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People are gladly paying 3 figures to see Jay-Z. The Gaga tour that was canceled was with Kanye West, who was fresh off the Taylor Swift-backlash

Me thinks thou doth not do thy due diligence. Gaga and Jay-Z thou sayeth? Perhaps thou meant Sir Kanye West.

In other news, I heareth Madame Adam Lambert is on tour with Gwar. Perhaps thou shalt write about it?

Yes it was Kanye West, not Jay-Z Who Lady Gaga bounced off the tour with. I Stand Corrected.

However, the point of the article stands - anyone who would pay $425 or more to see an act poolside, who is playing for 1/8th as much in an actual venue earlier that day is a chump.

Furthermore, spending $10 to see a bona fide music legend a day later is still a better value.
Happy New Year,
PS: While the floor and club seats for Jay-Z's Bank Atlantic show have been bought up, the $99.50 lower level seats are readily available - so I don't know how "gladly" his fans are to pay scalper's prices from ticketmaster for a mediocre seat.

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