2, 198 (Georgia) 4-star

Kent State (1)
Kion Holder, S, Norland, 5-11, 185 (Kent State) 2-star

Nevada (1)
Jaxson Kincaide, RB, St. Thomas Aquinas, 5-8, 185 (Nevada) 3-star

Northern Illinois (1)
Andrew Parchment, WR, Cypress Bay, 6-3, 180 (Northern Illinois) 3-star

N.C. State (1)
C.J. Riley, WR, North Broward Prep, 6-4, 180 (N.C. State) 3-star

Nebraska (1)
DiCaprio Bootle, CB, Southridge, 5-11, 175 (Nebraska) 3-star

North Carolina (1)
James Pierre, S, Deerfield Beach, 6-1 1/2, 174 (North Carolina) 3-star

Notre Dame (1)
Deon McIntosh, RB, Cardinal Gibbons, 5-11, 175 (Notre Dame) 3-star

Purdue (1)
Brandon Shuman, CB, Gulliver Prep, 5-11, 167 (Purdue) 3-star

South Carolina (1)
Keir Thomas, DE, Miami Central, 6-2, 249 (South Carolina) 3-star

Tennessee (1)
Brandon Johnson, WR, American Heritage, 6-3, 175 (Tennessee) 3-star

Tulane (1)
Obinna Nwankwo, OL, Miramar, 6-3, 260 (Tulane) 3-star

UMass (1)
Antione Webster, S, American, 6-0, 185 (UMass) 3-star

USF (1)
Darnell Salomon, WR, Miami Central, 6-3, 210 (USF) 4-star

Vanderbilt (1)
Frank Coppet, CB, St. Thomas Aquinas, 5-10, 177 (Vanderbilt) 3-star

Western Kentucky (1)
Chris Cotto, Hallandale, WR, 5-11, 180 (Western Kentucky) 3-star

** NOTE: Star rankings are based on 247Sports Composite rankings, which combine all of the major recruiting services ratings into one. 

January 28, 2016

American Heritage TE Nick Eubanks commits to Michigan

The recruiting picture for a pair of elite undecided seniors from Plantation American is halfway to the point of being completely clear.

Four-star tight end Nick Eubanks, a 6-6 freak of an athlete, pledged to Michigan on Thursday upon visiting the Wolverines starting Wednesday.

He sent out this tweet.

Eubanks had also visited Alabama the weekend of Jan. 15 and has a visit to UF scheduled for the final weekend before National Signing Day. It's unclear if he will still take that visit to the Gators, which he had visited unofficially previously.

Jim Harbaugh and the Wolverines continue to take charge in South Florida, adding to a list of commits that includes Columbus defensive end Josh Uche and Flanagan trio of linebacker Devin Bush Jr. and safeties Devin Gil and Josh Metellus.

As for the other top undecided Heritage prospect, five-star defensive end Brian Burns, the decision clearly won't be an easy one for him, as indicated in his tweet below.

January 27, 2016

Alabama battling for Gator commit Vosean Joseph

Vosean Joseph
Miami Norland four-star linebacker Vosean Joseph has been committed to UF since February 2015, but will he sign with the Gators on Feb. 3, 2016?

Alabama is still battling Florida for his services. Joseph visited Tuscaloosa on Jan. 15 and UF this past weekend.

While in interviews with Scout and SEC Country, Joseph rated the Gator visit a 12 out of 10 and said, "I know where I want to go, and that's UF," he now insists the Crimson Tide is still in consideration.

Between the two SEC powerhouses, Joseph said he's "not sure yet" in a message to the Miami Herald but gave his current commitment to UF 2 to 1 odds to stick on Signing Day.

Joseph is in Texas for the USA vs. Canada International Bowl on Sunday and returns to Miami on Monday. He will revisit his recruitment and make an ultimate decision then.

Joseph also visited West Virginia and Syracuse in November. He lists the Mountaineers and Orange each as a distant third that have a "10-percent" chance of signing him.

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Independent Gulf Coast Conference football expands to 10 teams

The Gulf Coast high school Football Conference, a south Florida Independent league, is getting stronger next season.

In addition to the six teams in the league in 2015 - Archbishop McCarthy, Key West, Pembroke Pines Charter, Coral Glades, North Broward Prep and Riviera Beach's Inlet Grove, the league has added four of the top teams from the Southeastern Football Conference.

SFC champion Coral Springs Charter, which went 11-0 this past season, and runner-up and 2014 champion Calvary Christian have moved to the GCFC.

They will be also be joined by two more of that conference's top teams, Westminster Academy and Pompano Beach.

The four should bring depth to a league that had one of the area's strongest independent teams in GCFC champion Archbishop McCarthy. The Mavericks went 11-0.

FABC-Source Hoops Florida State boys' basketball rankings

1. Sarasota Riverview 20-2
2. Wellington 20-4
3. Martin County 21-0
4. Lake Brantley 19-3
5. Spruce Creek 18-4
6. Vero Beach 18-3
7. South Miami 16-6
8. Alonso 17-4
9. Evans 14-7
10 tie. Oak Ridge 15-6
10 tie. Kissimmee Osceola 17-6
1. Hialeah Mater Academy 19-3
2. Bartow 14-8
3. Sickles 21-2
4. Melbourne 20-2
5. Lakeland 16-5
6. St. Petersburg 17-6
7. Wharton 18-4
8. St. Thomas Aquinas 12-4
9. Nova 18-3
10. Dwyer 18-3
1. Dillard 18-5
2. Norland 18-4
3. Miami Central 17-4
4. Pembroke Pines Charter 16-6
5. Port Orange Atlantic 22-2
6. Deltona 18-6
7. Gainesville 18-4
8. Golden Gate 19-4
9. Pensacola 22-3
10. Leesburg 19-3
1. Godby 19-2
2. Bishop Kenny 21-2
3. Gibbs 20-3
4. Jesuit 20-3
5. Wolfson 22-1
6. Mariner 20-1
7. Titusville 20-2
8. Rickards 16-6
9. Poinciana 19-4
10. Zephyrhills 18-4
1. Tampa Catholic 19-4
2. St. Andrews 20-1
3. Bolles 21-2
4. Master’s Academy 20-3
5. Brooks DeBartolo 17-5
6. Andrew Jackson 15-5
7. Trinity Prep 19-4
8. Marianna 18-6
9. Chaminade-Madonna 15-8
10. Community School of Naples 19-4
1. Windermere Prep 20-3
2. First Academy 18-4
3. Sagemont 16-5
4. Archbishop Carroll 22-3
5. Westminster Academy 16-6
6. Providence 16-6
7. P.K. Yonge 18-3
8. Seffner Christian 16-7
9. Santa Fe Catholic 18-0
10. Jacksonville Trinity Christian 13-8
1. Grandview Prep 23-0
2. Zion Lutheran 19-5
3. Miami Christian 17-6
4. Mt. Dora Christian 23-0
5. Orlando Christian Prep 13-11
6. Trinity Christian Academy 16-6
7. Community Christian 18-2
8. Bradenton Christian 21-2
9. Westwood Christian 11-7
10. FAMU DRS 11-10
1. Chipley 21-3
2. Hawthorne 17-5
3. Paxton 20-3
4. Malone 15-9
5. West Gadsden 12-6
6. Hamilton County 16-4
7. Cottondale 17-8
8. Madison County 17-6
9. Union County 21-6
10. Dixie County 17-6

FABC-Source Hoops Girls' Florida State rankings

1. Boca Raton 20-5
2. Flagler Palm Coast 22-1
3. Colonial 20-4
4. Flanagan 20-4
5. Vero Beach 20-1
6. Miami 20-3
7. Ferguson 18-7
8. Lourdes 16-7
9. Winter Park 12-4
10. Seminole 21-4
Honorable Mention- Palm Beach Gardens 17-5, West Port 16-6, Wekiva 18-7, Haines City 20-2, Lake Worth 15-7, Deerfield Beach 20-5, Boone 18-7

1. Winter Haven 17-3
2. Lakewood Ranch 20-4
3. Oakleaf 21-3
4. Ely 16-4
5. Wiregrass Ranch 25-2
6. Strawberry Crest 21-0
7. South Broward 23-6
8. Bartram Trail 19-6
9. Sarasota 19-6
10. Melbourne 20-2
Honorable Mention- Fort Lauderdale 14-8, St. Cloud 20-4, Plant 20-5, Lee 19-6, Ocoee 17-9, Creekside 14-7, Fleming Island 15-7.

1. Dillard 17-5
2. Ft. Myers 20-5
3. Edgewater 16-5
4. Northeast 14-7
5. Norland 14-9
6. New Smyrna Beach 22-3
7. Nease 20-5
8. Choctaw 22-4
9. Lehigh 17-5
10. Golden Gate 20-4
Honorable Mention- Fort Walton Beach 17-8, Barron Collier 18-6, Pine Forest 16-6, Gainesville 17-6, Clearwater 20-3.

1. Ribault 21-1
2. Dunbar 19-5
3. American Heritage Plantation 15-5
4. Bishop Moore 20-4
5. Lakewood 13-7
6. Paxon 14-8
7. Rickards 19-6
8. Suncoast 16-3
9. Southeast 22-3
10. Leesburg 15-10
Honorable Mention- Parker 14-6, Mosley 14-6, Rockledge 19-7, Titusville 20-4.

1. Lake Highland Prep 22-3
2. Cardinal Newman 23-1
3. Brooks DeBartolo 22-4
4. Jones 15-8
5. Oxbridge Academy 13-8
7. St. Andrews 16-2
8. Gulliver Prep 22-3
9. Father Lopez 19-5
10. Lincoln Park 19-2
Honorable Mention- Holy Names 14-9, Raines 16-7, East Gadsden 15-6, Cardinal Gibbons 17-4, Monsignor Pace 10-3, McKeel 24-2, Fernandina Beach 24-3, Keys Gate 21-4

1. Miami Country Day 19-6
2. Community 20-2
3. Seffner Christian 22-3
4. Calvary Christian (Clearwater) 19-4
5. University Christian 17-4
6. Providence 19-6
7. Benjamin 21-3
8. PK Yonge 16-7
9. Indian Rocks 17-7
10. Westminster Academy 18-5
Honorable Mention- The First Academy 17-6, Neumann 18-6, St. Joseph Academy 15-8

1. FAMU 21-2
2. Academy at the Lakes 20-3
3. Covenant Christian 15-6
4. Calvary 13-9
5. Geneva 12-4
6. Orlando Christian Prep 18-5
7. Aucilla Christian 12-5
8. Miami Christian 11-4
9. Hollywood Christian 12-7
10. Harvest Community 11-2
Honorable Mention- Seacoast Christian 17-3, International Community School 15-8, Bradenton Christian 13-5.

1. Trenton 24-0
2. South Walton 22-3
3. Wildwood 17-7
4. Madison County 22-5
5. Holmes County 20-5
6. Paxton 18-5
7. Ponce de Leon 16-5
8. Chiefland 13-2
9. Fort Meade 15-5
10. Bronson 17-7
Port St. Joe 16-5, Williston 14-8, Poplar Springs 17-6, Hilliard 15-8

January 26, 2016

Cooper City DE Rashad Weaver sees wave of recruiting interest

Not even 24 hours after Cooper City defensive end Rashad Weaver decommitted from Michigan with an announcement on Twitter that caught many followers' attention, college coaches swarmed to his high school to sway the talented pass rusher.

After announcing on Monday his decision to back off of the Wolverines -- which had essentially backed off entirely in recruiting him -- Weaver had a "hectic" day Tuesday hosting prospective schools.

He received offers from UCF, Hawaii, Iowa State, East Carolina, Kansas and Toledo.

He also was visited by Kentucky, Arkansas, Indiana and Pittsburgh, who didn't offer but advised him one could come if he reciprocates interest to them as Signing Day (Wednesday, Feb. 3) approaches.

On Wednesday, Weaver expects to host Penn State, Iowa State, Virginia, Minnesota and possibly UNLV among others that my surprise him. Duke visited him on Monday.

"They said they all knew me but never contacted me 'cause they all assumed [I was] 100-percent to Michigan, which I was," Weaver said.

Here's what Weaver's decommitment announcement read:

"After being committed for about seven months and receiving little to no contact from staff, I was informed by coach [Jim] Harbaugh that there is a 50/50 chance that he would or would not have room for me on [National Signing Day]. So I was basically a Plan B, and I know within myself I am not a Plan B player. I was offered a [preferred walk-on] spot or to go to prep school, but that isn't an option for me when I have multiple other Division-I offers. I believe I'm better than that. But it's OK; it's all business...

"I am upset about the whole situation, but I will find a new school that I love and that shows me they want me. I WILL STRIVE THERE ON AND OFF THE FIELD WHEREVER I ATTEND."

Weaver hopes to decide what school(s) will get an official visit from him on Wednesday. He's already taken officials to USF and Temple.

Weaver was "very" surprised at how quickly all the schools that visited him reacted to his decommitment.

Does he wish he would've decommitted earlier?

"Somewhat," he says. "But on the other hand, I loved Michigan and wanted to see how it was going to play out."

Weaver's senior season highlights:

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January 25, 2016

Steve Davis steps down as football coach at Plantation High

Steve Davis isn't sure yet if he's going to be out of the head coaching game for good. But he is taking the 2016 season off for now.

The 46-year-old coaching veteran who has guided Plantation High's football program since 2005 said he told school administrations last Friday he's stepping down and planning to take a year off.

Davis, who won a state title at Blanche Ely in 2002, guided the Colonels to a 8-3 record this past season and six playoff appearances in his 11 seasons there. Davis said he will continue to teach at Plantation and remain involved in athletics in a smaller role for now.

"I'm going to work on my golf game a little bit now," said Davis, who has a career 121-64 record. "I've been coaching since I left college in 1994. Like I told the guys, I'm not sure if I'm going to retire for good. I'm just going to take some time off for now. It was nothing with the school. I have a great principal and we have great kids there."

Davis becomes the second head coach in Broward County with a state championship under his belt to step down in the past month. American Heritage's Mike Rumph, who won two state titles, joined Mark Richt's coaching staff at the University of Miami.

There are four active head coaches left in the county who have won state titles: Archbishop McCarthy's Byron Walker, Cypress Bay's Mark Guandolo, Flanagan's Devin Bush and St. Thomas Aquinas' Roger Harriott.