October 20, 2015

South Florida high school football playoff scenarios

Here's a look at the district standings and playoff status of every Miami-Dade and Broward football team competing in the FHSAA state series through Week 10 games:



Deerfield Beach (5-0, 8-1): District champions.

Piper (4-1, 8-1): District runner-up.

ELIMINATED: Douglas (3-2, 4-5), Monarch (1-4, 2-7), Taravella (1-4, 2-8), Coral Springs (1-4, 1-8).


Flanagan (5-1, 7-1): District champions.

Plantation (5-1, 8-2): District runner-up.

ELIMINATED: Miramar (4-2, 5-5), Cypress Bay (3-3, 4-5), Western (2-4, 4-5), Everglades (1-5, 2-7), South Plantation (1-5, 3-6).


American (5-0, 6-2): District champions.

Hialeah (4-1, 5-4): District runner-up.

ELIMINATED: North Miami (3-2, 3-5), Krop (2-3, 4-5), NMB (1-4, 2-7), Hialeah Gardens (0-5, 2-7).


Coral Gables (4-0, 8-0): District champions.

Columbus (3-1, 9-1): District runner-up.

ELIMINATED: Miami High (2-2, 6-3), Miami Beach (1-3, 2-6), Coral Park (0-4, 0-9).


Belen Jesuit (5-0, 6-3): District champions.

Southwest (4-1, 7-2): District runner-up.

ELIMINATED: Coral Reef (3-2, 3-6), Braddock (2-3, 4-5), Varela (1-4, 4-5), Ferguson (0-5, 0-9).


South Dade (3-1, 7-1): Has clinched berth in playoff tiebreaker with Killian AND Southridge for district title and runner-up.

Killian (3-1, 5-3): Has clinched berth in playoff tiebreaker with Southridge AND South Dade for district title and runner-up.

Southridge (3-1, 5-4): Has clinched berth in playoff tiebreaker with Killian AND South Dade for district title and runner-up.

ELIMINATED: Palmetto (1-3, 4-5), Homestead (0-4, 2-7).


St. Thomas Aquinas (2-0, 7-1): District champions.

Blanche Ely (1-1, 1-8): District runner-up.

ELIMINATED: Fort Lauderdale (0-2, 3-6).


Nova (4-1, 5-4): District champions.

West Broward (4-1, 7-2): District runner-up.

ELIMINATED: McArthur (3-2, 6-3), Cooper City (3-2, 4-5), Hollywood Hills (1-4, 3-6), South Broward (0-5, 1-8).


Sunset (8-0, 8-1): District champions.

Mater Academy (7-1, 7-1): District runner-up.

ELIMINATED: Reagan (6-2, 6-3), Miami Springs (5-3, 5-4), Doral (4-4, 5-4), Goleman (3-5, 3-6), South Miami (2-6, 2-7), Mourning (1-7, 1-8), Westland Hialeah (0-8, 0-9).


Boyd Anderson (3-0, 8-1): District champions.

Dillard (2-1, 6-3): Can clinch playoff berth with win vs. Boynton Beach.

ELIMINATED: Boynton Beach (1-2, 4-5), Northeast (0-3, 1-8).


Carol City (3-1, 7-2): District champions.

Central (3-1, 7-2): District runner-up.

ELIMINATED: Northwestern (2-2, 4-5), Norland (2-2, 4-4), HML (0-4, 4-5).


American Heritage (5-0, 8-1): District champions.

Hallandale (4-1, 7-2): District runner-up.

ELIMINATED: Coconut Creek (2-3, 5-4), Cardinal Gibbons (2-3, 4-5), Jackson (2-3, 3-5), Stranahan (0-5, 3-6).


Glades Central (3-0, 7-2): District champions.

University School (2-1, 6-3): District runner-up.

ELIMINATED: Clewiston (1-2, 4-5), Somerset Academy (0-3, 0-9).


Booker T. Washington (4-0, 5-5): District champions.

Gulliver (3-1, 4-5): District runner-up.

ELIMINATED: Monsignor Pace (2-2, 2-7), Edison (1-3, 5-4), Keys Gate (0-4, 2-6).


Westminster Christian (3-0, 8-1): District champions.

Chaminade-Madonna (2-1, 7-1): District runner-up.

ELIMINATED: Everglades Prep (1-2, 5-4), Somerset Charter (0-3, 6-3).


Dade Christian (3-0, 8-1): District champions.

Village Academy (1-2, 3-5): Has clinched a three-way tiebreaker for runner-up playoff berth with Champagnat Catholic and Glades Day.

Glades Day (1-2, 3-6): Has clinched a three-way tiebreaker for runner-up playoff berth with Champagnat Catholic and Village Academy.

Champagnat (1-2, 2-7): Has clinched a three-way tiebreaker for runner-up playoff berth with Village Academy and Glades Day.

October 18, 2015

American DE Jamal Smith plans to visit Pitt, Oregon State

Three-star 2016 defensive end Jamal Smith out of Hialeah American lists numerous offers as his senior season starts winding toward its end.

Smith, who had a pair of sacks in American's 33-0 District 13-8A victory over Hialeah, appears to be high on Pittsburgh from his comments in the video interview below. He said off-camera that Pitt and Oregon State are two schools he plans on visiting soon.

Here's everything the 6-2, 248-pound prospect known as the "Humble Hitter" was talking about followed by his highlights underneath.


Upcoming week South Florida high school schedule (includes districts for all sports)



Everglades at Flanagan, 5


District 11-8A quarterfinals at Monarch: Coral Glades vs. Coral Springs, 5; Taravella vs. Deerfield Beach, 7

District 13-8A semifinals at West Broward: Everglades vs. Flanagan, 5; Miramar vs. West Broward, 7

District 15-8A opening round: Braddock at CoralPark, 6

District 13-4A opening round: Coral Springs Charter at North Broward Prep, 4

District 14-4A quarterfinals at Cardinal Gibbons: Chaminade-Madonna vs.Somerset, 4; Pine Crest vs. UniversitySchool, 6

District 16-4A quarterfinals at Carrollton: Ransom vs. CoralShores, 4; St. Brendan vs. Carrollton, 6

District 12-3A opening round:SomersetAcademy at Highlands Christian, 7

District 15-3A quarterfinal at Florida Christian: Archbishop Carroll vs. Greater Miami Academy, 7

District 15-2A opening round at Divine Savior: Brito vs. HebrewAcademy, 7


Region 7-3A at Jacaranda Golf Course: 8 a.m.

Region 8-3A at Weston Hills: 8 a.m.

Region 8-2A at Lago Mar: 8 a.m.


Region 8-2A at Lago Mar: 8 a.m.


District 12-1A at Founders Park: 3.




District 11-8A semifinals at Monarch: Coral Glades-Coral Springs winner vs. Douglas, 5; Taravella-Deerfield Beach winner vs. Monarch, 7

District 12-8A semifinals at Cypress Bay: Western vs. South Plantation, 4; CypressBay vs. Piper, 6

District 14-8A semifinals at Hialeah Gardens:Miami Beach vs. Miami High, 6; HialeahGardens vs. Krop, 7:30

District 15-8A semifinals at Lourdes: Southwest vs. Lourdes, 6; Ferguson vs. Braddock-CoralPark winner, 7:30

District 16-8A semifinals at Coral Reef: Palmetto vs. Varela, 5; Coral Reef vs. Killian, 7

District 14-7A semifinals at Fort Lauderdale: St. Thomas Aquinas vs. Plantation, 5; Fort Lauderdale vs. Blanche Ely, 7

District 15-7A semifinals at Nova Middle School: South Broward vs. McArthur, 6; CooperCity vs. Nova, 7:30

District 16-7A semifinals at Mourning:MaterAcademy vs. Reagan, 5; Mourning vs. Hialeah-MiamiLakes, 7

District 15-6A semifinals at Central: NMB vs. Norland, 6; Northwestern vs. Carol City, 7:30

District 16-6A semifinals at Sunset: TERRA vs. Sunset, 6; Miami Springs vs. DoralAcademy, 7:30

District 16-5A semifinals at Archbishop McCarthy: Stranahan vs. Archbishop McCarthy, 5; Pompano Beach vs. American Heritage, 7

District 13-4A semifinals at Saint Andrews: Delray Heritage vs. St. John Paul II, 5; Coral Springs Charter-North Broward Prep winner vs. Saint Andrews, 6:30

District 14-4A semifinals at Cardinal Gibbons:PineCrest-UniversitySchool winner vs. Calvary Christian, 5; Chaminade-Madonna-Somerset winner vs. Cardinal Gibbons, 7

District 15-4A semifinals at Edison: La Salle vs. MaterLakes, 5; MAST vs. Pace, 6:30

District 16-4A semifinals at Carrollton: Westminster Christian vs. St. Brendan-Carrollton winner, 4; Gulliver vs. Ransom-CoralShores winner, 6

District 12-3A semifinals at Coral Springs Christian: Highlands Christian-Somerset Prep winner vs. WestminsterAcademy, 5; Sagemont vs. Coral Springs Christian, 7

District 14-3A semifinals at SLAM Academy: Doctors Charter vs. SLAM, 5; Miami Country Day vs. Archbishop Curley, 7

District 15-3A semifinals at Florida Christian:ArchbishopCarroll-GreaterMiamiAcademy winner vs. Florida Christian, 6; Riviera Prep vs. Archimedean, 7:30

District 15-2A semifinals at Divine Savior: Edison Private vs. Miami Christian, 6; Brito-HebrewAcademy winner vs. Divine Savior, 7:30


District 12-1A at Ransom Everglades: 4


Region 8-1A at Crandon Golf Course: 8:30 a.m.


Region 7-3A at Eagle Trace CC: 8 a.m.

Region 8-3A at Bonaventure GC: 9 a.m.

Region 8-1A at Crandon Golf Course: 8:30 a.m.


GMAC championship at Bird Bowl: 9 a.m.




District 13-8A final at West Broward: 7



District 12-4A at Quiet Waters Park – Girls: 4; Boys: 5.

District 13-4A at Heritage Park – Girls: 4:30; Boys: 5:15.

District 16-3A at Larry and Penny Thompson Park – Girls: 3; Boys: 4

District 15-1A at Greynolds Park – Girls: 2:30; Boys: 3.



District 12-2A at FIU North: 12:30.





Hialeah vs. Krop (N. Miami), 7

Coral Reef vs. Varela (Southridge), 7

Southwest vs. Ferguson (Tropical), 7

North Miami Beach at HialeahGardens, 4

Mourning at Doral, 7

Goleman vs. South Miami (Curtis), 7

Reagan vs. Miami Springs (Milander), 7

Miami Community Charter at Scheck Hillel, 7


Coconut Creek vs. Stranahan (South Plantation), 7

Piper at Coral Springs, 7

South Broward at CooperCity, 7

Pines Charter vs. Somerset (Ansin Sports Complex), 7


District 11-8A final at Monarch: 7

District 12-8A final at Cypress Bay: 6

District 14-8A final at Hialeah Gardens: 7

District 15-8A final at Lourdes: 7

District 14-7A final at Fort Lauderdale: 7

District 15-7A final at Nova Middle: 6

District 16-7A final at Mourning: 7

District 14-6A final at Northeast: 6:30

District 15-6A final at Central: 6

District 16-6A final at Sunset: 7

District 16-5A final at Archbishop McCarthy: 6

District 13-4A final at Saint Andrews: 6

District 14-4A final at Cardinal Gibbons: 7

District 15-4A final at Edison: 7

District 16-4A final at Carrollton: 6

District 12-3A final at Coral Springs Christian: 7

District 13-3A final at Dade Christian: 5

District 14-3A final at SLAM Academy: 7

District 15-3A final at Florida Christian: 7

District 16-3A final at Marathon: 7

District 16-2A final at Westwood Christian: 7



District 15-4A at Larry and Penny Thompson Park – Girls: 3; Boys: 4

District 15-3A at Mills Pond Park – Girls: noon; Boys: 12:45.

District 15-2A at Mills Pond Park – Girls: 4; Boys: 4:45.

District 14-1A at Mills Pond Park – Girls: 2; Boys: 2:45.

District 16-1A at Palmer Trinity – Girls: 4; Boys: 4:45.


District 11-2A at Pompano Beach Aquatic Center: noon




Jackson at American Heritage, 7:30

La Salle at Pine Crest, 7:30

Florida Christian at WestminsterAcademy, 7


Booker T. vs. Columbus (Tropical), 7:30

Norland vs. Northwestern (N. Miami), 7:30

Killian vs. Homestead (Harris), 7:30

Central vs. HML (Milander), 7:30

Palmetto at Southridge, 7:30

Coral Gables vs. Miami Beach (Memorial), 7

CoralPark vs. Miami High (Curtis), 7:30

Champagnat Catholic at Gulliver, 4

MaterAcademy vs. WestlandHialeah (Traz), 7:30

American at Palm BeachOxbridgeAcademy, 7

TreasureCoast at Monsignor Pace, 7:30

Key West at Riviera Beach Inlet Grove, 7

Dade Christian at Archbishop Carroll, 4

Everglades Prep at Palmer Trinity, 4


Plantation at Dillard, 7

Cardinal Gibbons at Hallandale, 7

CypressBay at Flanagan, 7

Blanche Ely at Lakeland, 7:30

Miramar at Everglades, 7

Monarch at Deerfield Beach, 7

Douglas vs. Taravella (Piper), 7

Western at South Plantation, 7

Fort Lauderdale at McArthur, 7

Hollywood Hills at Nova, 7

West Broward at Northeast, 7

Chaminade-Madonna at UniversitySchool, 7

Boca Pope John Paul II vs. Coral Springs Charter (Coral Glades), 7

Calvary Christian at NPB Benjamin, 7

Coral Glades at Archbishop McCarthy, 7

Int’lSchool of Broward at Delray Heritage, 7

Cornerstone Charter at Highlands Christian, 7

Belle Glade Glades Day at North Broward Prep, 7


District 16-8A final at Coral Reef: 7

District 14-2A final at Sheridan Hills Christian: 7



District 16-4A at Larry and Penny Thompson Park – Girls: 4:30; Boys: 5:15.

District 14-2A at Lakewood Park Regional – Girls: 1; Boys: 1:45.

District 16-2A at Larry and Penny Thompson Park – Girls: 10 a.m.; Boys: 10:45 a.m.


District 12-2A at Gulliver: noon

District 11-1A at Coral Springs Aquatic Center: 9 a.m.




Belen at Braddock (Tropical), 4

October 17, 2015

Kyshaun Bryan names favorite, quick hits from American Heritage

Junior running back Kyshaun Bryan said UF is his favorite right now, but Florida State, Miami, Clemson and West Virginia are all coming hard after the four-star junior.

Senior defensive end Brian Burns has Georgia, Florida State and Florida in his top three, but he doesn’t have a favorite at this point. Alabama is also in the mix to get the four-star recruit. Burns was critical in American Heritage’s 21-14 win over Cardinal Gibbons, recording four tackles for loss and recovering a fumble.

Senior tight end Nick Eubanks said LSU, USC and Alabama are trying hard to get a commitment from him. The four-star tight end said he will likely make his decision in either December or January.


Recruiting Roundup: Belen's Jimenez receiving FIU, BC interest

Ariel Jimenez, BEL
Ariel Jimenez

Belen safety Ariel Jimenez has received interest from FIU, Boston College and FCS school New Hampshire.

The 5-10, 190-pound Jimenez said, "I had a really great time while at FIU and BC camps."

Jimenez is also visiting University of West Florida this month.

Athlete Giancarlo Pinto is receiving strong interest from known basketball school Butler University. Pinto (5-11, 185) is planning to visit Indianapolis to see Butler on Nov. 7.

Linebacker Joseph Garcia, whose only offer so far is from Bethune-Cookman, has attended multiple FIU camps and is familiar with the coaching staff. They might potentially be interested.

Varela wide receiver Jay Stringer this week has started being courted by Ivy League schools, University of Pennsylvania and Princeton University. Stringer has a weighted GPA of 3.1 and plans to remain uncommitted until after the season

"It gives me time to really think about where I'm going to go and time to talk with my family," Stringer says. 

Keys Gate 2017 wide receiver duo of Deandre Williams (6-0, 180) and Angelo Gonzalez (6-2, 180) are being heavily recruited by FCS school Delaware State University. The duo are also participating in a UNC camp next summer and will be making the trip together.

Coral Gables quarterback Voshon Waiters is being targeted by FAMU. FAMU has targeted Cavaliers in the past. They were able to get to 2-star former Waiters teammate Emilio Gibbs committed last year.


October 15, 2015

Under the Radar: Southwest LB Willie Brown

One prospect I've noticed recently that needs to be receiving more recruiting attention is Southwest linebacker Willie Brown.

A leader on the Eagles defense, along with defensive back C.J. McWilliams (a UF commit), he has a great frame and is a sure tackler, but is tremendously under the radar as a senior.

Brown is yet to receive his first offer, but has seen interest from FIU, Louisville, Marshall, Florida A&M, Bethune-Cookman and Alcorn State -- where former teammate in quarterback Deundre Pickett-White plays.

In Southwest's game against Carol City last Thursday at Traz Powell Stadium, Brown would pick his team up and helped the Eagles keep the Chiefs off the scoreboard in the second half -- with most of the Carol City starters still in the game -- after they scored 33 on them in the first, mostly off turnovers offensively that led to solid field position.

Brown showed an ability to shed off blockers and find the ball carrier, registering multiple tackles for loss. He stripped one ball out of the running back's grasp to then recover it, and also recovered another earlier fumble.

"I'm very aggressive. I play from whistle to whistle. Also, I'm violent with my hands," Brown says. "I'm a very motivational player -- love to get my team ready for every game every night I'm on the field. I have the ambition to win, and I'm dedicated to the game no matter who we play."

Brown may not have the ideal height for a linebacker at the next level, but he makes up for it in every other facet.

"I might be undersized for my height, but if college coaches see me in action, the size won't matter," he says.

Southwest coach Tim Neal lists his athletic ability, explosive style and football knowledge as his strongest points.

You'll see on the tape below how versatile he is, also playing defensive end.

You can catch Brown and the Eagles play Coral Reef Friday at 4 p.m. at Southridge in a critical District 15-8A game.

October 14, 2015

AP Florida High School Football rankings - week 8

   Florida High School Football Poll

   By The Associated Press

   The Associated Press Top 10 Florida high school football poll, with first-place votes in parentheses, records, rating points and previous rankings:

Class 8A

                                              Record  Pts Prv

 1. Columbus (14)                               6-0     140 1

 2. Atlantic Community                        6-0     111 3

 2. Vero Beach                                  6-0     111 2

 4. Flanagan                                    5-1     86  4

 5. South Dade                                6-0     76  6

 6. West Orange                               6-1     72  5

 7. Mandarin                                  6-0     57  7

 8. Apopka                                    6-1     40  8

 9. Kissimmee Osceola                         6-1     27  9

10. Lake Brantley                             6-0     19  10

   Others receiving votes: Deerfield Beach 15, Coral Gables 10, Boca Raton Community 3, Treasure Coast 2, Manatee 1. 

Class 7A

                                              Record  Pts Prv

 1. Dwyer (12)                                6-0     128 2

 2. Venice                                    6-0     111 3

 3. Braden River                              6-0     96  4

 4. St. Thomas Aquinas (1)                    5-1     94  1

 5. Kathleen                                  7-0     76  6

 6. Columbia                                  5-1     54  9

 7. Buchholz                                  5-1     50  T7

 8. Oakleaf                                   5-1     36  T7

 9. Plant                                     5-2     29  10

10. Mater Academy                             5-0     13  NR

   Others receiving votes: Sickles 10, Lakeland 5, Martin County 5, South Fort Myers 3, Chiles 2, Bartram Trail 1, Palmetto 1, Winter Haven 1.

Class 6A

                                              Record  Pts Prv

 1. Armwood (11)                              6-0     128 2

 2. St. Augustine                             6-0     107 3

 3. Mainland (2)                              6-1     99  1

 4. Naples                                    5-1     86  4

 5. Navarre                                   7-0     72  5

 6. Miami Carol City                          6-1     66  6

 7. Charlotte                                 6-0     64  7

 8. Miami Central                             5-2     32  8

 9. Matanzas                                  6-0     19  10

 9. Niceville                               5-1     19  9

   Others receiving votes: Heritage 8, Boyd Anderson 5, Sebring 5, Palmetto Ridge 3, Tate 1, Choctawhatchee 1. 

Class 5A

                                              Record  Pts Prv

 1. Plantation American Heritage (9)          4-1     120 1

 2. Bishop Moore (4)                          6-0     112 3

 3. Hallandale                                5-1     104 2

 4. North Marion                              7-0     96  4

 5. Jesuit                                    7-0     81  5

 6. Wakulla                                   5-1     54  6

7. Bay                                       6-0     41  8

 8. Rickards                                  5-1     40  7

 9. Suwannee                                  4-1     27  9

10. Nature Coast Tech                         6-0     23  10

   Others receiving votes: Palm Bay 8, River Ridge 7, Coconut Creek 2.

Class 4A

                                              Record  Pts Prv

 1. Raines (12)                               6-0     137 2

 2. Bolles School                             6-1     109 1

 3. Dunnellon                                 6-0     107 4

 4. Cocoa (2)                                 4-2     75  5

 5. South Sumter                              6-1     66  3

   Others receiving votes: Avon Park 28, Walton 24, Glades Central 14.

Class 3A

                                              Record  Pts Prv

 1. Trinity Christian-Jacksonville (13)       6-0     130 1

 2. Lakeland Christian                        7-0     116 2

 3. Clearwater Central Catholic               7-0     105 3

 4. Oxbridge Academy                          5-1     88  5

 5. Westminster Christian                     6-1     45  NR

   Others receiving votes: Delray American Heritage 24, Tampa Catholic 12.

Class 2A

                                              Record  Pts Prv

 1. University Christian (10)                 5-1     125 1

 2. Northside Christian (3)                   6-0     120 2

 3. Cambridge Christian                       6-0     78  NR

 4. Admiral Farragut                          6-1     53  NR

 5. Dade Christian                            4-1     46  3

  Others receiving votes: First Baptist 42, Moore Haven 21, North Florida Christian 21, Community School of Naples 8, Carrollwood Day 6.

Class 1A

                                              Record  Pts Prv

 1. Fort Meade (11)                           6-0     137 1

 2. Trenton (2)                               6-0     127 2

 3. Union County (1)                          6-0     113 3

 4. Pahokee                                   5-1     90  4

 5. Port St. Joe                              4-1     55  5

   Others receiving votes: Blountstown 20, Graceville 6, Madison County 6, Newberry 6. 

October 13, 2015

Sights from Dionte Mullins Under Armour All-America jersey presentation plus eligibility update

This post is about Dionte Mullins being named to the Under Armour All-America Game and being presented with his jersey on Tuesday, but I'll start with a quick update on his eligibility because many fans have been asking and want to see the four-star UM commit get back on the field.

Mullins, who hasn't played yet in this his senior season, first became ineligible academically during his junior year after football season. He has since been working to get his GPA back over the necessary 2.0 mark for FHSAA eligibility (Gulliver still requires a 2.3 GPA internally).

The next opportunity for a GPA boost, according to Melissa Sullivan, principal of one of the Gulliver campuses, would come in two weeks when semester grades are released.

By that math, Mullins would remain out for Thursday's big district game against Booker T. Washington and then a meeting with Champagnat before potentially retaining eligibility Oct. 30 on a trip to Delray American Heritage. The regular season finale against Chaminade and a regional playoff run would follow if there are any delays.

“He is working toward getting his GPA where it needs to be, and we have the resources in place to help him get there," Sullivan said.

So that's where it stands now as Mullins is working hard in the classroom to get back on the field, which is where a lot of local fans, especially UM fans, want to see him.

Now to the celebration on Tuesday, which was Mullins being presented his Under Armour All-American jersey.


Here are some of the images.

He had family there, as well as teammates and fellow UM commits. From left to right: 2017 running back Robert Burns, Mullins, 2016 athlete Cedrick Wright and 2016 defensive end Joseph Jackson.

 The game will be played in Orlando on Jan. 2 and televised on ESPN 2.


James Pierre flips commitment from UM to UNC

Is this the start of the fallout for UM following the loss to FSU?

Three-star safety out of Deerfield Beach, James Pierre, announced on Twitter Tuesday that he has decided to decommit from the Hurricanes and join the North Carolina recruiting class.

In an interview with 247 Sports, Pierre said his mother wanted him to get away from the "craziness" in South Florida.

Pierre, who committed to the Canes in May, told Scout in July that his recruitment was becoming a two-team race with the Tar Heels jumping into the picture.

Pierre adds to the list of 2016 prospects to decommit from Miami, which includes Coral Gables running back Amir Rasul (FSU), Pahokee athlete McArthur Burnett (UF), Flanagan safety Devin Gil (Michigan), Cocoa defensive back Chauncey Gardner (UF), Lake Gibson defensive tackle Keyshon Camp (USC) and Fort Scott (Kansas) CC defensive tackle Walvenski Aime (FSU).


October 10, 2015

Zack Moss "strong right now" with UM despite recent offers


Zack Moss is currently standing firm with his commitment to the Miami Hurricanes, but his recruitment is certainly heating up with recent offers from Louisville and Utah.

Louisville wide receivers coach Lamar Thomas was at Hallandale to check out the Chargers' 36-22 win over Coconut Creek, and Moss says teammates Tyler Huntley and Demari Simpkins, both Utah commits, are on him to join them with the Pac-12 team currently ranked fifth in the AP Poll.

In contrast, Huntley postgame denies pushing Moss toward Utah -- at least not while the season is going.

"We're just worrying about the season right now, and everything will fall in place after that," Huntley said following a 278-yard, three-touchdown passing performance. "Everything is focused on the season."

But he does admit he will begin recruiting Moss to the Utes after the season. With Simpkins already committed with him, he would love to have a QB-RB-WR trio all head out west together.

"That'll be a big deal," Huntley said. "We'll be able to come in and play a big role for Utah because we know each other."

On top of the latest offers, Moss is also receiving interest from Arkansas, Georgia and FSU.