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What pool in Coral Gables is on the National Register of Historic Places?


(_______________, ca. 1940s, Credit:HistoryMiami 1997-349-11)

In 1923, a public pool opened in Coral Gables. The pool’s location was originally a limestone quarry which supplied the raw material for many of the buildings in surrounding neighborhoods. The freshwater pool, designed by Denman Fink, has various architectural details giving it the feel of a Venetian hideaway.

A. Venetian Pool


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Who was the first keeper of the Key Biscayne Lighthouse?


(Cape Florida lighthouse and keepers cottage. 1883. Credit: Ralph Munroe Collection, HistoryMiami, 98D)

In 1821 Spain turned control of Florida over to the United States. Soon after this shift, the U. S. government decided to build lighthouses along the Florida coast to ensure the safety of ships passing the sometimes dangerous Florida reefs and coastline. Mary Ann and William Davis owned a large portion of Key Biscayne. Hoping to attract settlers to the area, the couple sold the government land on the island for a lighthouse station. In 1825 the lighthouse was completed and a new keeper moved onto the island, along with his wife and young family.

To learn more about Key Biscayne visit HistoryMiami’s exhibition Key Biscayne Island of Shifting Sands

A. John Dubose


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What was Blackbeard's real name?


(Blackbeard, the Pirate. Credit: HistoryMiami, 1976-111-1)

When the Spanish settled in the New World, they found gold, silver, gems, and new crops. Crops harvested and treasure mined in the Americas were sent to Spain. Ships gathered at Havana, from which fleets sailed to Europe following the Gulf Stream. This meant ships loaded with millions of dollars worth of treasure were sailing past Florida, and with those ships came the threat of pirates. Many of these pirates used aliases to keep their real identity a secret. One of the most famous pirates was Blackbeard, who sailed vessels along the Atlantic Coast in the early 1700s.

A. Edward Teach


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Who departed from Miami in her attempt to fly around the world?


(Dignitaries at 36th Street Airport Opening. ca 1929. Credit: HistoryMiami, 1980-022-25)

In June 1937 a woman took off from the Miami Airport in Opa-locka on an adventurous mission, to become the first woman to fly around the world. She unfortunately she did not make it, crashing into the Pacific Ocean. Her disappearance has become one of the great mysteries surrounding aviation.

A. Amelia Earhart


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