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What do we call the calm center of a hurricane?


(Wind and Rain During the Hurricane, ca. 1926, Credit: HistoryMiami 1992-458-1)

Florida is one of the states in the U.S. with the most coastline. With our location close to the Caribbean, we are also in the line of storms forming in the tropics called hurricanes. A hurricane is a whirling doughnut of wind circulating around a calm center.

A. The eye

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What was the Prins Valdemar used for after it was refloated?

Prins Valdemar Capsized 

(Prins Valdemar Capsized, ca. 1926, Credit: HistoryMiami X-0265-1)

In 1926 Miami‚Äôs building boom was brought to a halt when the Prins Valdemar sank in Biscayne Bay.  When the Prins Valdemar was eventually refloated it was taken to the foot of 6th Street and Biscayne Boulevard where it was converted for another use.


A. An Aquarium

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What was Dinner Key in Coconut Grove used for during WWI?

Naval Air Station 

(_________________________ Motor Shop, ca. 1918, credit: Munroe County Mary Hill Russell Library, HistoryMiami 1987-179-1)

 When the United States entered World War I the whole nation was expected to pitch in.  Young men went to fight in Europe, and cities around the country did what they could to help the war effort.  While Miami was a young city, it was still used for training.


A. A Naval Air Station


To learn more about Aviation in Miami, visit HistoryMiami's Aviation: The first 100 years in Miami exhibition.

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What is the major crop in Clewiston?

Sugar cane in the everglades 

(___________________ in the Everglades, ca 1915, credit: HistoryMiami 1976-089-2)

In the 1920s South Florida experienced a land boom.  Not only were people looking for places to live, but also for new business opportunities.  Enterprising land owners in Clewiston quickly learned their land was great for farming.


A. Sugar Cane

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