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Jacob Lusk gets the American Idol golden ticket...home

American Idol had more filler tonight than the omelet's Gordon Ramsey had the five finalists cook in one of the few entertaining (relatively) segments in a bloated hour that saw not one, but two, commercials for Jlo's new singles -- two vapid, empty, generic and personality-free dance ditties. Lady Antebellum performed their pleasant but unspectacular new pop single but all it proved is that Lady A is a one-hit marvel. Just One Kiss is no Need You Now, that's for sure. 

That cheeky Ryan Seacrest tried to build suspense into what was a foregone conclusion: Jacob Lusk was going home. But at the top of the show he suggested there might be a surprise in the 60 million votes cast. Poor Lauren Alaina must have believed him because she was in tears as she stood in the bottom two. Her ouster would have been the surprise Ryan teased. But Jacob's screeching on Love Hurts and No Air last night left him gasping for air and for votes. We've seen the end of the road for this guy.

This once again brings Idol back to parity between men and women for the first time since Hollywood Week months ago. Two men, two women remain, all four of them with potential. We now have the strongest Top 4 in memory.


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Agreed, this is the best Top 4 in years, if not ever.

James - he fell hard this week, but I think he'll be back on top of his game next week. One bad night IMO doesn't affect his chances of winning as he avoided B2, but he can't afford another one. His fanbase, from what I can tell, has become so large & solid it now rivals and threatens to out number Scotty's.

Haley - she's grown & improved the most, she's overcoming a lot of her bad habits, hope this trend continues. My only issue with her is she still hasn't given any indication of what kind of album she could make. I suggest she sticks to what she's best at - Jazz/Blues in a contemporary/crossover setting. I don't think she'll win but if she keeps going up she'll get more notice and respect by music execs.

Scotty - I'm not into country at all, let alone his ultra conservative style of country, so he's never going to be my favourite. I will admit he's starting to become more entertaining, and is finally working on his bad habits (eg: microphone hold).

Lauren - she is falling because of her insecurities. She hasn't had a moment and folks are getting impatient waiting for it, hence her B2 spot. Why she instead of James joined Jacob in the B2 is because while James was worse people still believe in him. James doesn't always deliver but the ability is always there, folks are no longer as confident in Lauren's abilities. Lauren needs to overcome her insecurities NOW or she's going home next.


I totally disagree that this is the best 4 contestants ever on Idol. You have got to be kidding. I still believe Scotty will win, James I have to admit has more stage presence and drama, and understands that you have to give more than just a great voice. The girls are mediocre. Remember, Idol has had some really good singers on the show, and although both girls are good, there is nothing, in my opinion "special" about their voices. Remember once Carrie Underwood, and Kelly Clarkston won, that is a very high level to overcome. Not to mention Fantasia. I believe Jacob will land somewhere in R&B world. But basically, we have heard IT ALL. There really are NO STANDOUTS this year. There is no Adam Lambert, or Clay Aiken, or Kelly Clarkston, or Carrie Underwood. I hope these kids can handle the truth. Scotty will I believe definitely get a deal in country music land, but the others, I don;t know.



I totally disagree that this is the best 4 contestants ever on Idol. You have got to be kidding.

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Not the best 4 but possibly the best Top 4, there's a difference.

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