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Collins to Harris: Drop out

U.S. Senate candidate Leroy Collins Jr. just dropped a bombshell at a candidates' forum in North Reddington Beach, asking Katherine Harris to quit the race for the good of the Republican Party amid reports about a federal investigation into a campaign contributor.

"The notoriety has infected us all," said Collins, eliciting a smattering of chuckles from the crowd.

The forum's moderator, who asked candidates to not speak ill of each other, said she was "speechless."

Harris, who has maintained she's not the target of an investigation, didn't address Collins' request and blasted the incumbent. Democratic U.S Sen. Bill Nelson. She also repeatedly said she wouldn't "kowtow" to the "elite" of her party and the "liberal media."

Collins' request may be more symbolic than practical. The deadline has passed for any changes to the Sept. 5 primary ballot and the overseas absentees ballots have already been sent.


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Thank god there is someone in the GOP who has the spine to stand up and say what we all know. Katherine Harris sucks and she can't win! Go LeRoy! You've got my vote.


Kathering Harris didn't back down in 2000 when she was stealing the election for Bush and she wont back down now.

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