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i question whether 800 paying customers showed up. i was there both days and the crowd was never over 100 people at any time unless you included all the volunteers, band members and vendors. i don't see how they could possibly have raised $18k. the music was great though and the stage production ran smoothly and professionally. one funny thing happened on sunday. a wedding was set up between the bay and the fountain around 3pm and the music from the benefit was very loud. i am sure the wedding was planned many months in advance and they had no idea a concert would be taking place. i thought the loud music would drown out the wedding. when the wedding took place the haitian benefit turned off/down the pa system and had dancers on the ground.

"when the wedding took place the Haitian benefit turned off/down the pa system and had dancers on the ground."

Nice touch.
Wish i was there.

Too bad the city could not donate the Tina Hill pavilion,police & other necessary items to the benefit.
I know, I tried to hold a benefit food drive and concert on 10/04/08 when Haiti was devastated by 3 hurricanes. The City ( Bayfront Park Trust) would not budge on the expenses. estimated at 17,500.00

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