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American Idol: No Wild Card Save for Shannon

To almost no one's surprise the judges didn't use their one-time Save for Shannon who just misses out on the Idol summer tour.

"Almost" because with Jermaine's forced elimination this week for his failure to reveal outstanding warrants this means two contestants went home leaving 10 but 11 weeks to flesh out the season. No word yet on how Idol will make up the final week. My guess is the judges will use their save at some point and the following week will eliminate just one contestant, rather than the usual 2, when a Save gets used.

Shannon's dismissal wasn't unwarranted. She's young and needs more practice to grow into her talent. What proved distressing is that the bottom three was populated by Shannon, Elise and Erika, three of the girls. The far more deserving HeeJun should have been sent packing. HeeJun has fast become this season's Sanjaya but, unlike Sanjaya, HeeJun has no flair, charisma or penchant for the outlandish. The dull young man has no voice, a rather unappealing personality and a passion for the dullest of ballads. Alas, HeeJun makes the summer tour. Bad move, viewers.

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Here's the deal with Heejun Han:

The boy is very likeable, he has a fun personality, read his twitter feed if you don't believe me. But the problem is in addition to his weak vocal abilities and dull taste in music, he doesn't bring his personality onstage during his performances. Apparently Heejun was singing for only 2 months before he auditioned so he's probably the most inexperienced contestant ever. This is probably the reason why he sucks onstage - it's a lack of confidence. The viewers don't want to face this fact but sooner or later they'll have to. His offstage persona is the reason why so many wanted him on the Idol tour. They feel that in that context, away from the pressure of the competition, he'll be relaxed enough for his off stage personality to come through while onstage and this will result in his tour performances being "epic entertainment". But now that he's made the tour his popularity will quickly wane. Likeability is a powerful weapon that Heejun holds, it makes people not want to hate him, it makes them want him to do well, and that's why he hasn't seen the B3 yet. Heejun is nowhere near vocally good enough to be in the competition but I wounldn't go so far to call him talentless. He actually has a very nice smoky tone, IMO he has enough raw vocal talent to eventually become a good singer, but with a LOT (i.e. years) of training of course.


I don't find anything remotely likable about him. I can only review what is put forth on the program. I don't really care about his Twitter feed or what he does off the show. Can only evaluate the 2 minutes he sings on TV and, so far, he has no viable personality, a weak voice and no real reason to last on the show (or tour).
You're right, Alex. He needs a LOT of training. That was Shannon's issue, too. She had potential but is young and will need coaching and lots of live work to develop. That's not a bad thing. Hopefully they continue onward and seek training and work on their skills.

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