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What was the name of the slave quarters turned army post along the Miami River?

Old Ft Dallas 

(Former slave quarters and soldier barracks. Credit: HistoryMiami, 1952-003-65)

 In 1830 Richard Fitzpatrick purchased land along the Miami River for a plantation. Through the following years, slaves constructed wooden buildings and grew a variety of crops. Around 1849, Fitzpatrick’s nephew, William English, added two stone buildings, one of which housed slaves. During the Third Seminole War, the army occupied the buildings and reallocated the slave quarters as an army barracks.

A. Fort Dallas


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George Merrick gave land to help found which university?

Construction of UM 

(Construction of ________________________________ buildings. ca. 1947. Credit: Marion Manley Papers, HistoryMiami, 1987-263-11)

George Merrick, one of Miami’s early developers, founded Coral Gables. As he saw the town grow, he began to envision a large pan-American university in Coral Gables to attract students from Latin America. In order to see this school become a reality he gave 160 acres and $5 million to an endowment. The school quickly became a reality, making Coral Gables a center for higher education in the Miami area.

A. University of Miami

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What was the name of the first hotel in the Miami area?

Three fishermen 

(Three Fishermen with 25 Fish on Porch of ____________________. ca. 1890. Credit: Ralph Munroe Collection, HistoryMiami, Munroe 137D)

 Once the Miami area began to be more settled, people began to come and visit their friends and families in the area. The first hotel in the Biscayne Bay area was built in what is now Coconut Grove, and was at that time known as the Bay View House.

A. The Peacock Inn

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Who was the first African American man from Dade County to serve in the House of Representatives since 1887?

Joe Lang Kershaw 1995-277-15131

(_________ __________ __________. September 3, 1970. Credit: Miami News Collection, HistoryMiami, 1995-277-15131)


Following Reconstruction, it was almost impossible for African Americans in the South to hold office because of Jim Crow laws. These laws restricted the actions of African Americans, regulating everything from where they could live to whether they could vote. In 1968 the first black man since 1887 was elected to serve in the Florida House of Representatives.

A. Joe Lang Kershaw


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