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Florida Immigrant Advocacy Center appoints board officers

Florida Immigrant Advocacy Center, a nonprofit agency providing immigration legal services, has named the following officers to its board of directors: Carl Goldfarb, a partner with law firm Boies, Schiller & Flexner, has been named president; Holly Skolnick, a shareholder with Greenberg Traurig, has been named vice president; Nancy Audain Allen, president of the Women's Business Development Center, has been named treasurer; and Jane Herron has been named secretary.


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"Illegal aliens" are NOT "immigrants"; they are CRIMINALS who have violated our immigration laws.

The liberals who try to legitimatize the illegal aliens by calling them "immigrants" have no consideration for the fact that these illegal aliens have taken the jobs that should go to American citizens or LEGAL immigrants; and have done so at lower wage levels.

Conditional "amnesty" should ONLY be consideredfor those who have been in the USA since BEFORE the year 2000; and should require that:

1. they have NEVER been convicted of a felony crime.

2. that they can prove that they have worked productively and paid taxes.

3. they have not been persistently dependent upon welfare, free (or unpaid) hospital services, or otherwise been a burden on our society.

Otherwise, the E-Verify program must be made to be mandatory, and drivers licenses should not be issued to illegal aliens.

If enough pressure is applied, many of these illegal aliens will chose to return to their native countries on their own.

The USA cannot allow these illegal aliens to remian in our country when so many Americans are unemployed, and our tax rates and costss of living continues to rise.

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