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Charlie at the gun show

Sales were brisk at Saturday's gun show at the Miami-Dade County Fairgrounds, but Charlie Crist wasn't there to shop. After a stop in Hialeah, the state attorney general came to the show to promote his gun rights record and campaign for governor.

"Have you been to a gun show before?'' Crist asked a Miami Herald reporter. "It's rock 'em sock 'em!"

Crist said he has owned a 12-gauge Remington shotgun since he was a kid.

"No one will work harder to make sure your Second Amendment right is protected,'' he told the crowd browsing among countless racks of guns and ammunition.

Crist handed out "Sportsmen for Crist" bumper stickers, shook lots of hands and enjoyed some beef jerky and a cortadito.

The gun show's promoter, Victor Bean, said he was supporting Crist because  Republican rival Tom Gallagher once voted to ban assault weapons and track guns by serial number.


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With all of the murders of the young in our community this year, do we really need a gun show?


Yes, we do. That'll prevent more.


Recent statistics show that accidental deaths by firearms is at an all time low while gun sales are at an all time high. If you are talking about criminal acts then the United States has more than enough laws dealing with criminals and guns. Don't take away my freedoms because of criminals. Defend youself, Defend freedom!

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