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Crist still has sizable lead new poll says

Contrary to claims by supporters of Chief Financial Officer Tom Gallagher, he trails Attorney General Charlie Crist by 10 percentage points in a new poll of Republican voters -- not 7 percentage points. The numbers according to the poll by the Florida Chamber of Commerce: Crist 39 percent, Gallagher 29 percent, no opinion 29 percent. In June, a chamber poll showed Crist leading Gallagher 42 percent to 23 percent.

The poll also shows that in the Republican primary for U.S Senate Katherine Harris still leads with 27 percent, besting her closest rival Will McBride who comes in at 11 percent. Gov. Jeb Bush has an 80 percent approval rating among Republicans.

In anticipation of new polls, Crist and his campaign have maintained that they expect the race to tighten in the days leading up to the Sept. 5 primary.

"Don't they always,'' said Crist this morning at a campaign stop in Jacksonville. "Game on, baby. Let's rock and roll. It's all going to be good as long as we stay focused, as long as we work hard. I have confidence."

A source inside the Crist campaign says their own internal polls show that Crist is up by 19 points.


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Old Man of the Mountain

THIS POLL IS GARBAGE!! Just looked at pollster's extensive discussion on Lobbytools/Fla Insider. The cheap S-Bs at the Chamber used REGISTERED VOTERS- NOT LIKELY VOTERS-- for the sample. In a low-turnout Primary environment, they might have well used darts and a dartboard. Plus/minus 4 points is a joke. Anyone who relies on this crap, including the press, should rush out and buy some Enron stock. Shameless...

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