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Crist pounds Gallagher in new ad

The campaign of Attorney General Charlie Crist has insisted that their poll numbers show that the attacks launched during the last 10 days by Chief Financial Officer Tom Gallagher haven't had much of an effect. Gallagher has insisted that Crist is "pro-choice" and is a liberal, while Crist insists he is "pro-life" and a consistent conservative. But maybe the ads are having an impact. How else do you explain the decision by the Crist campaign to put a new TV ad in circulation less than 36 hours after their last TV ad started running?

The Crist new ad rips Gallagher as a flip-flopper who has gone from liberal to conservative and someone who likes to tax Floridians. The script goes like this: "Your're Tom Gallagher and you've got problems. You've run for Governor three times: liberal, pro-choice, anti-gun, and so pro-tax you supported the largest tax increase in state history. Taxing Tom Gallagher. Desperate, you try to flip flop, confessing: "Each time you run, you're a different person." But you're still Taxing Tom Gallagher, no conservative, still loves higher taxes, even opposing Charlie Crist's property tax cuts. Charlie Crist: endorsed by the NRA, a positive, pro-life Ronald Reagan Republican we trust."

The ad is playing on the fact that Gallagher once had a moderate stance on abortion and that he once proposed the "Penny for Prisons" tax. Gallagher also recently told a group that he was opposed to Crist's proposal to let counties double the homestead exemption from $25,000 to $50,000.

And in the past, Gallagher has been in favor of some gun control measures, including one to ban the sale of guns to anyone between the ages of 18 and 20.