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American Idol snags huge vote from semifinals; country showdown in final


Ai10_coke_top3_lauren_alaina3_262x235 UPDATE
: It's going to be a country showdown as America's music gets a good airing next week as the American Idol Season 10 finale pits its two youngest finalists ever in the finals. To no one's surprise, Scotty McCreery, the golden voiced 17-year-old country baritone takes on Lauren Alaina, 16, the country girl I figured for a win from her first audition in January. But with Haley Reinhart, 20, in the semifinals, there was an alternative. Though a consistent bottom 3, Haley started to peak at the right moment, upset heavy metal fan James Durbin last week, and threatened to steal a spot in the finals.

Thankfully, America got it right and now has its most talented top 2 ... arguably, ever. Not since Season 4's Carrie Underwood and Bo Bice finale have two contestants been so closely matched. Carrie was the marketable (if plastic) one, Bo the convincing Southern rocker and far and away my choice. Scotty and Lauren are an even closer match and more difficult pick for me, though I'm leaning to Scotty as he's been the most consistent all season. Both are country. He's of the traditionalist variety which gives him an entire field to himself. She's the mainstream country one who can compete with Carrie for country radio play. Both have the potential to sell more CDs than any Idol finalist since modern rocker Chris Daughtry.

Some say this will make for a boring finale. Two kids of the same music style. That's not fair, or accurate. This charge wasn't leveled in season one when Kelly Clarkson and Justin Guarini went head to head singing pop music (though her roots were in country). There are distinct shades of difference between Scotty and Lauren to make for an interesting race. He's the more confident rootsy choice. She's the more contemporary, callow one who will blossom over the years. She's more gifted than she realizes. Both are deserving.

Thank you, America.

Get ready for Ryan Seacrest to bust a gut on tonight's results show as he boasts the following news: A record 95 million votes came in last night according to Fox. That figure represents the third largest total in the show's history but the biggest number for a non-finale show.

Of course, that doesn't mean 95 million people voted. More likely a few tweens voted 92 million times for either Scotty, Lauren or Haley (pictured, FOX). The remaining votes probably came from the general audience who might text once or twice for a contestant.

We'll find out tonight at 8.


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Bob Aubin

I completely disagree the two most talented finalists were James and Casey. Scotty is going to be carried through on the teenage girl vote. Completely predicable and boring result.


Not the finale I was hoping for either, I'm not even gonna watch. I'll DVR it just so I can FF to James on playback.


Casey was abysmal. Couldn't sing in tune to save his life and was incredibly irritating on stage with his offkey grunts and groans and manic faces. He should stick to playing the bass in a recording studio.


A Great Ending. Always knew Scotty would be in the finals, and once again, He will be the American Idol winner. Haley was giving Lauren a run for her money on the last 2 shows. However, Scotty's simplicity comes through in his performance. He knows who he is, and I think the same for Lauren. they didn;t take too many chances, and I think that is part of the reason they are the finalists. They listended to the judges, but they listened to themselves as well. Great ending. I am an old R&B fan, but these two kids deserved to win, and I believe Haley has what it takes to be a contender as well. I expect to see her around, if she can hang in there.


Both of these final two stink. Very disappointing season. Scotty is monotone, and Lauren is a bore.


James may not be the Idol but he may end up having the last laugh where sales are concerned:



I would like for Scotty to Win

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