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Idol Top 24 revealed -- with surprise ending

American Idol picked its Top 24 this week, but ended on a cliffhanger. One additional guy, a 13th, will get the nod next week among those who had been cut. Will it be Fort Lauderdale's Johnny Keyser, David Leathers Jr., Richie Law or Jermaine Jones?

Of the four, Jermaine, the self-described "mama's boy" with the rich baritone is my favorite by far. But I think he'll have a longer career opportunity in musical theater than in the disposable world of Auto-Tuned pop. As painful as it would be for him to hear he's not the lucky one, it MIGHT be a favor if the judges urge him to pursue theater with his commanding voice.

Richie, the obnoxious cowboy, said last night, "So so won't cut it." Richie is more than a country mile away from being even close to the level of so-so. He's entitled, rude, obnoxious and a walking cliche in his ten gallon hat. The only good thing is Idol judges probably will feel they have country covered so they don't really need him. That's my hope.

I wish I could remember our homeboy, Fort Lauderdale's Johnny, but I really can't. He didn't leave an impression in the few times he appeared on TV.

This leaves 17 year old David. I thought for sure he was a finalist and I think he deserves to be IF he can come up with something other than Michael Jackson karaoke. He's an agreeable young man, decent voice, a nice energy, but he's not fresh at all on the Jackson trip. My guess is he gets the pick in a narrow squeak over Jermaine (altho the judges seemed more crushed by Jermaine's departure than anyone else.)

Here is the one sure thing, the Season 11 American Idol Top 24: (So far, tho she's not the greatest vocalist, the little Reba, country singer Skylar Laine, has struck me the most. If she keeps it country she could become a viable artist. Something authentic about Skylar.)


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We are following the American idols series as well. Much talent this year!

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