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What well known phrase came out of the need to know if alcohol was good or not?

Confiscated Liquor in Miami Jail Yard matlack-131-12

(Confiscated liquor in Miami jail yard. March 18, 1922. Credit: Matlack Collection, HistoryMiami, 131-12)

In 1919 the United States ratified a constitutional amendment creating Prohibition, which made it illegal to sell, manufacture, or transport alcohol. Many South Floridians, along with other citizens around the nation, did not follow this law. Liquor smugglers, known as rumrunners, smuggled liquor into the city from all around the Caribbean. As bootleggers and rumrunners became rich selling illegal alcohol some increased their profits by watering down their product. One rumrunner, however, did not dilute his liquor, leading to a popular phrase demonstrating its trustworthiness.


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