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As Miami-Dade turns, update

Rep. J.C. Planas just succeeded in knocking his third cousin, Juan Enrique Planas, off the ballot.

A Miami-Dade circuit judge, Jon Gordon, ruled that challenger Planas had failed to properly qualify for office because he deposited money in his campaign account and wrote a check from it before filing the necessary paperwork registering the account with the state.

The ruling didn't deal with the challenger's alleged name switch to "J.P.," which J.C. Planas said would have been too confusing for voters. J.P. vowed an appeal.

Just yesterday, the incumbent knocked challenger Carla Ascencio-Savola off the ballot. She was coming off a fundraiser that Sen. Alex Diaz de la Portilla hosted for her. Diaz de la Portilla's brother, Renier Diaz de la Portilla, lost his legislative seat to Planas two years ago. He's to fill the school board seat that Frank Bolaños is leaving.

Ascencio-Savola's campaign advisor, Esther Nuhfer, has been uncharacteristically silent throughout the campaign ever since being asked if she were related to Johnny Nuhfer, who notarized the candidate filing papers for write-in Brenda Hernandez. She faces one of the two most powerful Florida legislators, incoming House Speaker Marco Rubio.

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If you are going to run against an attorney, you had better make sure that you dot every 'i' and cross every 't.'

GOP Junkie

Especially if that attorney is a loose cannon Republican whose agenda isn't in step with the rest of the caucus...and who, by the way, is on the wrong side of the border in the Cuban political world. J.C. may soon be sleeping with the fishes.


Sleeping with the fishes???!!!

Rubio and Rivera have failed miserably in their plot to unseat Planas, Llorente and Villalobos. They are both incompetent fools and will pay for their betrayal of fellow members.


Wow...big shock....Rubio, Rivera, Arza, DLP, Flores, Nuhfer, Savola, etc...ALL in bed with each other. Also in the news...someone shot JFK and the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor.

GOP Junkie

To TRUGOP, I won't argue that Rubio and Rivera are looking foolish. But, who is the betrayer here? Villalobos betrayed the entire caucus- AND THE GOVERNOR!- with some of his last votes of the session. It's time that Republicans stood up to that type of disloyalty. And, although the plot to unseat Planas may have "failed miserably", you can't say that about Llorente and Villalobos at this point.



So we agree that Rubio and Rivera look foolish and that the plot to unseat Planas failed miserably.

The plot to unseat Llorente will probably prove to be the biggest failure in their entire scheme. Llorente is very popular in his district and his opponent is a dirtbag with absolutely no support. Just Google his name and see what turns up.

The Villalobos race will be exciting, but the polls indicate that he is ahead. It seems that he will pull it off. If he does, Rubio and Rivera will be hating life. Those guys are bad people. I can't wait until they discover the mess that they have made and scramble to pick up the pieces.

Ralph Castillo

Posted in the Tallahassee Grapefruit Political Blog
In response to anonymous posted 8//12/06
Dear Ms. Deborah Dion (nee) Deborah UNION please provides your name in postings be truthful.
From the Gainesville Sun
By LLOYD DUNKELBERGER, Tallahassee Bureau.
An excerpt from his article while interviewing Alex Villalobos:

“The majority of lawmakers at least publicly support the new law. Many say they think it's a good idea.” It should have happened a long time ago," said Sen. Alex Villalobos, R-Miami. "If somebody buys you a cheeseburger for lunch, that's not going to influence you. But it just doesn't look good. And the appearance of things is also important."

Really sounds good almost to be true, but not quite- Alex’s law firm on 3/23/06 completed a deal as Agent for E & J Ritz Condos listing Akerman-Senterfeitt and himself or is that his father? With radio magnate Eduardo Alarcon as sample of many other deals and corporations owned or represented by his firm, probably in conflict with his Senatorial position in “ capping lawyer’s fee” among other before it voted, and receiving a buy offer (according to the Fl Bar on 4/30/06). Alex your statement” about the appearance of things is also important” really sucks.

The, “I voted my conscience” is just smoke screen for the real thing the acquisition by Ackerman-Senterffeit of his mediocre law practice.

Alex, what renting your owned family (enterprise) building? (Space) and personal law practice paid by the State of Florida? And located seven miles outside your district, really caring for your district…. What about your tenant Fausto Gomez (Herald 8/5/06), a well known lobbyist and past corporate associate of Howard Gary and John Lasseville (well mentioned by the Miami Herald Pulitzer Prize edit. 1996).

What happened to the cheeseburger that you described to the Gainesville reporter…? “I voted my conscience” Alex where is the beef? Your honest appearance is just that, an appearance”, Alex, You ate the entire cheeseburger”.

Anyone caring to assist in Alex’s first real quest for election, and wants to assist the poor Alex, then you deserves these people. Call Ms. Deborah (UNION) Dion to (305) 213-3165 or (305) 593-8886 to volunteer your time and services.


Also...the guy running against Llorente kind of, you know, murdered a 17 year old kid in the line of duty...shot him 3 times in the back and then beat the crap out of him. Apparently it's an open investigation.

Wow...way to do your research guys....

miami cuban

The guy running against Llorente is scum. It is not surprising that he was the only guy Rivera and Rubio could convince to run against Llorente.

They are making a mockery of the system and do not belong in politics.


Frank Bolaños is exactly like Ralph Arza and David Riveria, they all drink from the same well, which is called the GOP of Miami. Miami-Is-All-About-Money. Hell where else can you call a black person the "N" word have billboards posted all over town, what they should have is the three amingos exactly the way there are in bed with each other...


this nuhfer chic seems to be linked to rivera and all kinds of scandal. how does she get paid? whats her real relationship to rivera? is she married?

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