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Louise Irvine named executive director, WMODA

Louise Irvine has been named xecutive director of the recently opened WMODA (Wiener Museum of Decorative Arts) in Dania Beach. She will oversee the museum’s collection; direct new acquisitions; and manage exhibitions, presentations and other outreach.

Before, she had a consulting business in London, specializing in ceramics, and gave lectures, wrote books and articles, advised collectors on acquisitions, and organized tours and events for collectors. Before that, sLouisehe worked for Royal Doulton, the British china company, as director of historical promotions  — organizing historical exhibitions, editing a quarterly magazine for collectors, publishing reference books, hosting collectors conventions, etc.

She has a degree in fine art from Edinburgh University and has completed post-graduate coursework in Museum Studies at Manchester University.

Best advice she ever received: My first boss was a brilliant public speaker. His mantra was to deeply know your audience and completely command your topic, so you won’t need to be constrained by a script. I’ve found these principles apply superbly not only to oratory and presentations, but as general guidelines for business and life.



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