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Very disappointing. I always wished we had a House of Blues or something where we could see good acts with consistency.

There's definitely a demand for Hip-Hop concerts in Miami, I wonder why supply is so low ?

That Totally Sucks!
If Anything We Should Be A Main Stop On All Of These Tours!
Why Aren't We!?!

I agree, Miami needs a House of Blues desperately.

It's kinda depressing - especially considering that not only has Rock The Bells come to Miami in recent years, but it was also originally scheduled to come down again this year.

Mad disappointed. Die hard Nas fan, and avid Hip Hop listener.

Im dumbfounded. I only knew about Rock the Bells dipping on Miami but had no idea all these other acts bypassed Florida entirely.

Well atleast we get Britney Spears coming back for a second round. :P

Being at the southern tip of the US makes Miami a very expensive tour stop.

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