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Gallagher launches a new attack ad

Chief Financial Officer Tom Gallagher is staying on the offensive: His new commercial flails Charlie Crist once again as "pro-choice" and in favor of gay civil unions, and criticizes him for supporting the class-size amendment. Of course, Crist maintains this is misleading and says he's "pro-life" even though he does not support the overturning of Roe vs. Wade, the key U.S. Supreme Court decision that authorized abortion in the nation.

Here's the script: "Don’t be fooled by Charlie Crist’s smokescreen, Tom Gallagher opposes new taxes. And Charlie Crist? Charlie Crist is pro-choice and supports gay civil unions. Tom Gallagher opposes gay civil unions and is endorsed by Florida Right to Life. Tom Gallagher stood with Jeb Bush fighting billions in new liberal spending. Charlie Crist sided with the Democrats. Sorry Charlie. Only Jeb Bush conservatives get to be governor."


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