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Idol Erika movin' out after Top 10 elimination

HeejunIf either one of these two gentlemen, HeeJun or Deandre, earn elimination on tonight's American Idol I will be quite happy. Last night's Billy Joel Theme might well be the worst Idol performance show in history. Bland and outdated songs, poor performances made for one long two hour slog.

UPDATE: Alas, they were in the bottom two but Erika Van Pelt was given the boot and no judge's save. Clearly, the young girls who make up Idol's voting audience won't vote for another girl. This explains Deandre being saved as his charm and looks could appeal to the average young girl. But HeeJun? Shocking and inexplicable that this ill-mannered, unappealing and talentless young man should get another chance on this show. He showed disdain for the program last night with his insulting performance of Joel's already snotty to a fault My Life. He compounded the nastiness by shunning Jimmy Iovine's strong criticism by claiming "I don't want to be a star."

Don't worry, HeeJun, you've as much chance of becoming a star as Whitney Houston has of reanimating and starring in a sequel to The Bodyguard

The only worthwhile moment on the show tonight was Joe Perry's surprise appearance to toast his Aerosmith bandmate Steven Tyler with a guitar rendition of Happy Birthday on Tyler's birthday. Was nice seeing those two kiss and makeup on TV.

Last season's third place finalist Haley Reinhart returned to sing her first (and probably last) single. The song's forgettable, has no hook, and she lacks originality by trying to sound too much like the late Amy Winehouse. The first lesson in becoming a pop star is to have your OWN identity. Ciao Haley.

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