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What current neighborhood used to be called Lemon City?

Lemon City Library 1989-011-09544

(Lemon City Public Library. July 11, 1954. Credit: Miami News Collection, HistoryMiami, 1989-011-09544)

In 1874 Bill Mettair moved to Dade County, and settled in what became known as Mettair’s Bight. The area soon grew into a small community, with various families and single men moving into the area. One former squatter turned homesteader sold some of his land to Eugene C. Harrington, who subdivided it and started a town. By 1895 the “city” had quite a few businesses surrounding three main streets. This area became known as Lemon City, and was one of the first communities to be settled in Dade County.

A. Little Haiti


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