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OMFG!!!! My life is now a little bit more complete! I will be there one way or the other!

I love Yes, I have seen them over 15 times, tonight's show being the worst ever. This was my second show with this lineup and to my surprise, they played better the first time I saw them in 2008. From the start, the mix was terrible, the bass was drowning out everything else. Benoit could not be heard and I could barely hear the keyboards. "YES" has no future scheduled dates, each one of the guys are doing their own solo projects. I have inside info. that these guys were not happy and have been bickering all month and to me, it showed very clearly on stage. The only song that was almost worthy was the encore, "Starship Trooper" and then the improvs began being the last number. If this is to be the new "YES", they should hang it up! Jon will always be the voice of "YES"! You can replace an instrument but it's impossible to replace his angelic, unique "YES" voice! I hope they realize that "YES" is not just a band, Jon, Steve, Chris, Alan and Rick Wakeman are the real "YES" and to see these five guys playing together is a blessing! Ask yourself if you could replace a "BEATLE"? Would they still be "The Beatles"? NO! This was not "YES", I hope, egos aside, they realize this before too long and put on a real tour, allowing time to recuperate and perform shows worthy of the "YES" title. Will any form of "YES" ever tour again? I don't think so, not the "YES" we grew up with anyway! This experiment was a total failure, one I hope is not repeated! I hope Paul is better than the above! I am there!

This blog post makes me jump for joy.

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