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When you wrote "safer" you should have added "better" too. I'd rather see any of those classic acts that today's pop stars.

they suck. a pedophile and a guy WHO swings a mic around on a cable. didn't they retire 20 yrs ago?

he isn't a pedophile - HE WAS CLEARED and he along with the guy who swings a mic around provide the theme tune to CSI Miami which I belive is hugely popular in the States so I think the Who are an excellent choice

JAJA I bet super shot would like to see J-Lo. in the super bowl show. He is not a pedohile in the first place. The Who is one of the best Rock bands in History, first ones to do the Rock opera, at one time the loudest rock band playing live according to Guiness records. Classics like Baba ORiley and Who are you are played every night in every baseball, football ,basketball and Hockey stadiums and arenas in the US , so i can Imagine a better choice for the superbowl.Members of the Rock hall o0f fame by the way. Its a sporting event and the logic choice is a Rock band and the Who like it or not is one of the best ever.

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