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Listen Ms thing (aka perez), you are a nagging, annoying queen, it's not surprising at 3 AM this happened, you were probably harassing him after a nite at the club (everyone boozed up), It is so amazing that MORE of this doesn't happen, i know celebrities are in the public eye but they are entitled to have fun and not be harassed at 3 in the morning for no reason, once again, please dont give me a "they chose this lifestyle so deal with it" excuse, we get enough news without the "he went in the bathroom and took a dump at 245am and walked out with toilet paper under his shoe" type reporting....thats my take on it.

Perez is a big baby. He deserved whatever happened. And if it didn't happen, it should have.

Pleading twitter followers to call the police for him? what kind of moron is this guy?

Please, Ms. Hilton; keep to yourself.

It's unfortunate that Will.I.am even has to exert energy to refute these claims.

Check out Perez's response. He says "God knows" and "God is watching" as if God doesn't disapprove of his web site? Hahahaha!


Hey Perez..

...is Fidel still dead?

*refuses to give any credibility to this self absorbed drama queen*

I have been the victim of a hate attack... I was sucker punched by some "alpha male" passing by him in a stairway, and he knocked my glasses off and tore 3 earrings out of my ear in one swoop. I in turn beat the hell out of the drunk idiot, went to my house, called the police, and the drunk idiot was picked up bleeding from his face a couple of blocks away. Sometimes you have to fight hate physically.

Happy Stonewall, Y'all!

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